3rd Party Renderer

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Stereoscopic Helper

Please disable "adjust resolution" and double the width yourself in the render settings.

Tiled frames: 
There is a bug in VRay with the region settings if you want to use the Tile Frame feature of RR.

VRay will half the region pixel coordinates at render time.

Therefore you have to save the scene, double the width a second time, then submit it WITHOUT saving.
At last, load your old scene again before you continue to work.

E.g. your original resolution was 1920 x 1080.

With side-by-side stereoscopic, your render settings should be 3840 x 1080.

At submission, RR should get the resolution 7680 x 1080.

GI Irradiance map

You can render your Irradiance maps via Royal Render.

Please verify that you have done these steps in your 3dsmax scene

Then choose the "new" submit function from the RRender menu.


After submission, you can change your render setting to "animation/render" and open the submitter again via the RRender menu.

Choose "wait for jobs" at the lower right of the rrSubmitter and select your prepass job.

There is no need to save two seperate scenes or to wait.

Just be sure you have chosen the same filename for "Animation (prepass)" and "Animation (render)".


VRay does not display the .vrmap file name that it creates in the the"Animation (prepass)" mode.

The file name displayed is only used for "Animation (render)".


Corona is licensed via a file in your users Appdata folder.

As RR changes the folder, you have to copy your the Corona folder from C:\Users\[yourUser]\AppData\Local\... to C:\RR_localdata\SysUserPrefs\A\AppData\Local\....

(Note The folder can be in ...\AppData\Roaming\... depending on your Windows environment)


Royal Render includes a script to simulate all objects in a scene.

It is a "simulation only" job and not a pre-render script. No images will be rendered.

Submitting a Simulation: