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A job can have multiple Pre-/, Preview-/, Post-/ or Finished-scripts.

These scripts do not render any frames.

They are used to do special tasks for the whole job before or after rendering.

They are executed on the client. You can recognize the scripts in the job log section as the log files are purple.

      They can be used to precalculate stuff for the job.

      They can be used to send information about preview being done or an upload of the preview images.

      Typical Post-scripts are the Web Video Creation or the Sequence Checker.

      The only difference between them is that the Job Approval is between them.

      So only approved jobs execute the Finished-script.

      Typical Finished-Scripts are for example the copy to your cut or compositing station (e.g. Avid, Flame,...)

      Note: Job Approval has to be enabled in rrConfig. 

The script files are located in RR\render_apps\_prepost_scripts\

The format is the same as the render config files.

The header is different.

Identify Parameters are:


Name of the Script as displayed in rrSubmitter 


Type of the script. Available are :






Should the script be checked by default? Set "true" or "1" for checked. 



Scripts can have 2 numeric parameter that the artist can set at the rrSubmitter. Set it to "true" or "1" to show the value box.



default value for both parameter

AllowedForSingleOutput = 1

Some scripts should not be executed if you have a single output file. E.g. .avi .mov 

AllowedForExecuteOnceJobs = 1

The rrSubmitter disables all scripts by default for Execute Once jobs.
To use scripts for execute jobs, please set this flag.

ExecutePerChannel =

Should this script be executed for each render channel? If yes, then set it to "true" or "1"