Configuration - Render Configs

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All-OS rrEnv setenv files

Almost all of the settings from the old setenv batch/shell files are now in new all-OS rrEnv files.

These files have their own format and can be edited with the application baEnvFile_Creator. 

There are two different rrEnv files. One named e.g. Maya.rrEnv and one Maya_inhouse.rrEnv.

It is indented that you edit the _inhouse file and do not change the other one. This way you can get updated on the file.

If you change the Maya.rrEnv, then this file does not get updated an more.

The order of the execution is:

1) Old setenv script  \render_apps\_setenv\win\maya.bat

2) New inhouse rrEnv file  \render_apps\_setenv\all\maya_inhouse.rrEnv

3) New rrEnv file \render_apps\_setenv\all\maya.rrEnv

Root renderer licenses (Arnold and Redshift)

RR 7.0 counted the licenses for each render application. If you have for example used Maya with Arnold, the license counted was /Maya/Arnold. Similar for /Softimage/Arnold.

Arnold Standalone was counting the licenses for the render app /Arnold. But Arnold uses the same licenses for all render applications.

Therefore the license setting is now set to "/Arnold" in all render config files with the Arnold renderer.

Upgrade Note: The update to 8.0 has taken the largest number of render licenses for Arnold and Redshift and placed them into the count for "/Arnold".  Please verify that the license count is right in rrConfig.

Include files

This new feature is interesting if you have changed render config files to include your own submitter default values.

Note: They are setup for custom settings, not to change or add commandlines. You can use include files for commandline changes, but then you have to add the include command into the main render config file.

RR 7.0 had the issue that if you have customized the file, then it was not updated by RR any more to keep your settings.

RR 8.0 has a new render config feature: Include files.

By default, all rrConfig files are setup for two include files.

Example:  3D01__Softimage__2011.cfg will includes these two files:

If that file does not exist, please create it.

As with all settings in a render config, the rule for two times the same setting is:   What comes at last, takes the place.

"*.inc" include files:

An include file is inserted into a render config at the exact location of the include command. (You can even include in the middle of a line)

Comment lines starting with # are deleted before insert (Exception: They have a [ in the line).

Joined KSO and non-KSO commandlines

KSO and non-KSO commandlines are now joined into one section.

This makes it more error-proof for you to modify and create new commandlines.


Each render config can contain icon settings for the render application and the renderer.

You can override the icon per job as well.

E.g. for your custom execution jobs.