Salve rrKnights!

A new Royal Render version is available for download.
Please download it from our website

Royal Render 8.2.xx requires that you have bought RR after 1.Sep.2017

or that your support&maintenance did not expire before this day.

Total of 65 changes
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rrClient: Job thread changes
- Max job thread increased to 8 (for 8 GPU machines)
- The job thread config is not part of a client config preset any more.
(for e.g. GPU and non-GPU machines using the same preset)

Framesets are working.

Maya submission plugin
- Pick a python script and execute it inside the current scene/layer on a rrClient
- New option to ask for framesets at submission

Windows: rrClient reserve cores change
Reserve Cores is does not set the render threads at startup any more.
It changes the core assignment for the render processes now.
Enabling/disabling this setting (e.g. at login) changes the core assignement after 15 seconds.

"rrBhutan" cloud changes
- Azure licensing works
- We have created 5 ready-to use images with RR preinstalled
- RR cloud resource groups start with rrC_ now (can be disabled to use old installations)
- Right-click to open remote (SSH/Windows RDP) or file browser connections to VM

pyRR2_datafiles: _serverClientInfo class
- New data class with information about last IPs, last status and last WOL command of clients