Salve rrKnights!

A new Royal Render version is available for download.
Please download it from our website

Total of 54 changes
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rrClient: Finished scripts not executed
Post/Finished scripts have not been executed on some machines

rrControl: Change custom options
rrControl shows custom render config options on the settings tab.

Python Modules
We have added a few python modules to RR:
FTrack, Shotgun, arrow, backports, certifi, chardet, clique, dateutil, idna, requests, urllib3, websocket, six

New python exportJobAsXml function
Export a job in as .xml file for a re-submission. Example script available as right-click in rrControl.

3dsmax VRay: Progressive render
A new render config for 3dsmax VRay with noise and time settings for the progressive mode