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This is an overview about the Azure connection of Royal Render.

Each section will be handled in more detail in the following help pages.

What you have to do:

What RR is doing:

    1. With Batch
      Batch is a system in Azure to spin up VMs and let them execute a task.
      These VMs are created as long as the task is running and then destroyed again.
      Batch offers you options that cannot be used otherwise:

    1. Non-Batch
      Without Batch, the rrCloudManager creates default VMs for you.
      A VM consists of 3 parts: The VM instance, an image of the created OS on a storage, a Network card.
      The VMs are created once and are shutdown and rebooted when used.

Once the rrCloudManager sends its config, the service will do these changes to the system:

Once started, the rrClient will




The VM OS is created every time you spin them up. 

It takes some time to join the domain and change the machines name due to reboots.

If the VM is shut down, all data on the VM is lost.

The OS is created and setup once.

The second time the VM is started, it will still be part of your domain.

Data on the main drive is kept for the next boot.

(e.g. Arnold / Redshift / VRay plugins if installed as shared folder in RR )

The image is saved on a storage in Azure. Data on a storage cost fees, but on the other side you save some minutes spinning up the VMs compared to batch (especially with 120 GB Windows images and domain join).

Available Features:

  • Render Licenses
  • Low Priority 

No special feature.