What's New in version 8.2+

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Data changes

Almost all binary files and TCP communication was changed.

- Max jobs increased to 52000

- Max frames per job increased to 100 000.

- rrControl/rrServer use 15% less memory for the job list.

- rrHistoryDB uses 24% less memory for the job list.

"rrBhutan" cloud changes

- Azure licensing (Maya, 3dsmax, VRay, Arnold)

- Azure Batch 

- We have created 5 ready-to use images with RR preinstalled (please check rrCloudmanager help)

- RR cloud resource groups start with rrC_ and storages with r... now 

- Right-click to open remote (SSH/Windows RDP) session to VM

- Right-click to open remote file browser connections to VM

pyRR2_datafiles: _serverClientInfo class

- New data class with information about last IPs, last status and last WOL command of clients


Framesets are working.

rrClient: Job thread changes

- Max job thread increased to 8 (for 8 GPU machines)

- The job thread config is not part of a client config preset any more (for example for GPU and non-GPU machines using the same preset. Or machines with 32 cores and 4 job threads vs machines with 4 cores and 1 job thread) 

New Scripted Jobs (rrSubmitter menu item)

Create Weekly Stats

A new python script collects statistics for all projects from the last 7 days and creates an RR/inhouse/stats.csv file.

Create a job via the rrSubmitter menu. The job re-executes once a week. You might want to set the Start After job option to Sunday

Redshift Benchmark

"Redshift Benchmark" collects GPU speeds in a csv (Excel) table.

Renderman denoise

Creates a new job to denoise the sequence via renderman denoise.

Maya Version

There is a new scripted job for Windows that collects all installed Maya versions (with update version) from all clients.

Windows: Collect render app crash dump

RR can tell Windows to write crash dump files if an application crashes.

These files can be analysed to see the app/plugin and function that crashed. It can help developers to find the crash.

Enable via the rrWorkstationInstaller menu Special 

NFS mounts

The rrClient and rrCloudservice is now able to mount NFS shares at startup.

Remove from log 

New render config parameter to remove complete lines from a render log.


Note: Please use/create __inhoue files for your own settings.

Job event python plugins

The rrServer can execute a python script if a job has an log or error event like Enable/Disable or job crashed.

Any event that is listed in the job log or error table in rrControl is supported.

Example file: RR\SDK\Plugins_rrServer\Python\Events\testEvent.py

rrServer: new threads

The rrServer starts 2 new seperate threads to check the output of jobs.

This prevents possible issues or slowdowns if a fileserver is slow.

Then the rrServer starts a thread for the preview jpeg conversion as well.

The Job Event execution is handled in a seperate thread as well.



Start Multiple Instances

The on/off option "Start Multiple Instances" is now a numberic value to speficy the number of instances

Cross OS Conversion 

OpenExr memory leak

We fixed a memory leak in the OpenExr library loading unfinished frames.

Crashing frames

If a frame was send more than 4 times, the rrServer will send other frames first.

If a frame was send more than 25 times, the rrServer will not send this frame any more.

Job option "Ignore Crashed" disables this feature. "Clear Error" resets the counter.

Rental Licenses

You can rent licenses. They can be combined with perpetual licenses