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A new Royal Render version is available for download.
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Total of 54 changes
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Excel graph examples exports (support contract only)
There are two example scripts to export client or job data from the RR stat files.
Execute them with rrPythonconsole.

Segment progress
The background of the status message of the client in rrControl shows the progress of the current render segment.

GPU information
Render Log: Show max GPU usage and GPU usage at abort
Stats files: add GPU usage to _rrClientStats_day_data
rrClientWatch: Show GPU usage, GPU memory, GPU temperature

Average Frame time
There is a new function to calculate the average frame time based on finished client segments only.
The old function calculates the frame time based on all frames found which includes frames being rendered and is therefore not accurate.
The rrControl table shows both for now as "new~old"

rrNews RSS Feed
Open the rrNews RSS Feed via rrControl menu "help"

Maya 2017 Render Setup
The old Maya plugin does not support the new render setup overrides.
Please unload the old Maya2009+ plugin and load the new Maya2017+ plugin in Maya.

Stats image: max memory
The stats image of each job in rrControl shows the maximum memory usage now (instead of the average memory usage before).

Cineam4D: support different frame ranges per take
Requires to reinstall the C4D plugin

New Rhino submission (support contract only)
There is a new Rhino submission plugin