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NFS mounts (rrSupport required)
The rrClient and rrCloudservice is now able to mount NFS shares at startup.

Remove from log (rrSupport required)
New render config parameter to remove complete lines from a render log.
Note: Please use/create __inhoue files for your own settings.

Job event python plugins (rrSupport required)
The rrServer can execute a python script if a job has an log or error event like Enable/Disable or job crashed.
Any event that is listed in the job log or error table in rrControl is supported.
Example file: RR\SDK\Plugins_rrServer\Python\Events\

rrServer: new threads (rrSupport required)
The rrServer starts 2 new seperate threads to check the output of jobs.
This prevents possible issues or slowdowns if a fileserver is slow.
Then the rrServer starts a thread for the preview jpeg conversion as well.
The Job Event execution is handled in a seperate thread as well.

rrErr/StdErr log lines
rrErr was renamed into StdErr as this is the commonly used name.
It can now be disabled in a render config and is disabled for Maya.

3dsmax log file is saved to view in rrControl
New render config for 3dsmax 2019 that uses new 3dsmax batch command.

Python module
It is not possible any more to send job commands without a login

Start Multiple Instances
The on/off option "Start Multiple Instances" is now a numberic value to speficy the number of instances

Rhino Vray 3
VRay 3 for Rhino is supported