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New render config to call other executables than the main render app.
For example use Nuke in post-scripts with .

Maya Redshift
There is a bug in Maya/Redshift that crashes scenes with motion blur.
We have added a new job option in the rrSubmitter to disable the parralel evaluation manager preference for rendering.

New Scripted Job: Create Weekly Stats
A new python script collects statistics for all projects from the last 7 days and creates an RR/inhouse/stats.csv file.
Create a job via the rrSubmitter menu. The job re-executes once a week. You might want to set the Start After job option to Sunday

Windows: Collect render app crash dump
RR can tell Windows to write crash dump files if an application crashes.
These files can be analysed to see the app/plugin and function that crashed. It can help developers to find the crash.
Enable via the rrWorkstationInstaller menu Special