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Joined Yeti license count
All Yeti plugin licenses are joined into one global Yeti license count. Please verify the global count if you had split the licenses between apps.

New OpenExr version
We fixed a memory leak inside OpenEXR library reading unfinished files.

Redshift Benchmark
Submitter menu: New scripted job "Redshift Benchmark" collects GPU speeds in an csv (Excel) table.

Python CrossBatch class extension
- add function setEnvVar()
- add function addCondition()
- add function addCommentLine()

Decrease Client delays
- Time until next client status report is send after enable/disable command is reduced.
- Time between app startup and first idle report reduced.

New Maya cross OS functionality
OS conversion has been improved.
- It works with .ma and .mb files, conversion is done at render time
- conversion of YETI cache files
- conversion of arnold VDB volumes
- conversion of Redshift proxies

Maya: parallel Evaluation Manager
A new job option to disable the parallel Evaluation Manager at before scene opens

New Nuke cross OS functionality
OS conversion has been improved.
- always convert paths from all other OS in case a OSX scene was submitted from Windows - convert geo LUT nodes
- convert Read/Write-Geo nodes

Nuke: apply workstation license
Nuke will use a workstation license if the client config option "Render license group" is set to workstation.

Renderman denoise
New render config for renderman denoise

Delete IE NTFS Zone
rrSetup deletes the Windows IE NTFS Zone.Identifier file attribute to remove message "Do you want to run this file?".