Ticket Component Summary
#9467 Client defect Linux: Blender BaseAppPath not set
#9450 Client defect Client crashes in render app windows detection
#9443 Client defect Linux: Rocky9.3: rrClient unable to get user logged in without rrClientWatch
#9484 Client defect C-Watch: Unable to show service error log if client not running
#9464 Client defect Preview images should not be tried to update if client is in post-script state
#9463 Client enhancement MacOS: Hide dock icon if tray icon used
#9459 Client enhancement print colorspace info into log file
#9448 Client missing add and log parent process ID to render process list (customer debug farm)
#9458 Control defect Deleting jobs while user switches windows might cause invalid memory access
#9457 Control defect tiny memory leak
#9480 Control defect render log view: filter checkbox not applied immidiately
#9475 Control enhancement group by submission should not group by time range as well
#9440 Control enhancement Job Table: modify job group color
#9481 Other defect rrCreateVideo: Mac/LX: Library not found
#9456 Other enhancement processLister: Show parent process ID
#9445 Other missing Killwait: new option withParentId1
#9462 Plugins SceneParser missing XML: support [SceneState] and [SceneTake]
#9472 Python defect QList not taken as function parameter
#9451 Python defect Windows: Python 3.10: Module might complain about missing init function
#9442 Python defect Submission: Seq/Shot/Version ignored
#9473 Python missing New function to set target OS for paths inside jobs
#9455 Python missing rrSubmit: function to export error message
#9441 Render Config defect Blender: Change default for AA Samples override
#9479 Render Config enhancement USD/Mantra: Use OverridePluginDir from Houdini
#9474 Render Config missing new config setting OverridePluginDir to use same renderer plugin folder
#9471 Render Config missing new expressions <Win <Mac <Lx
#9466 Sequence Check missing OCIO commandline flags
#9468 Server enhancement Re-Execute Job: If set to 31 or 30 days, then re-execute at the same day of month
#9447 Server enhancement log job check start+end for debug farm
#9461 Submitter missing Blender fileout variables: add [SceneState]
#9453 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini: PDG freezes
#9452 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini v20: PDG: Submit as Job prints warning message
#9449 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini: usd_rop: input ignored, always uses loppath setting
#9418 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini: LX: rrSubmitter not started with python 3.10
#9446 Submitter Plugins defect C4D: rrSubmit script crashes if no output filename set
#9454 Submitter Plugins enhancement Houdini: PDG: print TCP error
#9478 Submitter Plugins missing Blender: OCIO
#9477 Submitter Plugins missing Maya: OCIO
#9476 Submitter Plugins missing Houdini: OCIO
#9469 Submitter Plugins missing 3dsmax 2025: Use new AD Plugin Package
#9460 Submitter Plugins missing ignore ROP/LOP if parent bypassed or if spare parameter rr_disabled is set
#9444 Submitter Plugins missing C4D: Octane: Read version from plugin, not cached version in scene file
#9465 Viewer missing OCIO commandline flags
#9482 Workstation installer defect MacOS: Blender plugin not installed
#9470 Workstation installer missing new copy folder command for plugins
#9486 rrCloud missing Amazon AWS help files
#9485 rrCloud missing Multiple fixes
#9435 Client enhancement remove dublicated cfg settings
#9434 Client enhancement Disable "output file changed" message for .vdb files
#9427 Client enhancement Exe Local Copy: Increase speed for large apps with many small files
#9436 Client missing "rrClient info" in render log misses TCP traffic
#9428 Control defect job groups collapse if new jobs are added
#9438 Control enhancement Reset: Do not disable inactive jobs, ask for jobs rendering
#9426 Plugins SceneParser missing XML: ColorSpace settings
#9431 Python defect rrC::_Client_ALL missing in release compile (regression)
#9432 Python enhancement Linux: Compile Python modules without Qt lib dependency
#9437 Render Config enhancement Blender, Houdini: Close Python TCP server before closing app
#9430 Render Config missing Blender: set Luxcore renderer addon and settings
#9421 Server defect RR Stats (Server global info): TotalFrames is switched with FrameTime
#9433 Server defect Clientneed calculation is 1 client to high
#9429 Submitter defect SubmitterParameter CompanyProjectName not applied if AllowChange is 1
#9423 Submitter Plugins defect Unreal Engine: fix deprecated access to console variables settings
#9424 Submitter Plugins defect Unreal Engine: don't try to load RR executor if Movie Render Queue is not enabled
#9422 Submitter Plugins enhancement Topaz Video Enhance: remove version 2
#9398 All defect VM_ID added twice
#9420 All enhancement Linux rrServer: License error message if hardware Id was not retrieved at request time, but added later
#9409 Client defect UI/app: "Received new config" should not show dialog
#9404 Client defect QString::arg: Argument missing: "User login changed
#9405 Client enhancement "Status before abort " misses Time
#9414 Config defect Qt: QString::arg: Argument missing: (Otherwise it would be possible...
#9400 Config enhancement License Request File should not contain number of licenses
#9399 Config missing New function to update HW info from config for a new license request
#9397 HistoryDB defect Date filter applied although never set before
#9401 Other defect License export: RR v8 with rental broken
#9391 Other defect Assembletiles: Gap between tiles if render does not contain an (highly recommended) overlap
#9403 Python missing New Variable: Job.disabledBecausOfErrors
#9412 RealmReporter defect LX: libQt5PrintSupport.so misses version number
#9392 RealmReporter defect error message if no commandline flag set
#9419 Render Config missing C4D: Ignore missing plugins message
#9394 Render Config missing Houdini: VRay: rrEnv file updated
#9413 Server defect AFX job with DistributeStartToEnd does not finish all frames
#9416 Server defect QString::arg: Argument missing: {ALL } Job delete: 2 deleted; 0/0 exp
#9415 Server defect "Disable debug for jobs of <UTF8 " should not show ID as UTF8
#9408 Server enhancement set file rights RWAll for c:\RR_localdata\_rrServer\
#9407 Server missing load localCopied jobs.db if rrServer machine was changed
#9406 Server missing Watch: show local logfile if existing
#9388 Server missing Allow "Distribute Start to End" in combination with "Render Preview First"
#9402 Submitter enhancement Submitter Defaults: Support RRv8 approval names
#9389 Submitter enhancement Minor version ".3.2.0" displayed as ".3.2."
#9418 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini: LX: rrSubmitter not started with python 3.10
#9417 Submitter Plugins defect change lowercase <camera> to uppercase
#9411 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini: Arnold version not set for USD standalone
#9387 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini 20: Client name/group buttons do not work
#9396 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: fix bug on non-UI submission if WID or PID are used
#9395 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: prompt error dialog on incorret settings also on earlier release (< r23)
#9390 Submitter Plugins enhancement Houdini: Disable "Render Preview First" for distribution options
#9410 Workstation installer missing New commandline flag -RRLocalData
#9376 Client defect Windows: rrEnv: "echo (compare number)" information breaks IF/ELSE brackets
#9380 Client enhancement Tile/Region setting <X1f> should have 4 decimal places
#9375 Python defect fix rrFT module crashing
#9383 Render Config defect maya: render plugin crashing if python 2 is used
#9381 Render Config defect Maya2019: Arnold: python2 fix
#9385 Render Config missing Octane standalone: Change default to file per frame
#9378 Render Config missing Houdini USD/Husk: Option to switch to old EXR driver
#9377 Render Config missing Houdini USD/Husk: Option to enable procedurals
#9382 Render Config missing AFX: ContinueOnMissingFootage option
#9379 Server enhancement Windows: already connected to right drive should not try to re-connect
#9373 Submitter Plugins defect C4D: Submit menu icon missing
#9372 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: fix double separator on AOV output when basename ends with digit
#9371 Submitter Plugins missing Unreal Engine: support Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD output
#9384 Submitter Plugins new feature Houdini: Octane
#9372 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: fix double separator on AOV output when basename ends with digit
#9371 Submitter Plugins missing Unreal Engine: support Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD output
#9366 All defect Linux/macOS: Error message loading plugins in some apps
#9364 All enhancement macOS: Submit RR files to Apple (gatekeeper)
#9365 All missing macOS: codesign 3rdparty python and openSSL libs
#9368 Client enhancement Royal Message: "click" on close if user accidentally presses a space/return after it opened
#9370 Control defect Resetting Layout from Left-Filter to Default does not move title bar to the left
#9369 Control enhancement Royal Message: Do not show terminal if rrControl link clicked
#9362 Other enhancement rrEnv: number mode for "IF greater/smaller" comparison
#9367 Viewer enhancement Linux/Mac: Include libQt5Concurrent with release
#9363 Workstation installer defect CommandLine mode: serviceServer commandline flag on client installs idle service
#9353 All enhancement Increase max pre post scripts of job to 60
#9349 All enhancement Win: Include Visual Studio redist files in RR/bin/win64
#9252 All enhancement Add 1 letter to readable job {ID}
#9347 Client defect macOS: Always set GPU count to 1
#9318 Client defect user logout not detected
#9294 Client defect CPU PS Benchmark wrong on Intel 13th Gen if client started as service the first time
#9315 Client defect Nuke: find render app: Ignore file NukeCrashFeedback
#9352 Client enhancement Job thread info: change jobCurrentFrameStarted resolution to seconds (was minutes)
#9340 Client missing rrViewer cache files for jobs without Local Render Out
#9296 Client new feature UI: New rrMessage Window
#9279 Client new feature UI: Click on job ID to open rrControl
#9344 Config defect Help links broken
#9297 Control defect Filter: using backspace without return does not clear filter
#9277 Control defect Fix lockup if UI refresh happens in the same millisecond as TCP update should be started
#9273 Control defect status info shows "wait for files" instead of "wait for time"
#9269 Control defect "or" filter does not update all jobs every time
#9268 Control defect Render Log hide setenv does not work if logfile opened via frame table
#9261 Control defect Client Command: Change Service PW broken
#9256 Control defect Multi-job selection: changing partial checked to checked does not trigger "changed"
#9246 Control defect Job Table: Arrow curser/Last click position is reset on job list refresh
#9245 Control defect Unable to decrease tab size before job tab was not opened once
#9263 Control defect Unable to save very small resized UI
#9345 Control enhancement Change display of PS*s into PS*h
#9326 Control enhancement Show "Disabled" in status of servers job log table
#9324 Control enhancement move job Info - statistic generation into rrControl instead of file cache
#9323 Control enhancement table cells: Elide text on right side
#9321 Control enhancement always show disabled jobs as orange no matter if in wait state or not
#9303 Control enhancement Scene name: Increase display to 3 folders
#9295 Control enhancement Client table: show/hide filter
#9259 Control enhancement help button for include filter
#9289 Control enhancement Change BG color of Global User Information
#9288 Control enhancement move Global User Information into bar at the top
#9286 Control enhancement Approval Button: Change default action on click
#9284 Control enhancement add frames done to jobs table footer
#9282 Control enhancement sort tree nodes by last jobs queue ID, not first one
#9270 Control enhancement remove " " from include filter
#5026 Control enhancement frames rendered v7: Change logfile date into link
#9265 Control enhancement Preview Scribble: Add shadow for text
#9262 Control enhancement Client Command Job: New UI with all options
#9260 Control enhancement Or/Any filter as checkbox
#9255 Control enhancement Client Table: "Render Starting" shows 100% done
#9253 Control enhancement Select job of client: Change filter if job(s) not visible
#9358 Control missing Statistic image: Add total PS, change client count into client PS, add remaining time, add day time
#9356 Control missing Client Table: New Column "Last Status Report"
#9355 Control missing Client Table: Show CPU and Network traffic for each CloudClient instance
#9354 Control missing Client Table: Split network traffic into IN and OUT
#9351 Control missing Increase max job count to display to 70 000
#9346 Control missing Performance view: Normalizes Frame time in PS*h
#9343 Control missing Layout Save: Client table submenu settings
#9342 Control missing Layout Save: Job Info collapsed group state
#9287 Control missing side layout for filter and command panel
#9281 Control missing Ask if rrControl should change filter if job {ID} entered in contains
#4005 Control missing new commandline parameter -filter ""
#9267 Control missing Frame Log: Open logfile
#9266 Control missing Performance view: Buttons to open client render logs
#3528 Control missing "new command job" as one window with all steps
#9264 Control missing Job table footer: count disabled, rendering, idle, wait
#9251 Control missing Right-click on first column: Copy job ID to clipboard
#9250 Control missing New job command: Shift Priority +/-
#9305 Control new feature Unpack new jobs in separate thread
#9299 Control new feature Frame Log: Add bars for easy comparison
#9291 Control new feature Second started rrControl instance sends filter to already running instance
#9280 Control new feature Pick filter from selection
#9348 Other defect rrCreateVideo: macOS: Fix lib path in FFMPEG library
#9328 Other defect killwait: Wrong process name printed
#9336 Other enhancement rrProcessLister: Use local Shared mem if global failed
#9316 Other enhancement startLocal: increase empty byte buffer check to 1000 bytes
#9319 Other missing Houdini: simtracker.py quickfix for SidefX Houdini bug available
#9335 Plugins Image defect PNG: support files with a header larger than 50kb
#9330 Plugins Image missing Houdini: IFG.gz: verify if file was completed and detect format without special extension .gz .sc
#9278 Python defect rrJob.log.what linked to rrJob.log.threadID
#9275 Python defect Rename error enum, eToManyCrashes to eTooManyCrashes
#9248 Python defect python stdout adds "-1" to line
#9276 Python enhancement SDK: Update Example event scripts
#9249 Python enhancement messageBox: make btn text and waittime optional
#9360 Python missing pySubmit: Functions to set user login auth
#9359 Python missing PyLib: SetLogin: Support for unicode user names
#9329 Python missing modules for 3.10.8
#9258 Python missing SDK help: Add description for _LogMessage and _eErrorMessage enum
#9361 RealmReporter missing commandline mode
#9309 Render Config defect Houdini: USD render: braces around USD filename missing
#9308 Render Config defect C4D: Arnold: Network install: Add Arnold bin, but with forward slashes
#9304 Render Config defect Houdini: USD export: single usd export not working with REZ
#9290 Render Config defect C4D: REDSHIFT_PREFSPATH misses preferences.xml
#9334 Render Config enhancement C4D: Redshift: Redshift returns OutOfMemory for any error. Inform user
#9313 Render Config enhancement Houdini: Deassign client if license server not set
#9339 Render Config missing Houdini: Pre-defined package path with local sync
#9331 Render Config missing C4D: Do not set frame name if "Do not check for frames" set
#9314 Render Config missing Houdini: Kill hserver if not started with the system at end of render
#9307 Render Config missing Maya: Kill ADPCLIENTSERVICE after render
#9317 Server defect Houdini: Distributed Sim fixes
#9327 Server defect Event Scripts: reading header settings stops at emtpy line
#9272 Server defect Do not change firstCheck status if job was send with disabled/waitfor time
#9350 Server enhancement Disable optional Preview jpeg conversion completely
#9338 Server enhancement Always save jobs.db and logfile to local drive
#9333 Server enhancement hide AverageAbort info on job submission
#9283 Server enhancement job db mem cache files: rewrite on dailyexecute, half hour changes only
#9254 Server enhancement Do not create framebar for jobs that never started
#9357 Server missing Client Table: Show if commands are pending
#9325 Server missing Disable Website creation and FTP upload
#9257 Server missing New Job Events: "All frames rendered", "Job Finished"
#9271 Server missing New Job Event: Job Submitted
#9332 Service defect service: false error report "Unable to find file:" without filename
#9300 Setup missing detect RC version for update match
#9337 Shared enhancement new LibUI
#9298 Submitter enhancement move Global User Information into bar at the top
#9274 Submitter enhancement Require Approval: rename and move into WaitFor group
#9311 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini: rrDependency fixes (Render only and right input stacking )
#9320 Submitter Plugins enhancement Houdini: PDG. SubmitPGPasJob: child jobs might not be owned by the user who submitted main job
#9312 Submitter Plugins enhancement Maya, Blender, Houdini: Delete all QT_ env vars before starting the rrSubmitter
#9322 Submitter Plugins missing Houdini: Filecache: "Constructed" path not supported
#9310 Submitter Plugins missing Houdini: rrDenoise: Renderman: Add new channel support
#9301 Workstation installer new feature Install rrControl link
#3675 rrCloud defect add timeout to "configure" socket connection
#8880 rrCloud missing filtering available VM sizes
#7755 rrCloud missing Azure "Spot" replaces Low Priority
#9218 All missing UI: button border shrinked 1 pixel
#9228 Client defect PS test not using all Hyperthreading cores
#9189 Client defect preview image: Text "res too high" and "format not supported" switched
#9229 Client enhancement connect to rrServer directly after returned from wait state
#9223 Client enhancement UI: CPU/RAM bar: Tooltip with detailed information
#9224 Client enhancement UI: Lower TCP traffic scale if lower traffic for 5 minutes
#9210 Client missing new render env var: rrExeOSversion
#9200 Client new feature Accept logged user jobs duringworking hours
#9222 Config defect Client Cfg: Disable Thread during working hours not saved
#9211 Config defect Get Project Name by Dropdown contains old RR8 entries
#9188 Config defect Job Thread: Button [+] broken, info message not in right order
#9242 Control defect Job Log: Arrow curser position is reset on job list refresh
#9236 Control defect Client does not show frame range it got ( if status "Render starting")
#9217 Control defect Client table filter "Rendering" does not update on client status update
#9244 Control defect log tab flashed on queue update
#9185 Control defect rrControl: fix mouse wheel not scrolling to the last preview thumbnail
#9234 Control enhancement client table: speedup display if client rendering and 30tsd jobs in queue
#9227 Control enhancement Separate TCP Update from UI (do not block UI if rrServer connection slow)
#9243 Control missing Frame Table: Open log file from server log not implemented yet
#9233 Control missing Client Table: Show render app icon
#9232 Control missing Client Table: Show "frame rendering for" and "current frame"
#9220 Control missing Button to reset project, app, age filter to "All"
#9194 Control missing Load render configs from local cache
#9193 Other enhancement startLocal: Create _config_inhouse even if not used
#9231 Plugins Notify enhancement updated smtp protocol for sending emails
#9226 Plugins SceneParser defect Softimage: imagePreNumberLetter always set to point
#9209 Python defect pylib: data larger than 2GB not processed
#9186 Python enhancement Pythonconsole: disable crash dump files as they are triggered by non-RR modules
#9192 Python missing pySubmit: sceneState, sceneTake, colorSpace missing
#9230 Render Config defect Houdini: Redshift: LOP (usd_render) does not use GPU limitation of job thread.
#9199 Render Config defect Houdini: Filecache: Workaround for issue that 19.5 does not load HDA contents
#9207 Render Config defect Maya: Enable Legacy Layers support for latest Maya versions
#9202 Render Config defect Unreal Engine: ensure AssetRegistry is loaded
#9201 Render Config defect blender: ensure fast render loop when rendering videos
#9239 Render Config enhancement Houdini: Husk Karma: Enable Bucket mode (+20% speed)
#9204 Render Config enhancement blender: support tiled render for eeve and cycles
#9190 Render Config enhancement C4D: Redshift: RealTimeAbortLine= CRITICAL: Stop
#9215 Render Config missing AFX: Kill CRASHPAD_HANDLER
#9205 Render Config new feature maya: AA samples override for arnold and redshift jobs
#9203 Render Config new feature Unreal Engine: Temporal AntiAliasing Samples override
#9238 Server defect new smtp library to send emails
#9208 Server defect Single Output: Aborted/Crashed Client does not trigger re-render
#9197 Server defect Exclusive prio: Max Clients not taken into account
#9237 Server defect fix timing for server notification emails
#9225 Server enhancement server app logfile not flushed if customer plugin writes short message
#9216 Server enhancement fix invalid job data folder if it occurs
#9198 Server enhancement speedup job lookup for client thread (5s to 0.5s at 35000 jobs x 600 clients)
#9196 Server enhancement do not log client assignments => always log, but might not trigger job change
#9235 Server missing max frames per job increased (250tsd for frame jobs, unlimited for movies)
#9214 Setup enhancement new install should not warn that submission plugins require an update/reinstall
#9219 Submitter defect Execute job: Company Project not set
#9195 Submitter enhancement add another precision letter to strFull()
#9191 Submitter missing New commandline flags: -SceneState and -SceneTake
#9213 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini: GPU required not activated if Arnold set to GPU
#9212 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: fix 2024 submission errors
#9221 Submitter Plugins defect 3dsMax vray: fix addDot error on submission
#9173 Client defect log render workload crashes client if render time between 166 and 333 minutes
#9176 Client enhancement TCP collection: Use KB instead of MB
#9133 Client enhancement Abort on Low Sys Mem: Abort last thread first
#9132 Client enhancement Client: Log SharedMemConnection
#9177 Client missing Render Log: Add TCP traffic information
#9175 Client missing macOS: Set TMPDIR env var
#9140 Config enhancement warn if all job threads are missing a job type
#9146 Config missing improvements for adding job types to client job threads
#9184 Control defect Client table: thread 3 not directly show if it starts rendering
#9137 Control defect Delete Splashscren does not stay on top
#9182 Control enhancement Speedup job list request if user is not allowed to access some projects
#9181 Control enhancement UI speedup re-draw table (30tsd jobs. From 4s to 0.8s )
#9165 Control enhancement client usage pie: Rendering color should be green
#9164 Control enhancement frame Log and table. Frame time in PS missing 1000-seperator
#9158 Control enhancement Client tab: add more filter options
#9157 Control enhancement Startup: Refresh UI after Windows Size restore and before Layout restore
#9150 Control enhancement Do not update as long as job Reset&Delete is executed
#9149 Control enhancement client table: Sort by name should not be case sensitive
#9130 Control missing New command cRestartClientExeAfterRender
#9166 Other missing Linux: CheckExitcode: translate exit codes into message
#9155 Other missing rrParseOutput: new -logToError flag
#9128 Python defect pySubmit: setting newJob.customSceneName does not work
#9151 Python defect pySubmit: Windows: UNC conversion for scene not enabled
#9126 Python enhancement pySubmit: customDataAppend_Str: Add space and " around each flag
#9152 Python enhancement pySubmit: Job class basic should be used
#9131 RealmReporter defect Server daily stats not loaded if more than 250 users+projects+renderapps+clientgroups
#9142 Render Config defect Houdini: PDG: Wrong python version used for some tasks
#9153 Render Config enhancement Houdini: Warn if Houdini version does not match version at submission
#9125 Render Config enhancement Blender: Remove "Building BVH" from log
#9141 Render Config missing new render config vars: TotalSeqStartPadded, TotalSeqEndPadded
#9136 Sequence Check new feature New Image verification: Does the layer count match other files
#9180 Server defect job server log: Command from unknown rrClient logged as from rrServer
#9171 Server defect submitting a job while memory cache is written leads to rrServer restarting itself
#9162 Server defect Request job list does not work if filter returns more than 27000 jobs
#9138 Server defect Cloud: Jobs Clientneed does not take script-status into account
#9163 Server defect ServerWatch: local logfile copy not loaded
#9174 Server enhancement do not log client assignments if job already finished or client already in right assignment
#9168 Server enhancement rrJobData: split project jobs into alphabet subdirs
#9135 Server enhancement Print stats about frame check times every half hour
#9134 Server enhancement reduce delay/timeout times if output network share broken
#9170 Server missing Daily Execute: Cleanup rrJobData folder in case the rrServer was unable to delete them a job delete
#9179 Server new feature new job option: Delete me if not error after x days
#9178 Server new feature new job option: Do not export into HistoryDB
#9129 Setup defect Wrong error message is license is v8 and update is v9
#9159 Setup enhancement backup folder should be in main folder, not subfolders of submission plugins
#9147 Setup enhancement Do not warn about fileserver if RR is updated
#9169 Submitter enhancement rrJobData: split project jobs into alphabet subdirs
#9183 Submitter missing Division dropdown
#9123 Submitter missing Settings editor: Filter supports Short Names of setting names
#9160 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini: Generic: Scene filename without frame number not possible
#9144 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini: PDG: compresses json files not found on Windows (Backslash path not supported by Houdini)
#9156 Submitter Plugins defect Unreal Engine: fix mismatching frame range between shots and sequencer strips
#9154 Submitter Plugins enhancement Blender: Remove and QT_Plugin env vars before submission
#9148 Viewer defect Frame Table: Render times missing seconds if more than 20 seconds.
#9145 Viewer defect Changing "sort" does not redraw table
#9143 Viewer missing Sort by Histogram difference
#9161 Workstation installer defect running without sudo does not work anymore
#9172 Workstation installer defect macOS: C4D plugin not installed
#9139 rrCloud defect Chaning password uses encoded PW for VM creation
#9167 rrCloud missing config UI password not decoded fix
#9112 All missing rrEnv file: number comparison (as string comp does not work)
#9109 Client enhancement "--- rrClient info": every 15 min + add CPU, GPU and memory
#9098 Client missing Houdini: Kill hserver if still running after 2 minutes
#9078 Client missing rrMessage is preserved until it's read in case client or server are restarted
#9107 Control defect column visibility checkboxes wrong after alphabetical sort
#9100 Control defect Settings tab: changing post-scripts 31-40 does not trigger "Changed"
#9071 Control defect Finished jobs show twice the frame count in progress bar after server restart
#9116 Control enhancement Do not update job list as long as user is clicking on filter dropdown
#9099 Control enhancement Settings tab: Keep group expand/collapse on refresh
#9094 Control enhancement Settings tab: move Overrides (are used more often than limits)
#9070 Control enhancement Show Icon if rrServer is waiting for fileserver sync (rrConfig setting)
#9108 Control missing app filter: use render app icon if renderer has none
#9113 Control new feature Client Table: Filter
#9076 Other enhancement SynLocalFiles: resume log files
#9073 Plugins SceneParser enhancement Python execute jobs should show 1 frame instead of 100
#9105 RealmReporter defect Linux: libQt5Charts.so missing version number
#9121 RealmReporter missing report ClientStats: enhancements
#9069 Render Config defect blender: fix redshift initialization in kso sessions
#9096 Render Config defect Unreal Engine: ensure renders are full detail
#9066 Render Config enhancement Houdini: Comp: new render config for icon in rrControl
#9095 Render Config enhancement Unreal Engine: render in background if possible
#9074 Render Config enhancement Blender: Redshift: Abort render if Redshift is not found
#9114 Render Config missing usd: override for image resolution
#9111 Render Config missing Enable WaitByFrame for Mantra and USD
#9110 Render Config missing Blender: GPU options: Add CPU and use Optix
#9090 Render Config missing Blender: Show Blenders Crash file in rrControl
#9084 Render Config missing Renderman denoise changes
#9083 Render Config new feature Houdini iDenoise support
#9089 Server defect framesets broken in combination with "overwrite files"
#9086 Server defect Render preview first not working for frameset jobs
#9085 Server defect Render Preview first does not work for jobs with 1 frame only
#9087 Server enhancement revert job status to "wait for approval" if accidentally approved and directly dis-approved
#9075 Server enhancement Do not re-check finished jobs is user accidentally changed a setting
#9102 Server missing export CustomJobType and AASamples into HistoryDb
#9079 Service defect ProcessLister: Linux: Shutdown takes 30sec
#9080 Service enhancement wrong exe stated on shutdown
#9119 Submitter enhancement Multi-renderapp submission: Do not add Custom Options of other render app
#9072 Submitter enhancement Save last scene folder for next start
#9088 Submitter Plugins defect Maya: Linux: Submitter not started/does not load xml file
#9092 Submitter Plugins defect Katana: v6 fixes
#9120 Submitter Plugins enhancement Houdini: USD: Disable local render out if .usd renders multiple products
#9097 Submitter Plugins enhancement Unreal Engine: split sequence into shots at submission
#9117 Submitter Plugins missing Houdini: rrSubmitter ROP: cook tree setting
#9106 Submitter Plugins missing Houdini: rrSubmitter ROP: Override SeqDiv Min/max Comp and FrameByFrame
#9081 Submitter Plugins missing Houdini: Python expressions used for output name does not work
#9104 Submitter Plugins missing Houdini: PDG: add env list, submitter options and custom vars
#9091 Submitter Plugins missing Houdini: rrGeneric/rrDenoise ROP: Convert $F4 into RR format
#9103 Submitter Plugins new feature Houdini: Arnold: New renderer name to choose between kick and husk
#9082 Submitter Plugins new feature Houdini: rrDenoise node
#9093 Viewer enhancement Exr layer information is too big
#9077 Workstation installer enhancement Linux: Set file access rights for service files
#9115 Workstation installer missing Disable Crash dumps via menu
#9062 Client defect Linux: Ubuntu: Bash mode is not able to catch exit code
#9059 Client defect CropExr: Use Exr 2.0 multipart even if disabled in rrConfig if input file is already multipart
#9045 Client defect Linux: Rocky9: rrClientWatch does not close XWindow access if no XScreensaver installed
#9064 Client enhancement Render log: REZ_COMMAND shown for non-rez jobs
#9068 Control defect Filter "Rendering" not applied if job is disabled and no "Disabled" filter set
#9042 Control defect avoid hold pen for right click windows gesture when scribbling in the preview
#9039 Control defect RR8 "wait for approval" shown as "deprecated" in UI
#9030 Control defect fixed minimized rrControl hiding python messageBox windows
#9026 Control defect fix Right click -> Export XML -> Show UI locking rrControl until rrSubmitter is closed
#9025 Control defect Python rrGlobal.messageBox(warning, ..) shown twice
#9024 Control defect python jobSendCommand does not return false on server error
#9038 Control enhancement support new 3-thread data from rrServer
#9029 Control enhancement 20tsd jobs: speedup job update if nothing changed
#9047 Plugins SceneParser defect Custom Scene/Seq/Shot/Version: Values from xml files not used
#9058 Python defect Linux: Python3: _ssl module has wrong name due to automated test suite
#9050 Python defect job list request: min info issues with more than 32000 jobs
#9028 Python defect job.infoCpuUsagexxx not converted to python float
#9057 Python enhancement removed unnecessary wrappers
#9049 Python enhancement Linux: Python2: Centos7: _ssl module missing openssl lib, provide with RR
#9040 Python enhancement Pythonconsole: Enable crash dump files
#9067 Python missing job.waitForID() and job.waitForIDstatus
#9051 Python missing support new 3-thread data from rrServer
#9048 Render Config defect Maya: Linux: executing python script broken in Maya 2022/2023
#9043 Render Config defect Houdini: rrEnv: Regression testing for renderman broken on CentOS+Csh
#9056 Render Config enhancement Python: rrJob option to load PYTHONPATH
#9046 Render Config enhancement Maya 2023: Remove Legacy Layer switch
#9032 Render Config enhancement close kso server before closing apps
#9053 Render Config missing Houdini: Add VRay 6
#9052 Render Config missing Maya: network install: Remove support for VRay 4. Add VRay6
#9041 Server defect wait for frames after client rendered: Wait time setting issue
#9027 Server defect job <AuthStr> with encoded TCP data broken
#9037 Server enhancement use 3 threads for rrControl list request (2x-3x speed increase for many jobs)
#9036 Server enhancement server: speedup on intel 12th gen
#9035 Server enhancement speedup find job for clients 170ms to 95ms at 12000 jobs
#9034 Server enhancement more TCP log info
#9033 Server enhancement ServerWatch: enable network connection log output
#9060 Setup enhancement do not overwrite flipbook.txt if changed
#9054 Setup enhancement Warn if license does not support RR version 9
#9044 Shared enhancement Linux: If no Hostname set, use OS ID instead of random id
#9065 Submitter defect frameset with +step sets wrong global frame range of job
#9031 Submitter defect NoFramebyFrameLoop not visible in rrSubmitter
#9063 Submitter enhancement Defaults Editor: Unable to select setting name to copy-paste it
#9055 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini: $F4 output frame number in usd file not recognized
#9061 rrCloud missing Amazon
#8972 Client defect framestats: Value shifted by 2 digits
#9023 Client defect UI: ETA information not cleared if job finished
#8986 Client enhancement save client stat file exery 120 minutes
#8980 Client enhancement PS Benchmark: Intel 13700 turbo not completely exhausted
#8984 Config defect Multi-user login: Fileserver share UI elements shown twice
#8983 Config defect user password fixes
#8977 Config defect fix potential crash on external edit of install path config
#9009 Config new feature Unreal Engine: support Movie Render Pipeline
#9013 Control enhancement Warn if no memory left
#9006 Control enhancement Command "Parent job: re-render" should not reset parent job
#9001 Control enhancement .png supported for coffee image
#8976 Control enhancement Full Size and Half size resize the preview window accordingly.
#9007 Control missing Command "Re-Render Frames": Do not reset job
#8995 Control missing Shrinked UI: Always on top option
#8978 Control missing Job Stats: Total_FramesReturned_disobeyReset
#9010 Control new feature rrControl: scribble on preview images
#8975 Control new feature Copy preview image to clipboard
#8971 Control new feature copy render output to clipboard from rrControl job info
#9005 HistoryDB missing add more information to historyDB (CPU, RAM, NetTraffic)
#9004 Other enhancement StartLocal: Do not print every filename
#8974 Other missing rrEnv converter: support for [RandomStr3] variable
#8992 RealmReporter enhancement Heat gradient: Add brightness factor
#8991 RealmReporter enhancement Same distance axis to left border
#8990 RealmReporter enhancement BarChart: Rotate labels if there are too many bars
#8989 RealmReporter enhancement Example ClientStats: Retry to load client stat files
#9000 RealmReporter missing LineChart: Replace python functions
#8999 RealmReporter missing New functions rrTextTsdSpace and rrTestTimeSpan
#8998 RealmReporter new feature Load HistoryDB and rrServer queue
#8996 Render Config defect Houdini: Renderman rrEnv fixes
#8988 Render Config defect blender: don't enable CPU device in GPU jobs
#8987 Render Config defect Nuke: Copycat: NukeX requires interactive Nuke license
#8994 Render Config new feature Blender: Fix Blender Bug: Use all cores on Intel 12th+ gen
#9022 Server defect infoClients_maxMemoryUsageMB not set if clients renders less than 1 minute
#9015 Server defect WOL via IP broken
#9012 Server defect frameset for single output jobs crashes server
#9011 Server defect Command "Parent job: re-render" applied frameset to single output jobs, but should not
#8982 Server defect Global stats: Unfinished jobs scale should not be linked to finished jobs scale
#8981 Server defect delete unfinihsed jobs after x days does not delete all jobs
#9014 Server enhancement WOL log missing datetime for error messages
#9008 Server enhancement use fileserver IP to access /sub/cfg_global and /rrJobData
#9003 Server enhancement filecache: Check for dublicate IDs on memDB open read
#8993 Server enhancement Do not log check job in main render status
#9021 Submitter defect XML SubmitterParameter set to "not allowed to change" are changed into "allowed to change"
#8985 Submitter enhancement Show scenename in title bar
#8973 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini: Disable UI messages in console mode
#9020 Submitter Plugins missing Houdini: add Houdini Python version to jobs custom vars
#9019 Submitter Plugins missing Houdini: Solaris: Renderman 25 support
#9018 Submitter Plugins missing Houdini: USD_Render Rop: Renderman/VRay/Arnold/Redshift version not read
#9017 Submitter Plugins missing Scripted Job: VideoEnhanceAI: Update python media lib
#9016 Submitter Plugins missing Houdini: USD_Render Rop: Read Solaris renderproduct if no outout name overridden in ROP
#8997 Submitter Plugins missing Houdini: add HPyVer custom var
#8979 Workstation installer defect option enable/disable not saved if service settings not changed
#8965 Client defect framestats: memory overflow
#8964 Client defect last GPU-PS not saved
#8968 Control missing Setting tab: use rrSubmitter default config visibility
#8967 Other defect Shotgun: preview upload script uses old RR8 name
#8969 Render Config missing Blender: render script with KSO support
#8956 Server defect Linux: openExr lib incompatibility
#8955 Server defect Linux: Local Memory job database: file size 0
#8966 Submitter enhancement preset UI editor: Labels missing
#8954 Submitter missing replace <SceneState> variable in rrSubmitter
#8963 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini: Fetch node with relative path not followed
#8953 Submitter Plugins defect Maya: renderSetup_includeAllLights not read if it was never used
#8959 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini: rrSubmitter Node: Re-create Submit UI button as hou.frame() does not work as expected
#8962 Submitter Plugins enhancement Houdini: rrSubmitter Node: Do not set take if scene does not have multiple takes
#8960 Submitter Plugins missing Houdini: rrSubmitter Node: rrJob Scene Display Name override
#8958 Submitter Plugins missing Houdini: rrSubmitter Node: Scene overrides like frame range
#8961 Submitter Plugins new feature Houdini: support USDstitch
#8920 All enhancement Render config loader speedup
#8917 Client defect Frame List: TCP traffic not displayed
#8936 Client defect log file "Max GPU memory usage" states wrong total memory
#8933 Client enhancement collect errors starting with "critical" to the end of the log
#8927 Client missing client stats: add tcp traffic
#8899 Config defect admin hidden does not hide new tab
#8902 Config missing RenderApps filter is now case insensitive
#8941 Control defect Log file: umlauts not displayed correctly
#8937 Control enhancement client table: Sort by status does not sort idle clients by idle time
#8934 Control enhancement render log: mark "critical" with red color
#8921 Control enhancement WaitForJob Display: Show how many frames have been done in parent job
#8909 Control enhancement review stats table labels and value format
#8923 HistoryDB enhancement HistoryDB: Layer name 250 chars
#8930 Other missing SyncLocalFiles: copy jobs.db
#8910 Other missing rrParseOutput: New options -forwardExitCode, ExecutionTime2x, ExecutionTime4x
#8907 Other missing prepare empty folder for bin/ffmpeg
#8906 Plugins Image defect rrExrHeaderData: string info cut at 2000 chars
#8943 Plugins Image missing openEXR view: support for unicode filenames
#8915 RealmReporter defect Crash closing app
#8948 RealmReporter enhancement Python classes rewrite
#8914 RealmReporter missing new settings: Description and Variables
#8949 RealmReporter missing Example: Client Report
#8952 Render Config defect Houdini: rrEnv: Vray + Linux fix
#8942 Render Config defect C4D: Scene filename with umlaut not loaded with python3.9
#8932 Render Config enhancement C4D: do not recognise "Not Enough Memory" as error
#8928 Render Config enhancement Nuke: Add message "Error reading pixel data from image file"
#8913 Render Config missing REZ_REMOVE_PACKS: Remove packs from job at submission
#8912 Render Config missing RR_REZ_NO_UNC: option to prevent conversion of rez pack paths into unc
#8900 Render Config missing houdini, vray: using python 3.9 on houdini 19.5
#8911 Render Config missing REZ_COMMAND: Setting to REZ Command with custom command
#8901 Render Config missing houdini, vray: avoid "Word too long" error when setting environment
#8939 Sequence Check defect Sequence check: Frames not re-rendered if first frames of AOVs sequence are missing
#8951 Server defect false error on stat file load "invalid number of layers in file"
#8929 Server defect global stats: Weekend marking on wrong date
#8950 Server enhancement client config update does not return success status ("No error returned, but no success flag either")
#8946 Server enhancement Synced Fileserver: Do not wait twice if rrServer does not have to create any folder
#8924 Server enhancement Increase job.Layer name size to 200 chars
#8922 Server enhancement log license information if a rental license expires
#8908 Server enhancement round value Max Cores Used
#8918 Server missing set jobs.framelist.ClientReturned() after rrServer restart
#8919 Server new feature new job option "Wait for job by frame"
#8935 Setup enhancement do not create backup of version.info
#8925 Submitter defect Ask for frame delete: "Cancel" button does not always work
#8905 Submitter defect Scene State field now updated correctly in rrSubmitter
#8947 Submitter enhancement Create rrJobData folder for jobs submitted
#8938 Submitter enhancement sort job list by ID before send
#8926 Submitter enhancement RR8 Approval dropdown still visible
#8944 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini 19.4: rrSubmitter UI complains about incompatible Qt version
#8904 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini: HOUDINI_PATH missing & at the end
#8945 Submitter Plugins enhancement Houdini: Generic: Execute mode: Use output file IF it was set
#8940 Submitter Plugins missing Nuke: Read write nodes inside group
#8916 Workstation installer defect service user setting not enabled by default
#8903 Workstation installer defect Windows: Start menu shortcuts icons are missing
#8856 All missing new job variable infoRenderTimeSum_PS_disobeyReset
#8871 Client defect Windows 11 returns internal Windows version 10
#8836 Client defect GPU detection fixes
#8882 Client enhancement CPU PS adjustment
#8881 Client enhancement add CPU vendor to CPU name
#8870 Client enhancement Retrieve Windows update version (e.g. 20H2)
#8866 Client enhancement add env var rrClientRunMode= service/app
#8867 Client missing Windows: Current Ghz not found if Performance counter have non-unique index names
#8874 Config defect upload request button broken
#8897 Config defect Hash of empty pass not saved
#8859 Config enhancement preselect already used render apps for Exclusive Prio [+] button
#8858 Config enhancement job thread setttings: remove all other if * is part of list
#8898 Config missing user rights not saved if main user settings not set to editable
#8877 Control defect filter for custom approval does not work
#8845 Control defect issue receiving more than 27tsd jobs at once
#8843 Control defect job list request: min info issues with more than 32000 jobs
#8878 Control defect UI approved preview/main switched
#8895 Control enhancement disabled filter: do not show disabled jobs even if they match something else like "waitFor"
#8889 Control enhancement render app filter: add icons
#8887 Control enhancement add PS*s per Frame to Performance and Frame Tables
#8876 Control enhancement client table: show at least one idle job thread
#8855 Control enhancement settings: ability to change sequence into frameset
#8854 Control enhancement settings filter as radio boxes
#8842 Control enhancement do not refresh whole job list if some jobs changed
#8885 Control missing new column: Frame time kPS*s
#8888 Help enhancement Remove RR 8.3 SDK help
#8873 Other defect rrParseOutput: ExecutionTimeSec_Invert invalid if time was less than a second
#8893 Other enhancement rez package update
#8883 Other enhancement rrFileSearcher qint64
#8872 Other enhancement rrParseOutput: add Execution Result info
#8869 Other enhancement rrParseOutput: New commandline opton -showTerminal
#8864 Other enhancement rrSyncLocalFiles: option to enable log file
#8891 Other missing SyncLocalFiles: dublicate app log file first before copying it
#8861 Other missing rrEnv conversion: NUKE_PATH=<NUKE_PATH> echos result twice into log
#8847 Other missing LazyPeasant: Use /tmp instead of /mnt/tempdrive
#8892 Plugins SceneParser missing XML: support AOVfilename
#8840 Plugins SceneParser missing Maya: new rrSubmitter commandline flag -mayaNoQuestion
#8879 Python defect pyRR39: apply approval filter mask after jobs received
#8886 Python enhancement frametime stats: replace PSsummed with frameTime_kPS
#8857 Python enhancement add _disobeyReset to job variables that are not reset
#8868 Python missing __file__ not set
#8894 Render Config missing Rez: write timestamp file if package was used
#8837 Render Config missing Blender: Eevee: New job option that GPU in appMode is required
#8896 Server defect Ubuntu: PNG files not created (lib version conflict)
#8851 Server defect Crash submitting many jobs if there are already 50tsd jobs
#8850 Server defect ipv4 address info not read
#8841 Server defect 16 byte memory leak on client connection
#8890 Server enhancement wait +10 sec before job send after restart
#8875 Server enhancement watch: rename command files
#8865 Server enhancement Close rrSyncLocalFiles on exit for updates
#8860 Server enhancement on reset job: remove any blocked frames by sync fileserver setting
#8844 Server missing crash if more jobs submitted than free job buffer while jobs.db is written
#8838 Server missing Watch: Disable UI [X] close
#8793 Setup enhancement if file cannot be copied because it is accessed, wait 10 seconds
#8884 Setup enhancement wait 2sec after file removal
#8848 Setup enhancement Allow to disable clientRestart
#8846 Setup enhancement progress for "Renaming Executables"
#8862 Submitter defect Client and Scene background color wrong
#8849 Workstation installer defect console mode does not work in SSH terminal session
#8852 Workstation installer enhancement save state of checkboxes
#8853 Workstation installer missing new checkbox for each group
#8863 __unknown missing
#8834 All defect zip: zlib 1.2.11 freeze, update to 1.2.13
#8830 All defect Rental license combination does not pass CRC check
#8817 All defect rrShared: Apple M1 recompile
#8814 All enhancement getMountList: remove mount with UNC "none"
#8822 Client defect <companyProjectRoot> has one folder too much
#8808 Client enhancement Linux/OSX: Alternate Shell enabled for new installations
#8826 Client missing save CPU_Name
#8828 Config enhancement Client Job Thread: remove dublicate settings
#8812 Config enhancement small ui layout fixes
#8809 Config missing hide download tab until web portal is ready
#8818 Other defect Rez python module included
#8813 Other defect ProcessLister: Re-create shared memory if client closed
#8815 Other missing Realmreporter Icon missing
#8833 Python defect libpyRR2.pyd documentation fix
#8820 Python defect pythonconsole 2.7
#8821 Python missing support .zip packages in python_modules
#8835 RealmReporter defect Load report fixes
#8819 Render Config defect Nuke: Do not override output image if movie is rendered
#8827 Render Config missing add python2.7 render config
#8831 Server enhancement SyncLocalFiles: verify that the jobs.db files are not written atm
#8825 Server enhancement floating RR licenses not assigned to first clients in list first
#8810 Server enhancement Linux: Use LibPNG v16
#8824 Server missing Watch: local log file not loaded
#8811 Service missing Linux: OS ID
#8816 Setup defect Crash loading info file
#8832 Submitter defect Default files: Collapse settings are not loaded
#8823 Submitter enhancement add tooltip to some job options
#7402 Server missing data change: floating client licenses
#8779 Server enhancement plugins64\server_jobs\ renamed to plugins64\server_jobstatus\
#6127 Config defect Save license request: flash missing edit fields in yellow
#8638 Config missing Order Support: Check if support already expired and notify user about backdated order
#8761 Python missing Submission: AddCmdFlags not kept
#8247 Server missing applyData: new job option: Max/Average CPU usage of Frame
#7990 Server missing applyData: Server daily stats missing Off/free/disabled clients
#7878 Server enhancement applyData: Min/max/average output file size
#8734 Config missing add new config options to UI
#8737 Server new feature option to wait for new frames for synced fileservers
#8746 Server missing sync local log and job files
#8736 Server new feature option to save memory dump/cache of job list
#8735 Server new feature option to move jobs.db to local drive
#8721 Control enhancement client render logs: sort order
#8052 All missing applyData: TCP header: verify TCP header it was send by RR application (e.g. rrConfig user change)
#8547 All missing Change user password save.
#8714 Server new feature Daily stats: add client group information
#8606 Client missing Daily stats: print TCP traffic In/out of the day
#8701 Server enhancement Global Stats: Split 3D into 3DRender and FileExport
#8686 Control missing New filter types for exportJob and ScriptJob
#5361 Client new feature set core assignment during render, not at job start
#7075 Client enhancement data change: Reduce cores for artist logged in: use physical, not threads
#8681 Control new feature Add comments to jobs
#8678 Client missing Render log, rrEnv conversion: simplify if/else statements and show applied sections only
#8677 All new feature /_config_inhouse folder
#8648 Control missing new option: Do not load recent files
#8646 Sequence Check missing openEXR: Enable Multi-threading. Processing time reduced by 50%
#8644 Sequence Check missing openEXR: Improvements for Multi-layer files: Processing time reduced by 25%
#8608 Python missing Helper scripts to find, sync and load RR C++ modules
#8601 Client missing Read network traffic
#8595 Server missing python setlogin: check for users pass even if AuthRequired is not enabled
#8519 All missing Implement _RRN_TCP_HeaderData.headerCRC create and check (security reason)
#8528 All missing Network: Replace md5 hash with SHA and Argon2
#8567 Submitter Plugins new feature Houdini scripted submitter
#8577 Server missing TCP: new header CRC test
#8575 Plugins SceneParser new feature new XML flag: <CommandPassword>
#8566 Python new feature py_datafiles: Access HistoryDB
#8563 All enhancement preview jpegs: use more secure encoder
#8541 Server new feature block incoming connections if bruteforce attack with random job IDs detected
#8522 All missing ASCII rrLicense.txt file
#8520 Client new feature Remove last rendered frame if "Broken Error" messge was found in log file
#8511 Server missing Job: add new custom counter "kWh"
#8498 All enhancement Use other monospace font than courier (different for each OS)
#8478 Control new feature New Frame Table
#3451 Control new feature custom client right-click: open application log file/ current render log
#8216 Control enhancement rename "check" button for rrViewer into "view"
#4870 Control enhancement rruiDockWidget: do not update if tab is not visible/in front
#8278 Control missing applyData: _Client_jobEfficiencyRate: Show % column and detailed info
#8474 Control new feature Add second log tab
#8451 Client missing App override mode: Shutdown service client if active
#7953 All missing Data change: remove _RenderAppBasic_MINORLENGTH in setVersionMinor() or increase to 15 for all funcs
#8241 Client missing render config: export job.colorSpace
#8409 Server new feature _Client_jobEfficiencyRate: Collect data and send to rrControl
#8308 Server missing applyData: Job: m_infoTotalReturned and m_total..._Cloud
#8369 Control new feature Includes string filter: google like search with multiple keywords and minus sign
#7281 All missing MinInfo contains progress% and renderer
#7411 Server missing MinInfo contains last change (age filter)
#8049 Service enhancement change: Windows: default service installation path to RoyalRender/service (beside the app icons)
#8076 Client enhancement data change: clients.ini: render app: remove x64; join exe and name into one line
#8344 All missing New job option: Limit render cores
#8343 All new feature New job option: Windows: Limit memory usage for render process
#8339 Client enhancement Do not seperate StdOut and StdErr pipe any more
#8337 Render Config new feature Add REZ package manager
#8336 All missing jobs: new parameter: OverrideCoreCount
#8271 Client missing Replace <Exe> with REZ commands
#8269 Render Config missing New render config parameter REZ_CONFIG_FILE
#8268 Submitter missing read REZ_USED_RESOLVE env var
#8142 Shared enhancement Process List speedup 85% and OS API call reductions
#8136 Client missing Add ETA/progress to UI
#8117 Client new feature Job option: Render Workload log info
#7890 Client missing Clear RR_Localdata plugins and exe after 10 weeks (or 6 months if old copy)
#7572 Python missing libPyRR: retieve and export client group class
#7535 Python enhancement pyRR2: new function jobSetFilter2()
#7534 Python missing rrPy2: new function getClientGroups()
#7459 Client enhancement Abort GPU job if no GPU assigned in thread
#8788 All defect rrEnv: do not convert 2>&1
#8799 Client defect local exe verification: updating RR twice with different versions complains about not being able to rename file
#8798 Client defect Linux auto mount share: Client recognizes different mount point to same share
#8802 Client enhancement log more information if connection to rrServer takes too much time
#8796 Config defect save button disabled if owner not set on save
#8797 Config defect name of empty group not visible
#8801 Config enhancement modify support expire message if customer want to order support
#8791 Control defect random crash on command "reset job"
#8789 Other enhancement rrParseOutput: automatically add .exe on windows
#8804 Other missing cpuInfo: more information
#8787 Other missing rrParseOutput: new variable [fileserver] to be used for table output
#8803 Server enhancement set more debug checkpoints during job delete
#8800 Setup enhancement Wait 4 seconds if file cannot be written and try again
#8792 Shared defect Linux: RR 8.3 does not run on CPU from 2009 (cpuNehalem) any more
#8795 Submitter defect console: DefaultClientGroup xml setting not applied if render config has set it as well
#8790 Submitter Plugins defect 3dsMax: fix submission changing current state set
#8776 All defect Windows: Escape < > in rrEnv "IF" echo line
#8784 All enhancement RR9 data compatibility
#8780 All enhancement restructure sysinfo in rrShared lib
#8785 Client defect fix crash in A85 encoder if used in KSO
#8771 Client defect user login not cleared after logout if rrClientWatch was never started
#8786 Config defect client render app: Minor version not read right
#8768 Config enhancement Submitter defaults: rename "Group" in "UIGroup"
#8777 Config missing client job Thread config: new setting '*' for all jobs
#8773 Control missing control list contains exclusiveInfo
#8782 Plugins Notify defect rrMessage: Message wrong for "preview done"
#8763 Python missing projectAllowView: respect rrConfig setting to hide jobs without fileserver access
#8762 Python missing pyLib: New function IsRemoteLocation()
#8775 Render Config missing Maya: VRay: Support Cross OS conversion for VRayProxy
#8781 Server enhancement move job status and notify executions into a seperate thread
#8767 Server enhancement Allow multiple ServerWatch instances for different users
#8765 Server missing return message if user login blocked for 3 minutes
#8772 Service enhancement wait 10 seconds if RR network folder not found
#8769 Submitter enhancement enhance rrSubmitter defaults file information
#8766 Submitter Plugins missing c4d: convert space to underscore in refshift AOV names
#8764 Submitter Plugins missing blender: avoid freezing until rrSubmitter is closed on Windows
#8749 All enhancement linux/mac: exe file size reduction
#8754 Client defect C4D: Auto version change from "R25" to "2023" not working
#8759 Client enhancement startup config receive: Do not log error if server is starting
#8583 Client missing apply framestats _frameStatFlags
#7521 Config enhancement Hide order link for perpetual licenses if subscription licenses only
#8750 Config missing License Request file as .txt
#8751 Control enhancement log jobs received
#8161 Other missing SQL data change:
#8757 Server defect Average: Abort after job was received is broken
#8753 Server defect Global Stats: "yearly" stat not updated any more
#8758 Server enhancement rename local logfile with _local
#8752 Server enhancement log rrControl pack time if higher than 700ms
#8760 Server missing _StatsRenderTime: add more information
#7119 Server missing applyData: job.m_infoFrameTrafficMin
#8748 Service enhancement Linux: copy server.lib
#8756 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: avoid truncating resolved redshift AOVs path when frame number was already removed
#8744 Client defect Linux: rrEnv: prevent usage of reserved commandline chars
#8742 Client defect Disable if Process found does not work well with multiple job threads
#8743 Client missing Frame stats: Add information if user was logged in
#8583 Client missing apply framestats _frameStatFlags
#8739 Control defect execute once job: table shows 1+1 when client just finished job
#8740 Python defect libpyRR39_datafiles: fix _frameStatJob.frame() returning invalid last frame
#8745 Render Config defect Houdini/Arnold: () cannot be used in echo line on linux
#8741 Render Config defect Houdini: Linux: rrEnv file breaks render if Redshift version not set
#8738 Submitter defect exec jobs keep "<SceneFolder>" in name which causes issues if job without folder access are hidden
#8722 Workstation installer defect Disable Windows Error Reporting service even if it is not running as WerFault.exe still starts and uses it
#8688 All enhancement user db changed
#8720 Client defect Linux: Issues converting rrEnv files if variable was not set before
#8715 Client defect user logged in time issue if cleitnwatch closed, but user still logged in
#8707 Client defect client render scripts sync issue if folder exists locally, but not on the farm
#8696 Client defect force restart on system/app freeze not working
#8689 Client defect Reserve Cores: Not applied if job thread is not disabled during Working Hours
#8729 Client enhancement Render log: State "No right version of render application"
#8699 Client enhancement C-Watch: restart window is not hidden
#8705 Client enhancement increase client stats to 400 days
#8695 Client enhancement Restart Watch if client.exe is restarted
#8637 Client missing Render log: Show GPU max memory usage
#8684 Client missing Ignore GPU test error, do not retest
#8693 Config missing auto-unlock if rrAdmin is logged in at machine
#8716 Control enhancement Client Table: keep user idle time display even if user logs out.
#8694 Control enhancement do not allow empty pass for other jobs user login
#8718 Control missing job update: add request for render type
#8712 Other defect rrStartLocal crashes if no write access to the local drive
#8713 Other enhancement rrStartLocal: Error message if executable file not found
#8697 Other missing add helper MAXON_License_reg.bat
#8690 Pre/Post Script defect NukeProres: fix failure when the executable path contains spaces
#8691 Python defect rr_python_utils sdk module uses wrong logger name
#8725 Python enhancement jobList_GetSend() should return false if job does not exist
#8717 Python enhancement rename rrsStats into rrGlobalStats
#8723 Python missing Example script to cache modules into custom folder
#8710 Render Config enhancement C4D: Submitter menu icon
#8700 Render Config missing Maya: Terminate ADSSO.exe if it is still running after maya closed
#8702 Server enhancement Do not count file export or script jobs into global stats "frames rendered"
#8708 Server missing server global stats: add fileexport and date range
#8706 Server missing stats render time: split into render type
#8692 Service defect Linux: service reports false warning if user is in more than 30 user groups
#8687 Service enhancement Wait 1 sec if process was not found in case it is restarted atm
#8727 Submitter enhancement set customScene/Shot/version/Seq via custom data as well
#8732 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: replace $pass with "unresolved" on multilayer multipass jobs
#8733 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: avoid leaving document unsaved on multitake submission
#8730 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: skip takes with no render data instead of terminating with error
#8704 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: use resolved direct path of Redshift AOVs
#8703 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: use beauty/diffuse as main pass among Redshift AOVs
#8731 Submitter Plugins missing c4d: include AOVs direct save as channels when submit multilayer multipass scenes
#8709 Workstation installer enhancement plugin install: ignore png files
#8658 Client defect Fix for #8637, available GPU memory per render thread not set
#8659 Client enhancement UI: Show available memory of all GPUs, not GPUs assigned to first job thread only
#8653 Client enhancement Ignore log message "found 0 error(s),"
#8672 Client missing force restart not applied immidiately if "frozen process termination" and KSO scene
#8668 Config missing Client Job Thread config: Add job type PrePostScripts
#8671 Control missing filter search box: Add username to variables to search in
#8661 Control missing Show GPU information of GPUs assigned for a render thread, not first GPU
#8651 Other defect rrParseOutput: deprecation begin flag
#8660 Other enhancement GPUInfo: Old Tesla card always returns 0 available memory
#8675 Python defect Shotgrid: Use IDstrFull instead of IDstr
#8673 Python enhancement SDK Example Scripts: make compatible with Python3 / RR9
#8663 Python missing Shotgun/Shotgrid: submit assets instead of shots
#8650 Render Config defect Houdini: Fix comp rendering
#8670 Render Config defect Houdini: VRay: camera parameter name changed
#8680 Render Config enhancement Houdini: Renderman: Do not set renderman env if it is not used
#8676 Render Config enhancement New Typev9 setting to replace Type. More detailed type list options
#8674 Render Config missing Maya: Python: Add new config file to run script per frame
#8667 Render Config missing Nuke: rearrange Nuke-Python config file
#8679 Server defect Unable to submit client command jobs (regression)
#8662 Server enhancement Detect file attribut sync issue on fileservers with multiple heads
#8656 Server enhancement Do not create SpeedPerUser_WithDisabled if local website is disabled
#8652 Server enhancement clear invalid m_commandPWHash on job db load
#8666 Setup enhancement do not overwrite custom changes to /plugins/project_manager
#8654 Shared enhancement new _rrFileLocker3 with more than 250 chars
#8657 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: fix submission of reg_multi jobs with multiple extensions
#8649 Submitter Plugins missing blender: fix submission error on single file with extension
#8636 Client defect Log summary: max GPU usage scaled wrong if multiple GPUs are used.
#8628 Client defect Redshit: Do not mark "Show Error" button in Redshift log as error
#8643 Control defect Settings Page: Pre-post command values are not updated on job selection
#8630 Control defect UI freeze while loading layout
#8634 Control missing Update: Increase updat time based on user activity and show jobs updated
#8647 Other missing rrParseOutput: New flag for list item, line start and csv region setting
#8645 Plugins Image enhancement openEXR: Load first AnyLayer.RGBA if RGBA not found
#8632 Plugins SceneParser defect XML: Umlauts in Utf8 submission xml are read broken
#8640 Python defect rrPythonConsole: project managers are not added to sys.path after 8.3.07 update
#8633 Render Config defect Houdini 19: Umlaut fixes
#8631 Render Config missing C4D: NoFrameLoop job option
#8642 Sequence Check defect metadata lost on exr 2.0 conversion if layers are already cropped
#8641 Sequence Check enhancement Do not abort if sequence check is slow
#8639 Server enhancement TCP: log rrVersion of sender if data size is wrong
#8629 Server missing "Abort freeze": Do not mark as "job done" status
#8635 Submitter defect rrSubmitter: display existing pathPresets in presets UI editor
#8591 All defect multiple tiny source fixes
#8589 All enhancement fix random generator issue
#8611 Client defect Status information in rrControl might show the wrong user if multiple are logged in
#8587 Client defect createFolder() missing before message that it cannot access RR_Localdata if it does not exist
#8619 Client enhancement Change GPU mem display into GB
#8594 Client enhancement auto-version change: ignore win64 for version replace test
#8590 Control missing rrControl freeze if invalid vales for process bar received
#8576 Help enhancement "Module not found (Windows)": add description how to use Dependency Walker
#8596 HistoryDB missing Ignore broken jobs of RR 8.3.05
#8553 HistoryDB missing historyDB: Add m_infoTotal_FramesReturned_disobeyReset
#8612 Other defect shotgun, ftrack plugins: fix hyphen in arguments
#8610 Other missing ParseOutput: new value [ExecutionTime]
#8609 Other missing ParseOutput: new parse option "split"
#8569 Other missing ParseOutput: Windows: right column divider for .csv DE
#8617 Other missing shotgun, ftrack plugins: python 3 compatibility
#8607 Python defect setFilter does not accept the new filterIDs.all value range
#8615 Python missing add module/script helper rr_python_utils to SDK
#8622 Render Config enhancement remove -i from nukeX renderings
#8614 Render Config enhancement Nuke: rearrange Nuke-Python config file
#8600 Render Config enhancement Maya: Disable error "ColorMng file missing" if it contains "<MAYA_RESOURCES>"
#8597 Render Config enhancement AFX: Delete SysUserPrefs\All\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\GPU in case it contains a GPU disable setting
#8627 Render Config missing Houdini: Apply "Houdini chs() bug" workaround to openGL and other ROPs
#8616 Render Config missing Houdini: Idenoise render config files
#8599 Render Config missing Maya: Handle AdskLicensingAgent error message
#8598 Render Config missing AFX: Handle error report window
#8588 Render Config missing Blender: MacOS: Add new install path
#8621 Sequence Check defect Exr: Ignore DWA errors of fiels written by latest openEXR version
#8585 Server defect HistoryDB Export broken
#8592 Server enhancement TCP: improve encryption handling
#8492 Server missing frameset with stepstep (120-130+2, 140-150 +3,)
#8584 Server missing rrJobData Website: Website creation was disabled if one htm preset was empty
#8593 Submitter enhancement Set seqStep to 1 if FrameSet used
#8620 Submitter missing New Job option: Required GPU memory
#8582 Submitter Plugins defect Nuke: fix submission when no write nodes are selected
#8623 Submitter Plugins enhancement Maya: warn if lowercase <renderLayer> used
#8625 Submitter Plugins missing Nuke: New plugin license "NukeX"
#8613 Submitter Plugins missing c4d: prompt dialog window if render path is not set
#8618 Viewer enhancement Pipe openEXR read error into rrViewer frame info
#8148 All missing data change: New Info job.infoTotal_FramesRendered +FR_disobeyReset
#8556 Client defect render comfig: do not split setting at |
#8560 Client enhancement Render Log: Remove some log if log size> 15MB
#8574 Client missing New render config variable: <OSEnv varName>
#8573 Client missing New render config variable: <WaitParent1> and <WaitChild>
#8548 Client missing Detect if process is on hold by debugger and cannot be terminated
#8559 Control enhancement flipbooks: add Houdini MPlay
#8557 Other defect baSpeedTest: csv export: wrong column seperator used for english settings
#8579 Other enhancement rrCopy: Do not execute if source and target identical
#8558 Other missing baSpeedTest: Replace fileserver name with IP to cover random round robin IP
#8549 Other missing baSpeedTest recompile
#8565 Plugins SceneParser defect .vrscenes: remove interpolation function from output name
#8550 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: Old Scene Parser: support filecache node
#8578 Render Config defect Maya: Redshift: rr8.3.05 regression: License file deleted in non-network mode
#8555 Render Config defect Houdini USD: Fix Alembic animation freeze
#8571 Render Config missing New render config option: hideFromUI
#8570 Render Config missing New render config option: disableJobCostCounter
#8572 Render Config missing Houdini: Env: add $HFS
#8561 Render Config missing Houdini Filecache: Set timedependend and output file (method)
#8564 Server defect single output file with 1 frame could be rendered twice
#8562 Server enhancement do not create global config if no hostname set on system
#8568 Server missing New rrJob Settings: IgnoreWaitFor
#8552 Submitter missing apply RR9 rrpOverrideImage
#8546 Submitter missing add render app verbose level Debug
#8542 Client defect CropExr: If multiple AOV files are created, the rrClient might copy some exr info to the next file
#8545 Server missing support rrJ::_jobStatusInfo python request
#8544 Submitter missing support to use <IDstr> in submitted filenames
#8543 Submitter missing new submitter defaults option "DisableAllScripts"
#8539 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: Use parent render overrides on nested takes
#8538 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: don't flag scene as changed if there are no takes
#8509 All enhancement Do not show warning sign for info messages dialog
#8521 All missing databuffer: add ASCII85 and Z.ASCII85 compression
#8531 Client enhancement Do net send client status if it is sjUITakeOver
#8497 Client enhancement No multi instance for single output file
#8523 Control defect Log view: render part should not be in blue color
#8514 Control defect Job Command: rrControl returned that user has no rights although he has
#8495 Control defect Hide job if no access: command jobs with no project folder are always hidden
#8515 Control enhancement Flipbooks file: Add Shotgrid RV and Nuke
#8517 HistoryDB enhancement sort projects by last change
#8510 HistoryDB enhancement rename .db61 into .db
#8536 Python defect submisison xml export: ImagePreNumberLetter is written as ASCII code
#8532 Python enhancement rrPythonconsole: catch sys.exit(): print exit code used
#8494 Python missing rrPythonconsole: catch sys.exit()
#8530 Render Config enhancement 3dsmax: Kill ADSSO after process finished
#8535 Render Config missing Maya: Redshift: Support local installation path for Maya >2020
#8533 Server enhancement add Lic usage debug log command
#8507 Server enhancement framestats: do not require to get job while saving server send info
#8506 Server enhancement add timeout and lock info to job array change lock
#8505 Server enhancement disable FOI image export
#8503 Server enhancement preview images: optimize existance check and remove "not rendered yet"
#8501 Server enhancement freeze detection: save jobs.db and app log into local folder
#8500 Server enhancement freeze detection: restart rrServer instead of waiting for service
#8529 Server missing save binaryFrameSet into job database
#8525 Server missing add m_infoRenderTimeSum_seconds to history DB
#8508 Service defect service does not terminate server if it has to use rrServerCommander
#8526 Submitter defect noScenefilePerFrame scenes: Path replaced if it contains SeqStart number
#8496 Submitter defect rrSubmitterPluginVersion not set
#8504 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini VRAY: release version missed leading zero
#8539 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: Use parent render overrides on nested takes
#8538 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: don't flag scene as changed if there are no takes
#8537 Submitter Plugins missing Maya: Redshift: Remove "Beauty" if version > 3.0.65
#8513 Submitter Plugins missing Nuke: Submit selected writes only
#8516 Workstation installer defect uninstall via client does not work as checkExitCode is removed
#8489 All enhancement rrEnv: support $ and & as variable value on Linux
#8486 Client defect 80 Kbyte memory leak
#8459 Client defect Do not verify exe version if exe is hardcoded into render config
#8479 Client enhancement Collected error messages at end of log file are lowercase only
#8469 Client enhancement Delete local Redshift Texture Cache files after 2 months
#8462 Client enhancement rename render log into crashed log fails if fileserver has a delay setup
#8470 Client missing New rrEnv variable <rrSharedExeDir_NoApp>
#8473 Control defect Settings tab: Choosing Dark Mode via Layout menu does not update value boxes
#8456 Control defect Quicktime link broken if layer contains non-filesystem character
#8481 Control enhancement log time receving job database in debug mode
#8475 Control enhancement Log tab: sort tables by column
#8485 Help enhancement Redshift: How to setup subscription login
#8460 Other enhancement baVerifyExr: -showChannel: join layer RGBA
#8482 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: USD: Single (all-frame) usd output
#8450 Client enhancement Multi-Instance jobs: Verify that client has enough available RAM to start multiple instances
#8446 Client enhancement move status.maxCoresSetForJob into each job thread
#8449 Config defect config not saved if shotgun/ftrack state changed without changing and of their settings
#8442 HistoryDB defect Error message loading 8.2 history jobs
#8438 Plugins SceneParser missing USD_StdA: Link file type .usd/.usda with USD_StdA
#8445 Python missing server stats: New variable Ghz_minutes
#8443 Render Config defect VRay Standalone: vrscene per frame overwrites output frame with different frame number
#8441 Render Config enhancement Houdini CreateUSD: Disable Local Render out to generate cross OS .usd files.
#8444 Server defect Server daily stats: Error calculating AvrgFrameTime, AvrgMemUsage, Needed
#8453 Server enhancement Do not abort job in script state on privileged clients
#8245 Server new feature New command: "Parent job: Re-render frames missing in this job"
#8448 Submitter missing Enable Shotgun/FTrack OnSubmission scripts by default
#8439 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: don't add underscore separator before dot separator
#8436 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: fix arnold driver error when submitting job
#8435 Submitter Plugins defect maya submitter: UTF-8 support
#8434 Client defect Deleting .inc file does not trigger update of main render config file
#8431 Client defect Ghz change should not trigger config resave
#8411 Client defect clientAppMemoryUsageMB display issue
#8424 Client missing New rrEnv variables <IsScriptStatus> and <JobStatus>
#8421 Config defect "Thread accepts jobs of" lower/uppercase issue.
#8419 Control defect rrControl: fix "invert include" not filtering jobs
#8426 Other missing Add 2 desktop wallpaper for rrServer machine
#8423 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: Rename Redshift_StA-Houdini into Redshift_StA-Hdni
#8418 Pre/Post Script defect loop command: handle commands containing flags
#8427 Pre/Post Script new feature new post-script: oiitool convert
#8433 Python defect jobList_SetFilter: Contains upper/lowercase issue
#8415 Render Config defect c4d: fix error with paths containing escape characters (\n \t \r...)
#8429 Render Config missing Houdini: Override ROP.camera at render time
#8416 Render Config missing 3dsmax: render config for VRay and phoenix broken
#8432 Server defect timeout if calling connectAndAuthorize()
#8425 Submitter defect submission xml for execute job without image ouput name was rejected
#8417 Submitter defect rrSubmitter: fix crash when opening default settings UI
#8422 Submitter defect Debug console should not be visible in non-debug mode
#8414 Submitter missing UI Defaults Editor crash
#8412 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: fix dots in path and $prj token, add '_' to path ending with digit
#8428 Viewer defect Unable to load image sequence without filename
#8398 Client enhancement disable failsave "direct client.ini write", always require rrServer
#8393 Client enhancement start mult-instance jobs with a delay of 1.2 s
#8382 Client enhancement Linux: Log shutdown/restart execution output
#8380 Client enhancement Linux Signal handling: Report process name that has send the signal
#8399 Control defect do not allow to send jobs if job data was not completely trasnsferred
#8410 Control enhancement rename "crashed" into "failed"
#8401 Control enhancement read setting "project view by fileserver access" from rrServer
#8385 Control enhancement Filter: Render app "Houdini" shows "Arnold"-Houdini as well
#8375 Control enhancement Demo expire warning
#8381 Python missing seqFrameSet: Python conversion missing
#8391 Render Config defect Houdini: $JOB breaks "if ( )" condition if it contains parenthesis
#8406 Render Config enhancement AFX: Delete local media cache files
#8384 Render Config enhancement Rename Arnold-Houdini into Arnold-HtoA
#8377 Render Config enhancement Add global settings file for 3D, Comp, Archive
#8372 Render Config enhancement 3dsmax: Move some commands from render config file into rrEnv file
#8383 Render Config missing katana: different directories for PRMan 24 plugin
#8373 Render Config missing 3dsmax: Disable data collection, welcome screen and Security Tools
#8370 Render Config missing Houdini: Unlock parent assets by default
#8388 Sequence Check enhancement Abort if there are no rrCache files. Otherwise the post-script takes too much time
#8402 Server defect Regression: Remaining time broken
#8389 Server defect does not delete all old rrJobData if ther are multiple non existing projects
#8400 Server enhancement double-check user access already verified by rrControl
#8403 Service defect Linux: SigInt might kill rrClient, but rrService restarts rrCient before SigInt is handled
#8408 Service enhancement Windows: Add rrService user to RR_Localdata access rights
#8374 Setup defect Some inhouse files have been overwritten
#8390 Setup enhancement slow .upd file search
#8392 Shared enhancement rrDeleteFile: do not print error message if file was already deleted
#8407 Submitter enhancement Warn if no render config for jobs render application was found
#8397 Submitter missing new var that can be used in submission xml as part of image path: <SceneFileNameBase>
#8405 Workstation installer enhancement Linux: Test if rrService user exist before installing service
#8379 Workstation installer enhancement Linux: delete old custom inhouse systemD service "royalrender"
#8368 All defect rrEnv: BSlashconvert does not work if right side is not a variable
#8348 All defect "rrJobdata" subfolder name missing if rrJobdata set to project root
#8273 All enhancement job.rrEnvline: rename rrEnvline into rrEnvlist (including rrSubmitter options)
#7998 All enhancement data change: Increase MaxNICS to 16 (in RR struct)
#8364 All enhancement improve OS conversion in rrEnvlist var
#8356 All enhancement Removed 32bit apps
#8355 All enhancement MacOS: Min Requirement 10.11
#8354 All enhancement Linux: Min Requirements GLIBC 2.17 and GLIBCXX 3.4.19 (No CentOS 6)
#7714 All enhancement move additionalCommandlineParam into custom data block to support more characters
#7719 All enhancement render config: Remove ImageType
#7648 All enhancement Job: Wait for up to 30 jobs
#7193 All enhancement Job.shotgunID: Increase to 50 chars (FTrack ID is 36 chars)
#7837 All missing Job.Stats: renderingPS and statsMaxPS must be 32bit
#7753 All missing job.submitterPluginVersion: increase submitter plugin version to 20 chars
#7801 All missing add more free pointer to _RRSDK
#7326 All missing data change: increase networkInSpeedMaxMB to 16bit int signed
#8317 All missing Job.sceneState: increase to 100 chars and support unicode
#8338 Client enhancement Escape <> in echo lines
#8331 Client enhancement Startup Splashscreen: Show in task bar
#8329 Client enhancement Linux: Ignore "unable to set file time" for large file copy
#8024 Client enhancement Data change: client_rendered.db: logFileStart should not be influenced by time zone
#7356 Client enhancement data change: remove rrExeBit from echo vars
#7804 Client enhancement data change: quint16 msgParam2 into qint64
#8366 Client missing log OS memory stats
#8367 Client missing Linux: Read OS Cached and Kernel memory info
#8168 Control enhancement Data change: Layout menu: Switch dark/light UI and save for user on local machine (Ask user on first start)
#8351 Other defect rrServerCommander: Does not work if RRRoot has not slash at the end
#8340 Other defect rrTestPlugins: Heap overflow during app start
#8347 Other missing CreateVideo: spaces in output path are deleted
#8321 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: Redshift Solaris/USD: .rs export
#8350 Pre/Post Script defect Shotgun: upload preview images: Space in RR path issue
#8345 Render Config defect config files did not account for spaces in RR path
#8349 Render Config missing Fusion: Icon missing
#8324 Render Config missing Houdini: Redshift Solaris/USD
#8320 Render Config missing Houdini: Redshift Solaris/USD reports renderer not found
#8332 Server enhancement New flag -fixDublicateIDs
#8352 Server missing "Deleting job was slow" message shown even if it was not slow
#8315 Server missing replace old jobs.db data loader with shared templates
#8360 Service enhancement Linux: Catch SigInt and SigHup
#8330 Submitter defect Fix dublicate job IDs if Scripted Job without "wait" is executed multiple times
#8335 Submitter enhancement Hide deprecated options
#8334 Submitter enhancement Customoptions/prepost-script: label up to 50 chars
#7869 Submitter missing enable (allowchange=true) rrParam OverrideImageWidth+Height
#7181 Submitter missing rename COVarianceFloat into COFloatVariance
#8318 Submitter missing Submitter UI: support -NoAutoSceneRead commandline flag
#8153 Workstation installer missing new option: rrControl option for dark/light UI