Requirements/ How does it work

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User accounts and file access rights

You should have at least a bit knowledge about user accounts in a network.

There are two types of users:

  1. Domain network users:
    User accounts are created once on a domain server and you can login on all of your machines with that user.
    You add these domain users to the access list of your files on your fileserver.
    Permanent RR installation: If you have a domain, then you should create a rrUser account for the service installation.

  2. Local per-machine users:
    Each computer has a list of local users. 
    A local user can only access files on the NAS/ fileserver ...

User for the permanent RR installation:

Hardware Requirements 

Basic requirements for network rendering

For Royal Render you need

How does it work

  1. Save Scene: 
    The artist has created a scene file. The scene file with all textures and source files is saved on the fileserver.
    The data has to be on a fileserver as all machines need to access the files.
    E.g. the folder C:\MySceneData is not located on each machine.

  2. Submit Job:
    The artist starts the rrSubmitter via a plugin in the menu in the 3D/comp application.
    The plugin will read all required information from the scene and sends it to the rrServer.

  3. Send Job:
    The rrServer sends frames of each job to rrClients. The rrClients are either workstations or pure render farm machines.

  4. Load Scene:
    The rrClient starts the 3D/comp application and loads the scene file from the fileserver.

  5. Write Frames:
    The rrClient renders the frame numbers it has got from the rrServer.
    Then it checks the frames and writes them to the fileserver.

  6. Check Job and Frames:
    The artist checks the progress of the job via RR. 
    And the artist checks the rendered frames either via RR or loads them directly from the fileserver.

Software requirements

OS requirements

Windows:  Windows XP or later. GPU features require at least Windows 7

Linux: Please see Linux page

OSX: 10.6 or later

Requirements GPU features

GPU features require at least this NVidia driver:

Version:         340.21

Release Date:         2014.7.29