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Custom Options - float value (suppport required)
It is now possible to use float values for custom options. Example: Arnold DeNoice variance.

Arnold DeNoice
Before you hit Submit for your 3D jobs, you can append DeNoice jobs via the menu Scripted Jobs

rrAutostartService errors
rrClientWatch and rrServerWatch show the service error log.

rrEnv: Do not execute env variables for other renderers than the current one
rrEnv: Do not copy the MtoA folder if renderer is not Arnold, use local install
Legacy layers did not work with 2018.2 (but all others)

Pre-Post Scripts
New option "AllowedForExecuteOnceJobs" to allow scripts for Execute jobs

Frames Rendered table
Frames Rendered table was overwritten by post-scripts

rrServer external python authorization
Detect distributed and non distributed PW attacks