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Windows, Linux, OSX:
     >>> Installer
     >>> Update from 9.0.07+
     >>> Update from 9.0.06+
     >>> Update from 9.0.00+
     >>> Update from 8.4.00+

Total number of 56 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

Render Log: Add TCP traffic information to the summary

Render Log: Remove "Building BVH" lines

Sort images by RGB histogram difference

Image verification
Optional: Verify that all .exr files have the same ammount of layers

Multiple PDG fixes


Windows, Linux, OSX:
     >>> Installer
     >>> Update from 9.0.06+
     >>> Update from 9.0.05+
     >>> Update from 9.0.00+
     >>> Update from 8.4.00+

Total number of 52 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

new rrDenoise ROP: (Supports Intel, Optix, Arnold, Renderman)
rrSubmitter ROP: Override SeqDiv Min/max for Comp
rrSubmitter ROP: cook scene option
rrSubmitter ROP: Override for Wait Frame by Frame
USD Arnold: Choose between kick and husk
Python expression fixes for in/out name in rrGenericJob and rrDenoise
Wait Frame ByFrame enabled by default for Mantra/Usd jobs
Kill hserver if started by render process

Unreal Engine
Wnsure renders are full detail
Render in background if possible
Split sequence into shots at submission

GPU options: Add CPU, use Optix
Abort render if Redshift is not found
Abort render if Optix is not found
Show Blenders crash file in rrControl

Other Render apps
Katana v6 submission plugin fixes
TOPAZ Video Enhancer v3 supported

rrMessages are kept on shutdown of receiving rrClient and rrServer


Windows, Linux, OSX:
     >>> Installer
     >>> Update from 9.0.05+
     >>> Update from 9.0.04+
     >>> Update from 9.0.00+
     >>> Update from 8.4.00+

Total number of 44 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

The rrServer uses now 3 threads for sending jobs, it will be 2-3x times faster with many jobs
pyRR crash requesting more than 32tsd jobs fixed

Bash shell (config option) works on Ubuntu now as well
ExrCrop fixed if RR set not to use EXR 2.0 multipart, but renderer already wrote EXR multipart

Amazon EC2 support


Windows, Linux, OSX:
     >>> Installer
     >>> Update from 9.0.04+
     >>> Update from 9.0.00+
     >>> Update from 8.4.00+

Total number of 52 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

Scribble or write onto preview images

Support for Movie Render Pipeline

Workaround for Blender bug regarding Intel Performance Core
Anti-Aliasing samples override

New Project Stat example file
JobLoader class to load HistoryDB and current rrServer jobs

Renderman 25 fixes


Windows, Linux, OSX:
     >>> Installer
     >>> Update from 9.0.03+
     >>> Update from 9.0.02+
     >>> Update from 9.0.00+
     >>> Update from 8.4.00+

Total number of 16 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

New render script that supports Keep Scene Open and more settings

Wrong memory usage in frame table stated if >64GB
GPS of last GPU was not saved

Linux: Exr crash fixed

USDstitch support
Scene display name override

Settings tab used rrSubmitter default files settings for "default" visibility


If you use Houdini, please test the new job option "Wait for job by frame" for your .idf/.ass/.usd exports.
We might enable it by default for the next update if there are no issue reports.
If the parent job exported .usd files frame 1-10, then the waiting job can render frame 1-10 as well.
Total number of 50 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

IMPORTANT: The "Cancel" button was broken for the "existing output frames" question.
The rrSubmitter creates RR/rrJobdata/prj/jobFolder at submission now.

Rewrite of python classes
First 2 example files

New job option "Wait for job by frame"
Layer name length increased to 200 characters

New REZ options (Please see help section REZ)

Faster app startup
Umlaut/unicode fixes (log file display, C4D and .exr reader)
Client saves TCP traffic in stat files and rrControl frames table
Nuke: Write nodes in groups supported


Total number of 62 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

New option: GPU In Appmode Required (for openGL renderer like Eevee)

GHz retrieval does not work on some windows machines
CPU PS test had to be modified.
GPU test modified.

Add frame time as PS to job table, frame tables and performance info
Show at least 1 idle job thread
Fix issues with more than 27tsd and 32tsd jobs

Fix for more than 50tsd jobs
16 byte TCP memory leak fix

Checkbox per settings group
Save last settings used


Total number of 27 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

Fixes for rental licenses and Linux host IDs

Zip/Zlib update
zlib 1.2.11 unverified freeze of rrServer, updated to 1.2.13

Apple M1 fixes

Include REZ module as zip
Support python modules as zip
Python 2.7 fixes
A new 2.7 render config for backwards compatiblity of old scripts



To view the new features, please take a look at this page:
What's new in v9.

If you want to upgrade RRv8 to RRv9, please read this page first:
Upgrade from RR v8.


Windows, Linux, OSX:
     >>> Installer
     >>> Update from 8.4.00+
     >>> Update from 8.3.00+
     >>> Update from 8.2.00+
     >>> Update from 8.0.00+

Total number of 16 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

This update contains minor bug fixes and improvements.


Total number of 20 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

RR9 compatibility
Multiple changes to make the rrServer comatible with latest RR9 version.

Logged in user time fix
A crash was fixed


Total number of 16 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

_StatsRenderTime changes
The stattics file _StatsRenderTime was updated for new features.
Python functions have changed.

Global Stats
8.4.01 was not saving yearly stats any more. (rrControl/GLobal Info)

Submission plugin fixes


Total number of 10 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

Disable Windows Error Reporting
rrWorkstationInstaller sets the WerFault service to Disabled.
Otherwise the crash debugger is still started no matter if report is disabled in registry.

Linux rrEnv
Multiple fixes for the linux rrEnv conversion.


Total number of 40 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

Important: Incompatibilities
8.4 is not compatible with 8.3 any more.
libpyRR2_datafiles python module: Some function names had to be changed. Please see the SDK folder for new examples.
If you are using the RR9 beta, please update it as well

Statistic files
The global stats (shown in rrControl) have been extended to 30 days and 360 days.
rrClient stats increased to 400 days.
Stat files contain more information
More SDK example scripts

Kill ADSSO.exe if still running after Maya closed.

multiple submission plugin fixes

Render log: state max GPU memory usage


______________ 8.3.09______________
Total number of 26 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

Clients GPU information (memory, usage, temperature) is now split per GPUs assigned per thread
New job thread render type "PrePostScripts" to allow pre/post-scripts on this thread only


______________ 8.3.08______________
Total number of 16 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

New flag for list item, line start and csv region setting


______________ 8.3.07______________
Total number of 37 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

Required GPU memory
A new job settings lets you set the minimum required free GPU memory

New render config files for idenoise

Frameset with step
You can add steps to framesets now: 120-130+2, 140-150 +3,


______________ 8.3.06______________
Total number of 24 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

Cut render log if size exceedes 15MB
Detect if process is hold by crash reporter

Add env var HFS
USD: Fix Alembic animation freeze
rrControl flipbooks: add Houdini MPlay
External Scene Parser: support filecache node
Filecache: Set timedependend and output file (method)
Beta: Distributed simulations

Render Configs
New render config variable: WaitParent1 and WaitChild
New render config variable: OSEnv
New render config option: hideFromUI
New render config option: disableJobCostCounter


______________ 8.3.05a______________
Total number of 6 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

Support for new Houdini beta plugin features


______________ 8.3.05______________
Total number of 31 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

Process ADSSO is killed after render in case it was started by 3dsmax

Suibmit selected write nodes only

remove preview image Not Rendered Yet to reduce traffic and speedup server
Fixes freeze
Save rrJobs.db backup to local drive if a thread is not able to execute any more


______________ 8.3.04______________
Total number of 36 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

Increasing 80KB memory leak fixed
Delete local redshift texture cache after 2 months

single (all-frame) USD support
Support new scripted submission plugin (separate trial download)
VRay 5 fixes

Disable crash report UI

XML submission
New CustomSceneName to replace scene name display in rrControl

Disable Autodesk Analytics data collection
VRay 5 fixes
Pymel is not reuqired for default frame output submissions

Redshift support
Cycles 3.0 GPU fix


______________ 8.3.03______________
Total number of 15 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

New command to change parent job to render missing frames of child job

Server daily stat files
New variable Ghz_minutes
Fixes in AverageFrameTime and AverageMemUsage

Privilged Clients
Do not abort jobs that are in script render state

Fixes regression that showed error message loading jobs


______________ 8.3.02______________
Total number of 21 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

Camera is overriden at render time
Archive renderer do state "Houdini" as renderer any more to prevent misconfiguration

rrEnv files
New rrEnv variables and


______________ 8.3.01______________
Total number of 31 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

Global files
There are 3 new files for all 3D, all Comp and all Archive render apps

After Effects
Windows: Delete local media cache files if saved into user prefs

rrControl security
Fixed a security issue that allowed to send commands for jobs the user did not had rights to view

Unlock parent assets by default

Arnold Standalone rendering .ass files exported by Houdini was renamed to Arnold-HtoA


______________ 8.3.00______________
Total number of 45 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

rrControl layout functions
New save/load layout functionality.
Change dark/bright or each artist (instead of globally for RR)

OS Requirements changed!
The minumum requirements are now:
64bit OS
Linux requirea GLIBCXX 3.4.15 (e.g. Centos 7 or Ubuntu 16)
macOS 10.11 required

Job data changes
Increase sizes for additionalCommandlineParam, ShotgunID(FTrack), sceneState
Wait for up to 30 jobs
Increase pre/post-script and Custom Option name size

Support systemD service in addition to init.d

Redshift Solaris(USD) with and without .rs export

Data classes and TCP communication changed
RR 8.3 is not compatible with any python module or with the job database of RR 8.2.
RR 8.2 files are converted into RR 8.3 files


Total number of 18 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the fixes list Changes List.

Disable jobs if no frame was rendered for a long time
Improvements for client averaging abort

VideoEnhance AI
Submission improvements, comandline fixes

After Effects
Move license generation into rrEnv file

Post-script example file


Total number of 14 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the fixes list Changes List.

After Effects
Important! Workaround for license login.
See rrHelp file section RenderApps/Comp/Afx for more information
Windows: New rrJob option creates license file.
This changes the user prefs folder. Plugin licenses and preferences might need to be copied.
macOS: You can create a license file yourself.

Win: Restart machine command was broken

Python 3 fixes


Total number of 23 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the fixes list Changes List.

New command RestartMachineAfterRender

Video Enhance AI
Support for application Video Enhance AI to upscale videos

Added module pymediainfo to get information like resultion from media files

Fileserver speed test
A new scripted job creates a multi-client fileserver speed test job

New render config function ESC_XML to be able to use Rez with Mayas commandline


There was a bug in version 8.2.42 regarding the rrClient and rrServer.
This is an essential bug fix.
You have to update if you are running 8.2.42 or 8.2.42a




Total number of 37 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the fixes list Changes List.

Submit CopyCat nodes (Roto and other frame-by-frame inbetweening via machine learning)
Nuke v13 fixes

Render order set to FrameByFrame instead of RopByRop
Alembic: fixes for a single output file

Support [output] in addition to default []
Modo v15 fixes
rrHelp: Add information how to add submission command as menu item

Octane version fix
Redshift Object ID filename
Use multipass output
Recognize render setting overrides of takes


Total number of 12 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the fixes list Changes List.

rrClient Abort
Essential fix for Version 8.2.40!!
The rrClient v8.2.40 has an issue aborting all render processes.

Windows long paths
RR has implemented a workaround for output paths with more than 245 characters.
Most render application do not support it, but it should work with RRs local render out feature.

Maya 2022
The plugins have been updated to support Maya 2022.

If your ROP name contains _sim_, the the rrSubmitter sets all rrJob options for a simulation.


Total number of 49 changes

.rrEnv files
New Command [DelFolder]

Local texture cache is moved to RR_Localdata

Keyshot support
Beta version of the Keyshot integration


Total number of 7 changes

This update provides a fix for the "Custom Variables" error message of the rrControl settings submission.


Total number of 10 changes

USD and /stage/... fixes.
Subframe render fixes


Total number of 25 changes

New Environment variable RR_PathConversionFile to add custom (non cross OS) file conversions to Maya scenes.

Ignore Alembic archive loader nodes
Ignore Arnold texture nodes
VRay fixes

Add Arnold drivers and regular output as additional rrJob channels
Python 3 fixes
Local Exe Copy
Log source path and copy information
No auto-version change if path explicitely stated in render config
Recognize VRay version folder naming _43000 => 4.3


Total number of 30 changes

MtoA: Delete uninstall.exe and left.bmp to work around Maya bug and remove error messages.

Mantra and Husk (USD) do not require a path in the client config any more (Houdini path is taken)
USD: support Houdini 18.5, support Arnold kick .usd

32bit rrClients disabled
The rrServer is not sending jobs to 32bit rrClients any more. (install 64bit rrClient)

Support nested takes
Support Arnold output driver


Total number of 27 changes

12 GPUs per client
The rrClient config supports up to 12 GPUs

Cinema 4D
R23 submission and render script fixes
Redshift: Seperate progress log file
Submission does not work if C4D installed on case-sensitive drive

Unlock parent assets nodes
Render Arnold .usd with Arnold kick
Renderman: Switch frame viewer IT to openexr


Total number of 5 changes

Render app config
New config parameter UseExactMajorVersionOnly=true/false (enabled by default if not set)

Task icon was missing for app mode client (non service mode)


Total number of 12 changes

Some Renderman 23.4 fixes.
Support WEGDENUM in file names
Support relative path to ROP in Wegde


Total number of 37 changes

Huge speedup using CTRL-A; speedup shift-selecting many jobs.

.vrScene Loader
Load VRay version+build as well as exporting app and its plugin build.
frame4 was not detected as frame number.
set "GPU Required" if engine_type is not "cpu".

Support USD ROP and USD_Render ROP settings
Pixars Renderman support
Scene parser: Replace systems ${envVar} in file names
Disable UI error messages
Recognize openGL error
rrEnv: Option to switch between Redshift floating and node-locked

Support for new Azure features like Spot VMs

Read custom write node attribute frame_step


Total number of 20 changes

rrClient & Render config & rrEnv
Linux log scene/output path fixes
New variable to check if pre-post-command is enabled for the job
Plugin and render exe sync creates timestamp file to state last usage

3dsmax 2021
Multiple fixes


Total number of 22 changes

rrClient Reserve Cores
Windows only: In addition to the render thread reduction for the Artist logged in, the rrClient deassignes cores for the render process.

3dsmax 2021
Beta of the new render connection for 3dsmax 2021, it uses 3dsmaxBatch instead of 3dsmaxcmd.exe

Output files like .ass.gz are now verified to be .gz files.

Submitter: on-submission-script job creation
It is now possible to create more jobs to submit within on-submission scripts.


Total number of 16 changes

Override image size
There is a new option to enable/disable the output image resolution.
The option requires the submission XML/commandline to include ImageWidth and ImageHeight.



Total number of 32 changes

The UI was optimized, load saved config to modify it, new init config to create required folders, ...

The submission plugin does not call the Katana function to check the file any more for possible issues as it was very very slow with large projects

Tiled Sequences
Sequence check works
rrViewer shows missing tiles

Imoprovements regarding printing exception tracebacks
Fixed crash if non-existing job was requested
Job list functions renamed as they have been too similar to other function names (old function names still work)
New function jobList_GetMinInfo to get min info of all jobs without the large job data


Total number of 57 changes

IMPORTANT: Execute/NoFrame Jobs
If an execute job or a job with "do not check for frames" enabled crashes, then RR re-renders that chunk.
To disable this behavior, please enable job option "ignore crashes".

Sequence Checker first
The Sequence Checker runs first before all other post-render-script

We have prepared a render config file to setup blender as Shared Executable in RR. Please check rrHelp section Blender.

R21: Auto-version change did not work because default install folder changed
Added install path for R21 for plugin installer
Cross OS conversion for arnold and alembic nodes
Octane: otoy 4.00 multipass formats
Support Redshift 3 as shared network install

Arnold Denoice
Switch between RR +/-2 frames and Arnold TemporalStability
for additional flags

VRay Standalone
Custom job option to set progress % level


Total number of 41 changes

R21 supported
Specify license settings in rrEnv files (see rrHelp section RenderApps/C4D)
Farm-Wide Redshift installation fixes
Arnold AOVs are shown in rrControl
Octane fixes

New rrCleint env var at render time with group membership to switch settings
New rrEnv condition to check for files/folders

Support for farm wide plugins

Rhino 6
Version 6 is supported

WOL via Client IP
WOL via Client IP is now supported

The Shotgun API was updated to the latest version


Total number of 14 changes

Windows version display
Windows Server 2016 is shown as version 16 in rrControl

Render app version
The render app version includes the build version.
Arnold standalone example: Before: 5.2.2 Now:

Renderman v22
Renderman for Maya v22 is supported

Farm-wide install of Arnold available


Total number of 50 changes

New Sub-Frame job option
New render config Houdini - Python
$FF supported as frame number inside ROP
Scenes $Job variable is set at render time
RR Job option "IgnoreLoadWarnings" ignores missing nodes on rrClient

Optional farm-wide Octane installation
Optional farm-wide Redshift installation

VRay Standalone
OS conversion (cross platform)

Enforce 16 bit float for multilayer exr

New Job option: Disable Image Planes
Use Keep Scene Open for mayaHardware2

Tile Frame for framesets
Able to use Tile Frame for frameset jobs

Azure Cloud
Add Fsv2-series


Total number of 25 changes

Support VRay
Support Alemibic
Jobs with sequence divide 0 are executed at once, not per frame
Redshift ROP resolution override

New job option to apply VRAY VFB color correction.
New job option to render multi-layer exr (Elements into main file)

Use 3Delight default folder
VRay support
Redshift support

VRay Standalone
Support for Shared Exe installation (See rrHelp)
Linux does not find its libraries


Total number of 25 changes

Toonboom Harmony: Support for multiple write nodes

Wedge: OpenGL ROP has rendered frames multiple times
v17.5: rrEnv: Houdini path was added twice

Render apps exe in pre/post-scripts
The main render application is available in post-scripts as well.
Variables like ExeVersion, Exe, ...


Total number of 48 changes

jobGetInfoSend() with parameter jobID
Request one job only via python. See /SDK or /_prepost_scripts/additional folders for examples.

New authorization rrScriptAuth
There is a new preset in rrConfig Logins. This login sets the rights of post-scripts that use the jobs AuthString.

Houdini 17.5
rrEnv changes to remove the warning message about dublicate python classes


Total number of 38 changes

Arnold DeNoice
Improvements and fixed for the scripted job
Changed shared exe folder to match Arnold Standalone

Submission plugin updates


Total number of 68 changes

Custom Options - float value (suppport required)
It is now possible to use float values for custom options. Example: Arnold DeNoice variance.

Arnold DeNoice
Before you hit Submit for your 3D jobs, you can append DeNoice jobs via the menu Scripted Jobs

rrAutostartService errors
rrClientWatch and rrServerWatch show the service error log.

rrEnv: Do not execute env variables for other renderers than the current one
rrEnv: Do not copy the MtoA folder if renderer is not Arnold, use local install
Legacy layers did not work with 2018.2 (but all others)

Pre-Post Scripts
New option "AllowedForExecuteOnceJobs" to allow scripts for Execute jobs

Frames Rendered table
Frames Rendered table was overwritten by post-scripts

rrServer external python authorization
Detect distributed and non distributed PW attacks


rrSubmitter crash
Fixed crash if there are more than 125 render config files.

3dsmax 2019, regression 8.2.18
KSO mode with 3dsmax 2019 was broken

New options to create IP forwarding for OpenVPN server


Total number of 38 changes

Cinema4D changes
R20: additional plugin to print render progress to log file
Support for VrayForC4D
Multilayer output for TIF, B3D, PSB
Submission fixed for macOS Mojave.
3dsmax fixes
Fix for the autoElemFilename option, please reinstall the submission plugin

Multiple files for rrSubmitter commandline
You can specify multiple scenes files in the commandline of the rrSubmitter/console. (e.g. multiple .ass sequences)


Total number of 49 changes

Qt 4.8.7 libraries
OSX was updated to use Qt 4.8.7. Windows and Linux stay with 4.8.6. (They are available as well download in rrHelp/SDK)

Error-disabled jobs are slightly more red.
I a job was disabled because of errors, the orange job color is a bit more red now.

Control: new "Age" job filter
There is a new filter to show jobs that changed in the last days only.

100 client pack available
There is a new 100-client pack with some extra discount. It can be used to order support&maintenance for multiple years as well (Example: 2.5 years for your 40 clients).


Total number of 54 changes

rrClient: Finished scripts not executed
Post/Finished scripts have not been executed on some machines

rrControl: Change custom options
rrControl shows custom render config options on the settings tab.

Python Modules
We have added a few python modules to RR:
FTrack, Shotgun, arrow, backports, certifi, chardet, clique, dateutil, idna, requests, urllib3, websocket, six

New python exportJobAsXml function
Export a job in as .xml file for a re-submission. Example script available as right-click in rrControl.

3dsmax VRay: Progressive render
A new render config for 3dsmax VRay with noise and time settings for the progressive mode


Total number of 45 changes

3dsMax HDR framebuffer
A new job option to switch the framebuffer to hdr. Enabled by default.

GPU render speedup
3dsMax, Houdini, C4D, Maya: GPU renderer not initialized per Frame.

Delete comp jobs after days
The setting "Delete finished jobs after x days" is now split into comp and other jobs

rrControl "preferred for" column
A new column shows the client config setting "prefered for jobs of XX"

Sample scripts for stats
New sample script to read global stat file and server per day stats.

Cinema 4D R20
Support for new plugin folder variable

rrClient memory optimizations
Multiple optimizations in case the system gets to its limit in memory usage.


Total number of 40 changes

Watch/rrControl multi-user instances
rrControl and rrClientWatch will be allowed to start multiple times if the user logged in is different

Frames Rendered Table via rrServer only
The clients do not access the Frames Rendered table any more, all is done via the rrServer.
Allows cached RR network folder for rrClients.

rrSubmitter UI editor
The default file editor can filter by overridden settings only

Multiple small Maya changes
There are a few small bug fixes and improvements for the Maya submission plugin and the render script.



Total number of 38 changes

rrDeleteOldFiles (support required)
New commandline tool to delete files older than x days from directory (with subfolders). With wildcard support (\users\*\local\temp\).
Windows example daily execute script in [RR]\bin\ to delete all users temp files, Adobe caches and Redshift caches after 14 days.
Please let us know if you know folders on Windows/Linux/Osx that should be added to our example scripts.

rrClient "enable after idle" based on user interaction (keyboard, mouse) (support required).
The client auto-enable function works now on CPU usage (as before) and user interaction (enabled by default).
For more information please read

rrSubmitter: GPU requirement
If the job has "GPU required" set, then the rrSubmitter de-assigns all rrClients with 0 GPUs set in rrConfig.

rrSubmitter: Parent app memory usage
The rrSubmitter gets the memory usage of the parent app (e.g. Maya) memory usage and uses it for the job settings "Required Memory" by default now.

rrClient shared exe copy
- The render log states how many files will be copied before copy starts (to know what the client is doing).
- Only the rquired version is copied locally instead of all versions.

Submitter: UI editor: filter by name
The Submitter defaults UI editor got a filter by name edit field.

3dsmax: current frame changes
It was not possible to get the current frame in pre-render scripts.


Total number of 49 changes

Re-Execute crashed pre/post-scripts
If a pre or post-render script crashes, it is execute up to 3 times

Wait for jobs - preview wait
If a job has Preview Render enabled and is waiting for a parent job, it will start rendering the preview once the parent job has finished the preview frames.

Houdini changes
Parse more node names "/img/..", "_geo_", "/geo", "/comp", "/rop_comp" and "/rs_"
Read Camera and Resolution for tiled rendering
StereoCamRig support

New Scripted Job: Collect Houdini versions
The job creates a table if specified houdini versions are installed on a client

Arnold (de)Noice
New render config for Arnold (de)Noice

rrControl log auto-update
The log file list and the log files are reloaded regulary

New option to convert .rrEnv files into bash or csh .sh scripts

pyRR2_datafiles: renderer license count
The python module is now able to read/write the renderer license count setting

Blender changes
Blender executes the scenes python script to be able to load plugins/modules
User preferences can be created in RR to be copied to all clients
Please download the changed files from our open-source repo

Support Arnold dummy output format (limited to .exr)

Maya Redshift
AOVs are read


Total number of 46 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

Rental licenses
1 year and 3 months rental licenses are now available to order by anyone.
They can be mixed with perpetual licenses (Requires v8.2.10+)

More Houdini nodes (requires to be on support)
- OpenGL Nodes
- Geometry Nodes
- Wedge Nodes (See rrHelp Section Render App/Houdini for more information)

Crashing frames (requires to be on support)
If a frame was send more than 4 times, the rrServer will send other frames first.
If a frame was send more than 25 times, the rrServer will not send this frame any more.
Job option "Ignore Crashed" disables this feature. "Clear Error" resets the counter.

Nuke: Python: Add nogui flag for node submission
The python function to submit a node has a new nogui flag to start the rrSubmitterConsole

rrViewer changes
- RGB+Alpha is selected by default
- Fixes for sort by date and size


Total number of 18 changes

Cinema4D Cross OS rendering
RR converts all texture paths in C4D files, no need to save textures in a path relative to the C4D scene any more.

New scripterd job: Maya Version
There is a new scripted job for Windows that collects all installed Maya versions (with update version) from all clients.

Relase part render app version kept
The release part of an render application version Major.Minor.Release is kept now.

Some 32bit apps removed
Some 32bit applications have been removed: rrCreateVideo, rrCropExr and pyRR2 module.


Total number of 33 changes

New Scripterd Job: Renderman denoise
You can execute the scripted job via the rrSubmitter menu to select your image sequences to denoise.

Allow to specify renderer as job thread setting
The client job thread setting can take a renderers name as well.

Python .csv rrTable region fixes
.csv tables created by the python rrTable class or rrParseoutput respect your Windows region settings to choose , or ; as cell seperator.

Cross OS rendering
Maya: Color management files are converted
Maya/Nuke: Windows paths are converted even if different upper/lower case is used
Nuke: Paths are only converted if they start with the path specified in rrConfig

Scripted jobs: rrParseOutput for OSX
rrParseOutput was not found by shell script created via a scripted job.


Total number of 65 changes

Joined Yeti license count
All Yeti plugin licenses are joined into one global Yeti license count. Please verify the global count if you had split the licenses between apps.

New OpenExr version
We fixed a memory leak inside OpenEXR library reading unfinished files.

Redshift Benchmark
Submitter menu: New scripted job "Redshift Benchmark" collects GPU speeds in an csv (Excel) table.

Python CrossBatch class extension
- add function setEnvVar()
- add function addCondition()
- add function addCommentLine()

Decrease Client delays
- Time until next client status report is send after enable/disable command is reduced.
- Time between app startup and first idle report reduced.

New Maya cross OS functionality
OS conversion has been improved.
- It works with .ma and .mb files, conversion is done at render time
- conversion of YETI cache files
- conversion of arnold VDB volumes
- conversion of Redshift proxies

Maya: parallel Evaluation Manager
A new job option to disable the parallel Evaluation Manager at before scene opens

New Nuke cross OS functionality
OS conversion has been improved.
- always convert paths from all other OS in case a OSX scene was submitted from Windows - convert geo LUT nodes
- convert Read/Write-Geo nodes

Nuke: apply workstation license
Nuke will use a workstation license if the client config option "Render license group" is set to workstation.

Renderman denoise
New render config for renderman denoise

Delete IE NTFS Zone
rrSetup deletes the Windows IE NTFS Zone.Identifier file attribute to remove message "Do you want to run this file?".


Total number of 55 changes

Event Script: Global data access
It is now possible to access all other jobs and clients within an event script. Please see SDK\Plugins_rrServer\Python\Events\

Maya: VRay: Enable bitmap caching
We have set an environment variable to tell VRay to cache texture files between frames.

Nuke: OS Conversion with Local Render
OS Conversion with Local Render Out works now.

3dsmax: State sets
State sets are now supported with the new submitter plugin.

Job frame limit back at 100 000
The maximum number of frames per job is now 100 000 frames again.

Submit copy of scene file
An new optional rrSubmitter OnSubmission script can copy your scene file to a temp name before it is send to RR.


Total number of 51 changes

NFS mounts (rrSupport required)
The rrClient and rrCloudservice is now able to mount NFS shares at startup.

Remove from log (rrSupport required)
New render config parameter to remove complete lines from a render log.
Note: Please use/create __inhoue files for your own settings.

Job event python plugins (rrSupport required)
The rrServer can execute a python script if a job has an log or error event like Enable/Disable or job crashed.
Any event that is listed in the job log or error table in rrControl is supported.
Example file: RR\SDK\Plugins_rrServer\Python\Events\

rrServer: new threads (rrSupport required)
The rrServer starts 2 new seperate threads to check the output of jobs.
This prevents possible issues or slowdowns if a fileserver is slow.
Then the rrServer starts a thread for the preview jpeg conversion as well.
The Job Event execution is handled in a seperate thread as well.

rrErr/StdErr log lines
rrErr was renamed into StdErr as this is the commonly used name.
It can now be disabled in a render config and is disabled for Maya.

3dsmax log file is saved to view in rrControl
New render config for 3dsmax 2019 that uses new 3dsmax batch command.

Python module
It is not possible any more to send job commands without a login

Start Multiple Instances
The on/off option "Start Multiple Instances" is now a numberic value to speficy the number of instances

Rhino Vray 3
VRay 3 for Rhino is supported


Total number of 14 changes

New render config to call other executables than the main render app.
For example use Nuke in post-scripts with .

Maya Redshift
There is a bug in Maya/Redshift that crashes scenes with motion blur.
We have added a new job option in the rrSubmitter to disable the parralel evaluation manager preference for rendering.

New Scripted Job: Create Weekly Stats
A new python script collects statistics for all projects from the last 7 days and creates an RR/inhouse/stats.csv file.
Create a job via the rrSubmitter menu. The job re-executes once a week. You might want to set the Start After job option to Sunday

Windows: Collect render app crash dump
RR can tell Windows to write crash dump files if an application crashes.
These files can be analysed to see the app/plugin and function that crashed. It can help developers to find the crash.
Enable via the rrWorkstationInstaller menu Special


Total number of 14 changes

VRay + Windows 10
One of the latest Windows 10 updates has broken VRay if running within a service.
We have set the environment variable VRAY_VFB_GUI = 0 for Maya and 3ds Max.

Client Thread A settings
The Job Thread A settings have not been read from the config if the Client has multiple threads.


Royal Render 8.2.xx requires that you have bought RR after 1.Sep.2017

or that your support&maintenance did not expire before this day.

Total of 30 changes

3dsmax 2018 Update 2/3
If you have not rendered with 3dsmax 2018 before applying the update 2 or 3, then 3dsmax crashes.
This update implements a workaround for the crash.


Royal Render 8.2 requires that you have bought RR after 1.Sep.2017

or that your support&maintenance did not expire before this day.

Total of 65 changes

rrClient: Job thread changes
- Max job thread increased to 8 (for 8 GPU machines)
- The job thread config is not part of a client config preset any more.
(for e.g. GPU and non-GPU machines using the same preset)

Framesets are working.

Maya submission plugin
- Pick a python script and execute it inside the current scene/layer on a rrClient
- New option to ask for framesets at submission

Windows: rrClient reserve cores change
Reserve Cores is does not set the render threads at startup any more.
It changes the core assignment for the render processes now.
Enabling/disabling this setting (e.g. at login) changes the core assignement after 15 seconds.

"rrBhutan" cloud changes
- Azure licensing works
- We have created 5 ready-to use images with RR preinstalled
- RR cloud resource groups start with rrC_ now (can be disabled to use old installations)
- Right-click to open remote (SSH/Windows RDP) or file browser connections to VM

pyRR2_datafiles: _serverClientInfo class
- New data class with information about last IPs, last status and last WOL command of clients



Royal Render 8.2 requires that you have bought RR after 1.Sep.2017 or that your support&maintenance did not expire before this day.

Total of 30 changes

Data changes
Almost all binary files and TCP communication was changed.
- Max jobs increased to 52000
- Max frames per job not limited to 32000 any more
- rrControl/rrServer use 15% less memory for the job list.
- rrHistoryDB uses 24% less memory for the job list.
- New job variables allow new features in the future like Event Scripts and Framesets

Data changes notes
- A downgrade after the update will loose some settings (e.g.) and all jobs.
- All C++ plugins need to be recompiled
- Although some UI elements show Framesets, they are not supported yet.

Reset Job enabled job
If you reset a job, it is now enabled as well.

- Arnold and Redshift AOVs are read as rrJob channels.
- Disable Local Scene Copy if $HIP is used in AOV.


This is the last 8.1.xx version as we need to change the TCP data, which makes the next version 8.2 incompatible with 8.1 applications.
We will release the next version 8.2.00 shortly with just the changes to the TCP data.
And then implement new features into 8.2.01.

Total of 47 changes

- The UI layout config had to be changed. You need to re-arrange rrControl as you like it and re-save the layout.
- The top dockwindows will switch to a slim mode if the width is sufficient for the items.
- Job selction and job retrieval was speed up.

- Maya IO is supported now.
- The new cross OS conversion is active.
- Cyclecheck log messages are disabled.

- The service applies all groups of the rrService user to the process, including domain groups.
- Umask can be changed if you reinstall the daemon.

Multiple bug fixes and improvements to the rrCloudManager and the rrCloudService.


This is an essential update if you use 8.1.02 or 8.1.03. The server had send too many frames to a client at once sometimes. Total of 15 changes

rrControl speedup
Getting the first job list is 7 times faster.


Total number of 52 changes

Linux+Osx Mount (support contract only)
The client is able to mount smb fileserver shares.

Job Limit
The rrConfig setting for "Delete finished jobs if there are more than X" was increased to 100 000 jobs.

OSX/Linux Starter
The starter tool was changed. If your apps do not start, please execute RR/bin/.../rrSetExeRights to fix the file rights.

Arnold static.ass file
You can add a static .ass file to an .ass render with the rrSubmitter commandline flag -CustomStaticAss "mystaticfile.ass".

Maya 2017 vray 3.52
Render Setup Layers with VRay 3.52+ are supported.

Cloud - Multiple Regions (support contract only)
You can use multiple regions for cloud rendering.

Cloud - Azure Batch support (support contract only)
Azure Batch with Autodesk Maya and Arnold license (alpha) supported.


Total number of 48 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the fixes list Changes List.

Autodesk VRed
Autodesk VRed is supported.

Maya OS conversion
We have implemented a new OS path conversion into the Maya render script.
It works for reference models as well.
(Requires a change/re-save of the OS list in rrConfig)

+10 Client groups
You can create 30 client groups.


Total number of 54 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the fixes list Changes List.

Excel graph examples exports (support contract only)
There are two example scripts to export client or job data from the RR stat files.
Execute them with rrPythonconsole.

Segment progress
The background of the status message of the client in rrControl shows the progress of the current render segment.

GPU information
Render Log: Show max GPU usage and GPU usage at abort
Stats files: add GPU usage to _rrClientStats_day_data
rrClientWatch: Show GPU usage, GPU memory, GPU temperature

Average Frame time
There is a new function to calculate the average frame time based on finished client segments only.
The old function calculates the frame time based on all frames found which includes frames being rendered and is therefore not accurate.
The rrControl table shows both for now as "new~old"

rrNews RSS Feed
Open the rrNews RSS Feed via rrControl menu "help"

Maya 2017 Render Setup
The old Maya plugin does not support the new render setup overrides.
Please unload the old Maya2009+ plugin and load the new Maya2017+ plugin in Maya.

Stats image: max memory
The stats image of each job in rrControl shows the maximum memory usage now (instead of the average memory usage before).

Cineam4D: support different frame ranges per take
Requires to reinstall the C4D plugin

New Rhino submission (support contract only)
There is a new Rhino submission plugin


Total of 64 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the

Job data change
Tiled render: Up to 30 slices
More render channels (AOVs): Up to 100, Limit is 10000 chars for all 100 channels.
Fix truncation of long image path/channel by some scene parsers

rrControl: Faster job update
rrControl does only request changed jobs.

Local scene copy settings (Disney/Marvel requirement)
You can now specify the number of days a local scene is kept.
And the client logs all files copied/deleted.

New render script for Cinema4D (support contract required)
- Support for Keep Scene Open
- Tiling without multiple scenes
- Change Camera without multiple scenes
- Ability to override image resolution

Re-Execute jobs (support contract required)
Create new jobs that re-execute itself if finished after x hours.
Job can be used to collect some data every day/week or sync files every hour.

nodeJS plugin finished (support contract required)
Support now all functions and classes (as the python plugin).
(Dynamic website in development).

A new config file in \render_apps\_prepost_scripts\ to sepcify the setenv files executed before pre-/post-/finished-scripts.

.ini file changes
backup copies on each save, log function to reproduce when a save was done, rrClients.ini size reduced.


Total of 67 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the

Linux: apply systems umask for "other" rights
The systems umask for the "other" rights have not been applied before

Redshift: Windows: support node-locked licenses
RR uses the license file which you have installed into the local redshift folder.

Redshift 2.0.85 support
Redshift 2.0.85 requires a environment change which has been applied

Afx, Nuke: GPU settings
Job thread GPU restrictions are applied.

Submitter console:
New flags -SendRendererOnly and -SendChannelOnly

Cinema4D submission
- The plugin does not ask for scene save if there was no change
- Multipass tiles are assmbled
- Right Rgb/Rgba multipass name choosen


Total of 59 changes

Sequence check: .exr loader fix
The Sequence checker was not able to delete some types of broken .exr files.

Shotgun Python fix
Some windows machines have not been able to execute the shotgun scripts as they did not found the SSL libraries.
Control: Reassign on clear error
If clients had been rendering on a job and had been deassigned from it, then the commands Clear Error and Reset ask you if the clients should be re-assigned again.

Maya Redshift watermark mode
By default, RR will now abort if there is no Redshift license.
To render with matermarks, change the renderer to watermark. This will never use any license. (Same as the Arnold watermark mode) and .ass.gz file support for Sequence Checker
The post-script Sequence Checker is now able to detect completed and .ass.gz files

Fusion 8
The Fusion submitter start plugin is working again.


Total of 39 changes

New Render App: Redshift Standalone
Redshfit .rs archive files can be rendered now.

New Render App: Toon Boom Harmony
A new render config as well as a scene parser for Toon Boom Harmony files.

New Render App: Nokia OZO
A new render config as well as a scene parser for Nokia OZO files.

Houdini Redshift
There have been multiple bug fixes and impreovements for Redshift in Houdini.

Modo changes
RR uses the new versioning of Modo. (10.01 instead of the old 1001)
OSX: If you search for render apps of a client, the client chooses the commandline version of Modo as only choice.

3dsmax: Keep Render region setting
RR keeps the render region settings that you have saved with your scene file.

Tiled frames: 3dsmax with VRay Stereoscopic Helper
Images rendered with the VRay Stereoscopic Helper can now be tiled. Please see help files.

Sequence Checker: incomplete exr
rrSequenceCheck will delete .exr files if the lib states that the file is not complete.
Old RR version: The files was deleted if it was not able to be loaded. The other check was not used as renderman did not write complete exr files.


Total of 35 changes

IMPORTANT: _inhouse renamed to __inhouse
If you had custom _inhouse files (render_apps\_config\ or render_apps\_setenv\), please rename them to __inhouse after the update.
(two underscores instead of one)

IMPORTANT: Maya/Houdini: Farm wide VRay and Arnold installation folders
If you are using farm-wide installation of Arnold or VRay, then you might have to change the source folder.
An additional underscore was added before the renderer version. Check for the right path: Let a client get a job and check the render log for "XXX source path is".


Note: These changes are between beta3 and the final release. For a list of changes between RR 7 and RR 8, please see this help page: Informations about RR 8 Total of 64 changes

All-OS rrEnv files
Setenv files have been replaced/extended by all-OS rrEnv files. They can be disabled via rrConfig if you want to keep your current setenv configuration only.
Please see

OpenExr "Complete" flag
RR has re-enabled an openEXR function that confirms if a .exr file was completed. If not, it is renamed as broken.

In-House help page
Each rrApp has a help link to an "in-house" help page. A page that you can edit with our own information.

rrServer: new "check frames" timer
The timer that is responsible that job output frames are counted was changed.

Houdini Redshift
Redshift for Houdini is now supported.

Innobright Altus support
The app Innobright Altus is now supported.

Autopano Video support
The app Autopano Video is now supported.

Cinema 4D .ass export
Arnold .ass files can be exported via RR.


Total of 91 changes

OSX system
rrWorkstationInstaller creates symlinks in /Application, your apps are cached locally on execution, rrWorkstationInstaller allows shutdown commands for non-root.

Cloud rendering on Azure
A new rrCloudManager application is the connection between your RR installation and the Azure cloud. It automatically creates/starts/stops your VMs and is able to create an OpenVPN tunnel.

Custom job icons
A job can contain a setting for a custom icon name for rrControl

Parse the output of any commandline to create switches at render time or fill an excel table with information about rrClient macbines.

A simple tool to show which features your CPU supports. e.g. to know if you can run the latest Arnold version

A new test application that can read and/or write files into a specified folder and measures the transfer speed. It can be executed on multiple machines and then started at the same time to test your fileserver and network speed better.

FTrack connection
A new connection to create and update render job items in FTrack.

Python scene parser
Add your custom scene format to the rrSubmitter. If you load a file, the rrSubmitter calls that scene parser that support this file extension.

Python scripted jobs
A new menu in the rrSubmitter to create jobs with python scripts.

Python data module
A new python data class to read RR files.
- rrServer job statistic files for each user, project and render app. Stats are collected every 15 minutes.
- rrServer global stats (same as in rrControl tab "Global Info")
- rrClient stats with CPU usage, memory usage, current job, ...
- Client group list
- Frame stats, same data as in the "frames rendered" table in rrControl.
- per Project - per Layer rendertime stats.

rrSubmitter console python support
The rrSubmitter console supports python as well.

NodeJs library
A new NodeJS library as proof on concept. It will be extended on request.

Royal Render version 7.x is discontinued

RR 7.x is discontinued