Salve rrKnights!

A new Royal Render version is available for download.
Please download it from our website

This is the last 8.1.xx version as we need to change the TCP data, which makes the next version 8.2 incompatible with 8.1 applications.
We will release the next version 8.2.00 shortly with just the changes to the TCP data.
And then implement new features into 8.2.01.

Total of 47 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the fixes list

- The UI layout config had to be changed. You need to re-arrange rrControl as you like it and re-save the layout.
- The top dockwindows will switch to a slim mode if the width is sufficient for the items.
- Job selction and job retrieval was speed up.

- Maya IO is supported now.
- The new cross OS conversion is active.
- Cyclecheck log messages are disabled.

- The service applies all groups of the rrService user to the process, including domain groups.
- Umask can be changed if you reinstall the daemon.

Multiple bug fixes and improvements to the rrCloudManager and the rrCloudService.