Price changes
Some vendors increase their prices and switch to subscription only.
Anyway, as a reaction, we are reducing some prices after Siggraph!

RR does still use a permanent license, but of course we encourage you to be on subscripting to keep up the development of new features and bug fixes (which are mostly for free right now).
Please visit for more information.

Cloud Rendering
After 2 years working with Microsoft and other parters, we can finally say that we have tackled the main issues with Cloud rendering:
Render Licenses, Security approval, data transfer, costs and easy of use!
If you are visiting Siggraph, do not miss our talk "Introduction to Cloud Rendering" (See below)
If you can not attend, we will try to record the session. We have already recorded the session at FMX a few months ago, the Siggraph talk will be an updated version regarding some of the "main issues" that were not completed or under NDA at that time:

Note: The rrCloudClient licenses are for free this year!
We have already released prices for cloud rendering, starting to sell next year.

Renderwise services launched
The company RenderWise launched it services yesterday.
They are specialized in getting companies into cloud rendering.
We have been closely working with them for the last years.

We do not have a booth this year, but Lead Dev Holger Schoenberger will be at the Microsoft booth.
But we have our own talk and there are talks of our partners.

"Introduction to Cloud Rendering"
Thursday 03. 12:30, Room 409A
A gerneral talk covering most aspects and issues of cloud rendering.
Speakers: Holger Schoenberger, Jeremy Smith, Eoin Bailey

"Secure Burst Rendering to the Microsoft Cloud"
Tuesday 01. 5:00pm, Room 409A