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Python version

The default Python version in RR9 applications is Python 3.9.

rrPythonconsole uses 3.9 as well.

RRs python modules are available for Python 2.7, 3.7 and 3.9.

Please use the module SDK\External\Python\rr_python_utils to load the modules.

See our example scripts how to use the utils module.

It chooses the right version for your Python version and caches the modules onto your local machine.
Otherwise network issues can crash your script and RR updates are not possible as long as your script is running.

New Features

In-Python help

All python modules, classes and function help information.

Please see for an example how to print the help.

new module pyRR_submit 

We have converted the rrSubmitter into a python module.

Please see example file RR\SDK\External\Python\

module pyRR changes

Client Groups: Retrieve the client groups list from the rrServer.

module pyRR_datafiles changes

HistoryDB: The datafiles module is able to read the HistoryDB files.