Get support

There are two support options:

  1. Public:
    RR Knights Tavern  (a google forum/mailing list)

  2. Private / Confidential:
    Support ticket system


1. rr Knights Tavern

What is it?

The rrKnights Tavern is a  forum  and  email list.
If you send a message, then all members of the group get your message.

What is it used for?

If there is a new release, we will post it there.
You can discuss anything RR related with other RR customers: Problems, Questions, Tips, Tricks, Customizations, feature requests...
For some questions it is better to ask in this group, as the whole RRender community is able to read the topics.
If a similar problem occours, anybody can finds the solution in the groups archive.

How to join?

If you want to read messages, just click on the link.

If you want to post a message, then you are required to have a google account.
Login with your google account, then click on the link below.
There is a button at the top to ask to join the group.
IMPORTANT: If the join dialog asks your for a "reason", you MUST state a reason.
e.g. "I use Royal Render" is sufficient.

This seperates you from spammers joining everything they can get.

Note:  The first post of new members has to be approved by our staff.  

How to use it as an email list?

There are 3 modes for the email list:

  • Each Email
    You get an email for each message.
    (So you should automatically sort these email into a subfolder of your email app.
    Some people are even using a seperate email address for all email groups they use)

  • Digest/Abridged
    If you do not like many emails, you can change the google group settings that it will send one email once a day.

  • No email at all. 

Link to the RR Knights Tavern:!forum/rrknights


2. Support ticket system

The support ticket system creates a ticket for our support team.
These tickets are not public.

There are two ways to create a new ticket:

  • Please follow this link to create a new ticket.
    You can either create a new ticket directly or create a user account via the top menu.
    If you create a user account, then you can add multiple email addresses to send emails from.

  • Send an email to      Support (at)   .

Note: It is possible for us to allow all users of one company to see all tickets of everyone else from the company.
This requires that everyone uses an email with the company domain in it.