rrProcessorSpeed (PS)

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What is PS?

In a Nutshell:

PS (ProcessorSpeed) is an identifer, how fast is the client compared to the others.

For the calculation of the processor speed the client computes some tasks to get a relative processor speed.

RR can't use the GHz as different types of processors have different speeds at the same GHz value. (e.g. the newer the faster)

Info: Client Averaging

The Client Averaging is based on the PS of the clients, not on the number of clients.

Info: RR Remaining Time Calculation

The server checks each job in intervals depending on the remaining time to render.The higher the time, the higher the intervals. Then the server re-calculates the remaining time depending on the clients, which are actual rendering this job.

For the calculation the server uses PM (ProcessorMinutes = PS x minutes). E.g. if one computer with 0.5 PS is rendering 1 minute on an job, the job takes 0.5 PM (0.5 PS x 1 Minute).

If the remaining PM's are 100 and only this 0.5 PS client is rendering this job, the remaining time will be 200 minutes. If you start 3 more clients with each 0.5 PS the remaining time will be 50 min.

The server uses PM/PS because all other remaining time calculations I know are only like this:

time till now: 10 min.

frames done: 10

frames missing: 90

time remaining= 10/10*90 = 90 minutes

It's ok if you are using the same number of clients, but not if you add some clients, or in the worst case if you almost all clients are moving to a different job.

I know programs that calculate huge remaining times, if you have disabled the rendering for a while. For example you render one hour and then you disable the job for 5 hours, the remaining time can rise up to days with this old calculation. 

Info: Sequence Divide min max

When the server sends a job with Sequence Divide to the client, then the PS has an effect on the number of frames that are send to the client.

The higher the PS of a client compared to other clients, the more frames it gets.