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A new Royal Render version is available for download.
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Total number of 45 changes
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rrControl layout functions
New save/load layout functionality.
Change dark/bright or each artist (instead of globally for RR)

OS Requirements changed!
The minumum requirements are now:
64bit OS
Linux requirea GLIBCXX 3.4.15 (e.g. Centos 7 or Ubuntu 16)
macOS 10.11 required

Job data changes
Increase sizes for additionalCommandlineParam, ShotgunID(FTrack), sceneState
Wait for up to 30 jobs
Increase pre/post-script and Custom Option name size

Support systemD service in addition to init.d

Redshift Solaris(USD) with and without .rs export

Data classes and TCP communication changed
RR 8.3 is not compatible with any python module or with the job database of RR 8.2.
RR 8.2 files are converted into RR 8.3 files