I. Setup Azure

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Log into https://portal.azure.com

1. Create a Resource Group

Azure collects all items in "Resource Groups".

You will need at least one resource group.

We recomment to use names that others direclty understand as you cannot rename them.

E.g. "Tests", "SourceImages", ...

(RR will create additional resource groups for the VMs it creates)

A resource groups is linked to 

  1. Subscription (The Azure billing account)
  2. Region (The data center with the hardware: USA/Europe/...)

We recommend to create a test resource group for creating VM images and test other stuff.

To create a new resource group, choose Resource Group from the menu and press the +Add button.

Name it for example "mySourceGroup"

2. Virtual Network

We need a Virtual Network to create any VM.

You can either create one during the VM creation (step 4).

Or you create one now, perhaps even the right network that you will use for rendering.


RR offers to create a Virtual Network with a VPN connection to your company for you, see help page "Create VPN".

3. Storage

You will need at least one storage for the source image.

We will use the same storage for the VM that we use to create the image.