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Total of 46 changes
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Rental licenses
1 year and 3 months rental licenses are now available to order by anyone.
They can be mixed with perpetual licenses (Requires v8.2.10+)

More Houdini nodes (requires to be on support)
- OpenGL Nodes
- Geometry Nodes
- Wedge Nodes (See rrHelp Section Render App/Houdini for more information)

Crashing frames (requires to be on support)
If a frame was send more than 4 times, the rrServer will send other frames first.
If a frame was send more than 25 times, the rrServer will not send this frame any more.
Job option "Ignore Crashed" disables this feature. "Clear Error" resets the counter.

Nuke: Python: Add nogui flag for node submission
The python function to submit a node has a new nogui flag to start the rrSubmitterConsole

rrViewer changes
- RGB+Alpha is selected by default
- Fixes for sort by date and size