Topaz Video Enhance AI

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It is possible to automate video processing with Topaz Video Enhancer AI on your farm/workstation with Royal Render.

You can batch process as many video files as you like, each video is submitted as a single job. 

Limitations / Known issues

Supported Versions

You have to use version 2.3.

August 5, 2021:

Topaz has decided to remove the commandline interface in version 2.4.
A part of this decision might have been the issues reported by us (a month ago) and other customers.

Topaz states: "We’ll be rewriting it soon in a way that’ll allow it to be more fully-functioning and less error prone".

An other part of the decision has been that they assume it is not used very often: "since the number of users using it doesn’t justify maintaining it in its current form".

So if you use the a version other than 2.3, please send them a request to increase the priority for the new commandline interface.

Limitations of Video Enhancer AI

Note: This information applies to version 2.3 of the Video Enhancer AI.

There are currently some bugs in and limitations with Video Enhancer AI:

Limitations of our implementation

The first version of our implemantation is a scripted plugin.

This first version has some limitations.