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rrDeleteOldFiles (support required)
New commandline tool to delete files older than x days from directory (with subfolders). With wildcard support (\users\*\local\temp\).
Windows example daily execute script in [RR]\bin\ to delete all users temp files, Adobe caches and Redshift caches after 14 days.
Please let us know if you know folders on Windows/Linux/Osx that should be added to our example scripts.

rrClient "enable after idle" based on user interaction (keyboard, mouse) (support required).
The client auto-enable function works now on CPU usage (as before) and user interaction (enabled by default).
For more information please read

rrSubmitter: GPU requirement
If the job has "GPU required" set, then the rrSubmitter de-assigns all rrClients with 0 GPUs set in rrConfig.

rrSubmitter: Parent app memory usage
The rrSubmitter gets the memory usage of the parent app (e.g. Maya) memory usage and uses it for the job settings "Required Memory" by default now.

rrClient shared exe copy
- The render log states how many files will be copied before copy starts (to know what the client is doing).
- Only the rquired version is copied locally instead of all versions.

Submitter: UI editor: filter by name
The Submitter defaults UI editor got a filter by name edit field.

3dsmax: current frame changes
It was not possible to get the current frame in pre-render scripts.