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Total of 49 changes
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Re-Execute crashed pre/post-scripts
If a pre or post-render script crashes, it is execute up to 3 times

Wait for jobs - preview wait
If a job has Preview Render enabled and is waiting for a parent job, it will start rendering the preview once the parent job has finished the preview frames.

Houdini changes
Parse more node names "/img/..", "_geo_", "/geo", "/comp", "/rop_comp" and "/rs_"
Read Camera and Resolution for tiled rendering
StereoCamRig support

New Scripted Job: Collect Houdini versions
The job creates a table if specified houdini versions are installed on a client

Arnold (de)Noice
New render config for Arnold (de)Noice

rrControl log auto-update
The log file list and the log files are reloaded regulary

New option to convert .rrEnv files into bash or csh .sh scripts

pyRR2_datafiles: renderer license count
The python module is now able to read/write the renderer license count setting

Blender changes
Blender executes the scenes python script to be able to load plugins/modules
User preferences can be created in RR to be copied to all clients
Please download the changed files from our open-source repo

Support Arnold dummy output format (limited to .exr)

Maya Redshift
AOVs are read