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Windows: faster file search

The Search function that finds files in directories search uses larger buffer, faster replies and supports more XSan versions.

Faster render config load

The render config files are loaded and kept in memory as raw file data.

In case that only one include file or render config file changes, the application does not have to load all files again to process them.

FTPS upload 

FTPS is supported (ssl FTP)

WOL fastest clients first

The WOL function wakes up the fastest clients first.

Client WOL/IP stats

The rrServer keeps a list of the last x WOL attempts of a clients.

As well as the last IP that the client used.

Date display

The date display was changed from the US date format 01.15 into Jan.15 to never confuse artists any more.

Max number of clients increased to 1500

You can now use up to 1500 Clients with one RR installation.

rrCreateVideo: New FFmpeg version

rrCreateVideo uses the latest FFMpeg version. Patent fees for Mpeg4 and H264 are in process.

OSX: Faster app start

OSX applications are now using the local cache feature to startup faster and use less network traffic if started again.

OSX: local app links

The rrWorkstationInstaller installs symlinks to the main RR apps into your /Application folder.

OSX: Shutdown/Restart

The rrClient can shutdown/restart the machine if you allow it via the rrWorkstationInstaller.

The machines are put to sleep instead of a shutdown if you have enabled WOL wakeup for that rrClient.

Increased number of pre/post/finished scripts

The number of pre/post/finished scripts for a job was increased to 40.

UI dpi scale

Improved support for dpi scale settings of your OS.