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Cache Files for rrViewer 

See rrViewer for an explanation of cache files.

You can disable the cache file creation based on these parameters.

rrCreatevideo post-script (rrControl Q button)

RR offers post-scripts that you can enable for a job in rrSubmitter.

It will create a quicktime with all frames and an optional slate.

With these settings you can change the location of the generated quicktimes.


Create xxx index sites    

If you do not use the rrWebsite, you should disable all settings to speed up the rrServer.

Otherwise, you should just disable what you don't need.


.HtAccess files

NOTE: This feature does not work in your local network, you have to use the FTP feature to upload the rrWebsite to a webserver.

What are .htaccess files?

.htaccess files tell the apache webserver to ask for passwords.

RR places them in all user and project index folders.

It uses the projects/users logins you have set in the user tab of rrConfig.

"Webserver root for rrWebsite":

To enable password files, you have to specify the absolute path to the rrWebsite on your webserver.

This is not the www-address. This is the actual path on the harddrive of your webserver.

If you do not know the path, please create a file test.php.

Add the lines:


echo '<pre>';

echo realpath ('');

echo '/';

echo '</pre>';


Upload it to your webserver to the same location as the index site of the rrWebsite.

Access the script in a browser from your webserver. It shows you the absolute path of the php script.

Enter the absolute path with the slash at the end into rrConfig.


Job Preview Images: Multiply RGB by Alpha

If you render your images not pre-multiplied, then you should enable this setting to view your renderings right.

Create statistic images for jobs

These are the stat images you see at every job

Frame Checking

Windows rrServer only:

The rrServer has two ways to request a file list from a fileserver.

If you have a lot of files in a folder which are not from the main output, then the frame search gets slower.

Cost Calculation

Some rental companies use 1% of the acquisition costs as a rent per day for the end customer. 

But the percentage varies a lot depending on the degree of capacity utilization.

This is a small example how to calculate the costs of a machine with this 1%.


You have 20 machines which show 30Ghz in rrConfig each => 20*30Ghz = 600Ghz total.

Acquisition Costs:

The whole farm hardware with switch has cost you 100 000 EURO.

The Software has cost 20 000 EURO.

Total: 120 000 EURO

1% as rent per day:

1200 EURO

per hour:

1200 EURO / 24 = 50 EURO

per hour per Ghz:

50 EURO / 600 Ghz = 0.083 EURO

Direct Costs:

Power per year: 20 000 EURO

per day:

20000 EURO / 365 days = 54.8 EURO

per hour:

54.8 EURO / 24 = 2.28 EURO

per hour per Ghz:

2.28 EURO / 600 Ghz = 0.004 EURO

Sum per Ghz*h: 

Acquisition Costs:

0.083 EURO per Ghz*h

Direct Costs:

0.004 EURO per Ghz*


0,087 EURO per Ghz*h


RR look

Changes the default appearance of RR.

Note: These settings can be overridden via commandline flags or render config files (e.g. if you submit from Nuke, then the rrSubmitter is always dark).



Run internal Daily Execute function at xx:00

The server and the client are executing some functions once a day.

You can decide at which time this happens.

Server Daily Execute functions are:

- Delete websites of non-existing jobs

- Create a backup of all config files

- Remove old files from an update.

Client Daily Execute functions are:

- Delete Temp folder

- Client time sync