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Linux+Osx Mount (support contract only)
The client is able to mount smb fileserver shares.

Job Limit
The rrConfig setting for "Delete finished jobs if there are more than X" was increased to 100 000 jobs.

OSX/Linux Starter
The starter tool was changed. If your apps do not start, please execute RR/bin/.../rrSetExeRights to fix the file rights.

Arnold static.ass file
You can add a static .ass file to an .ass render with the rrSubmitter commandline flag -CustomStaticAss "mystaticfile.ass".

Maya 2017 vray 3.52
Render Setup Layers with VRay 3.52+ are supported.

Cloud - Multiple Regions (support contract only)
You can use multiple regions for cloud rendering.

Cloud - Azure Batch support (support contract only)
Azure Batch with Autodesk Maya and Arnold license (alpha) supported.