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"Reset Job" does not forget "wait for job Y"

If you had a job X that waited for job Y, then this job will again wait for this job Y if you reset job X.

Value range of job settings increased

Most numeric job settings like "min file size", "max number of limits reached" or "RequiredMemory"  have a higher max settings now.

The job database supports values up to a million, but we have limited some settings via the UI.

rrControl: Hide jobs without file access

Enable that users who do not have file access to the project root folder, cannot view any information about a jobs of that project.

You can find this setting in rrConfig, tab logins.

See rrJobdata location as well.

rrJob: Approval per job

The job approval is now a per-job setting, not a global setting any more.

The global setting in rrConfig is still used as a preset, but you can change it like every other rrSubmitter setting with rrSubmitter default files.

rrControl: Group by submission is enabled by default

If you submit one scene with many layers, then each scene is now grouped in rrControl.

preID/ Wait for preID inside rrSubmitter menu

There are two new columns in the rrSubmitter to set the "Wait for PID" setting of a job.

This way you can tell one job in your current rrSubmitter session to wait for an other job in the current job list.