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Total of 64 changes
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Job data change
Tiled render: Up to 30 slices
More render channels (AOVs): Up to 100, Limit is 10000 chars for all 100 channels.
Fix truncation of long image path/channel by some scene parsers

rrControl: Faster job update
rrControl does only request changed jobs.

Local scene copy settings (Disney/Marvel requirement)
You can now specify the number of days a local scene is kept.
And the client logs all files copied/deleted.

New render script for Cinema4D (support contract required)
- Support for Keep Scene Open
- Tiling without multiple scenes
- Change Camera without multiple scenes
- Ability to override image resolution

Re-Execute jobs (support contract required)
Create new jobs that re-execute itself if finished after x hours.
Job can be used to collect some data every day/week or sync files every hour.

nodeJS plugin finished (support contract required)
Support now all functions and classes (as the python plugin).
(Dynamic website in development).

A new config file in \render_apps\_prepost_scripts\ to sepcify the setenv files executed before pre-/post-/finished-scripts.

.ini file changes
backup copies on each save, log function to reproduce when a save was done, rrClients.ini size reduced.