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Render config include files

The new include file

This new feature is interesting if you have changed render config files to include your own submitter default values.

Note: They are setup for custom settings, not to change or add commandlines. You can use include files for commandline changes, but then you have to add the include command into the main render config file.

RR 7.0 had the issue that if you have customized the file, then it was not updated by RR any more to keep your settings.

RR 8.0 has a new render config feature: Include files.

By default, all rrConfig files are setup for two include files.

Example:  3D01__Softimage__2011.cfg will includes these two files:

If that file does not exist, please create it.

As with all settings in a render config, the rule for two times the same setting is:   What comes at last, takes the place.

"*.inc" include files:

An include file is inserted into a render config at the exact location of the include command. (You can even include in the middle of a line)

Comment lines starting with # are deleted before insert (Exception: They have a [ in the line).

How to update my old config file to the new one?

RR 7.0 files still work, but they miss some new features.

Which files have I changed?

After you have updated RR from 7.x to 8.x, there is a file named RR/UpdateInfo_...txt

Open this file to check which render config files have not been changed.

How to update my old config file to the new one?

  1. Create a backup of your custom files in some other folder (not the same one, otherwise they are loaded as separate render config files).
  2. Copy the new render config from [RR]\render_apps\_config\rr_original to [RR]\render_apps\_config.
    Now you have the new render config with all new features, but it is missing your custom settings.
  3. The next step is to create the include file.
    Either choose
  1. Add your custom settings lines to the new include file.
    If you do not know which settings you have changed, then you can download the installer of the RR 7.x version that you have used and compare your file with the original render config in [installerZip]\files\render_apps\_config\rr_original