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Remote connection or local Intranet?

You can define a whitelist of IPs that are part of your intranet in rrConfig, tab rrLogin/Rights.

All connections that come from IPs that do not start with one of the Whitelist IP ranges, are considered as remote connection.

Remote connections..

Authorization (login)

The rrServer checks for an authorization if one of the following statements apply:

To authorize a connection, the request has to send a login name with its password.

Python/NodeJS scripts contain a function to set the user login, rrControl has a menu item to set the login.

The login user/pass has to be added to the list in rrConfig.

It must not contain an empty password.

Special "Authorization String" user:

Pre/Preview/Done/Finished-Script can use the jobs "Authorization String" user.

This user can be used to send commands to that job or retrieve the whole job class with all data.

Note: You can restrict the commands that can be executed in rrConfig, tab logins, User  **rrScriptAuth** 

Please see any python script in folder RR\render_apps\_prepost_scripts\ (and subfolder) for AuthStr examples.

Authorization log file

If the connection requires an authorization, then the rrServer logs failed and successful connections in the log file RR/sub/log/S_....Auth.log