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Commandline Flags

You can use all Global RR Commandline Flags.

Additional to the global flags you have the commandline flags for rrControl:

-User [name]                        Filter by  User [name]                e.g. -User "-- all --"

-Project [name]                Filter by Project [name]

-RenderApp [name]                Filter by RenderApp [name]
-Age [days]                        Filter by days

-noNotRendering                Uncheck NotRendering

-noRendering                        Uncheck Rendering

-noDisabled                        Uncheck Disabled

-noWaitFor                        Uncheck Disabled

-noFinished                        Uncheck Finished

-VPN_NoDirectFileDelete        rrControl will not try to delete any files if you delete or reset a job. (slows down server on job delete/reset)

-allowMultipleInstances                You can start multiple rrControl at the same time. This is not recommended. If, then you should set a user or project in the dropdown boxes.

Flipbook apps

The [play] button shows a list of flipbook applications found on your system.

You can use the "Edit Flibbook file" menu item to edit the file RR\sub\cfg_user\flipbooks.txt

Client Commands

You can add your own commands to the client table right-click menu/Other.

To add a command, please edit the file RR\sub\cfg_user\clientcommands.txt.

Note: Instead of adding a hardcoded executable line, you can add python scripts as well.

To edit python script, right-click and choose Other - Edit/New Script

Open Folder, Play Quicktime, Open Html page

If you want to modify the applications that are used to open a folder, play the quicktime or open html pages (e.g. help files),

then you can edit the file  RR\sub\cfg_user\executables.txt.