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Total of 57 changes
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IMPORTANT: Execute/NoFrame Jobs
If an execute job or a job with "do not check for frames" enabled crashes, then RR re-renders that chunk.
To disable this behavior, please enable job option "ignore crashes".

Sequence Checker first
The Sequence Checker runs first before all other post-render-script

We have prepared a render config file to setup blender as Shared Executable in RR. Please check rrHelp section Blender.

R21: Auto-version change did not work because default install folder changed
Added install path for R21 for plugin installer
Cross OS conversion for arnold and alembic nodes
Octane: otoy 4.00 multipass formats
Support Redshift 3 as shared network install

Arnold Denoice
Switch between RR +/-2 frames and Arnold TemporalStability
for additional flags

VRay Standalone
Custom job option to set progress % level