Ticket Component Summary
#8965 Client defect framestats: memory overflow
#8964 Client defect last GPU-PS not saved
#8968 Control missing Setting tab: use rrSubmitter default config visibility
#8967 Other defect Shotgun: preview upload script uses old RR8 name
#8969 Render Config missing Blender: render script with KSO support
#8956 Server defect Linux: openExr lib incompatibility
#8955 Server defect Linux: Local Memory job database: file size 0
#8966 Submitter enhancement preset UI editor: Labels missing
#8954 Submitter missing replace <SceneState> variable in rrSubmitter
#8963 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini: Fetch node with relative path not followed
#8953 Submitter Plugins defect Maya: renderSetup_includeAllLights not read if it was never used
#8959 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini: rrSubmitter Node: Re-create Submit UI button as hou.frame() does not work as expected
#8962 Submitter Plugins enhancement Houdini: rrSubmitter Node: Do not set take if scene does not have multiple takes
#8960 Submitter Plugins missing Houdini: rrSubmitter Node: rrJob Scene Display Name override
#8958 Submitter Plugins missing Houdini: rrSubmitter Node: Scene overrides like frame range
#8961 Submitter Plugins new feature Houdini: support USDstitch
#8920 All enhancement Render config loader speedup
#8917 Client defect Frame List: TCP traffic not displayed
#8936 Client defect log file "Max GPU memory usage" states wrong total memory
#8933 Client enhancement collect errors starting with "critical" to the end of the log
#8927 Client missing client stats: add tcp traffic
#8899 Config defect admin hidden does not hide new tab
#8902 Config missing RenderApps filter is now case insensitive
#8941 Control defect Log file: umlauts not displayed correctly
#8937 Control enhancement client table: Sort by status does not sort idle clients by idle time
#8934 Control enhancement render log: mark "critical" with red color
#8921 Control enhancement WaitForJob Display: Show how many frames have been done in parent job
#8909 Control enhancement review stats table labels and value format
#8923 HistoryDB enhancement HistoryDB: Layer name 250 chars
#8930 Other missing SyncLocalFiles: copy jobs.db
#8910 Other missing rrParseOutput: New options -forwardExitCode, ExecutionTime2x, ExecutionTime4x
#8907 Other missing prepare empty folder for bin/ffmpeg
#8906 Plugins Image defect rrExrHeaderData: string info cut at 2000 chars
#8943 Plugins Image missing openEXR view: support for unicode filenames
#8915 RealmReporter defect Crash closing app
#8948 RealmReporter enhancement Python classes rewrite
#8914 RealmReporter missing new settings: Description and Variables
#8949 RealmReporter missing Example: Client Report
#8952 Render Config defect Houdini: rrEnv: Vray + Linux fix
#8942 Render Config defect C4D: Scene filename with umlaut not loaded with python3.9
#8932 Render Config enhancement C4D: do not recognise "Not Enough Memory" as error
#8928 Render Config enhancement Nuke: Add message "Error reading pixel data from image file"
#8913 Render Config missing REZ_REMOVE_PACKS: Remove packs from job at submission
#8912 Render Config missing RR_REZ_NO_UNC: option to prevent conversion of rez pack paths into unc
#8900 Render Config missing houdini, vray: using python 3.9 on houdini 19.5
#8911 Render Config missing REZ_COMMAND: Setting to REZ Command with custom command
#8901 Render Config missing houdini, vray: avoid "Word too long" error when setting environment
#8939 Sequence Check defect Sequence check: Frames not re-rendered if first frames of AOVs sequence are missing
#8951 Server defect false error on stat file load "invalid number of layers in file"
#8929 Server defect global stats: Weekend marking on wrong date
#8950 Server enhancement client config update does not return success status ("No error returned, but no success flag either")
#8946 Server enhancement Synced Fileserver: Do not wait twice if rrServer does not have to create any folder
#8924 Server enhancement Increase job.Layer name size to 200 chars
#8922 Server enhancement log license information if a rental license expires
#8908 Server enhancement round value Max Cores Used
#8918 Server missing set jobs.framelist.ClientReturned() after rrServer restart
#8919 Server new feature new job option "Wait for job by frame"
#8935 Setup enhancement do not create backup of version.info
#8925 Submitter defect Ask for frame delete: "Cancel" button does not always work
#8905 Submitter defect Scene State field now updated correctly in rrSubmitter
#8947 Submitter enhancement Create rrJobData folder for jobs submitted
#8938 Submitter enhancement sort job list by ID before send
#8926 Submitter enhancement RR8 Approval dropdown still visible
#8944 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini 19.4: rrSubmitter UI complains about incompatible Qt version
#8904 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini: HOUDINI_PATH missing & at the end
#8945 Submitter Plugins enhancement Houdini: Generic: Execute mode: Use output file IF it was set
#8940 Submitter Plugins missing Nuke: Read write nodes inside group
#8916 Workstation installer defect service user setting not enabled by default
#8903 Workstation installer defect Windows: Start menu shortcuts icons are missing
#8856 All missing new job variable infoRenderTimeSum_PS_disobeyReset
#8871 Client defect Windows 11 returns internal Windows version 10
#8836 Client defect GPU detection fixes
#8882 Client enhancement CPU PS adjustment
#8881 Client enhancement add CPU vendor to CPU name
#8870 Client enhancement Retrieve Windows update version (e.g. 20H2)
#8866 Client enhancement add env var rrClientRunMode= service/app
#8867 Client missing Windows: Current Ghz not found if Performance counter have non-unique index names
#8874 Config defect upload request button broken
#8897 Config defect Hash of empty pass not saved
#8859 Config enhancement preselect already used render apps for Exclusive Prio [+] button
#8858 Config enhancement job thread setttings: remove all other if * is part of list
#8898 Config missing user rights not saved if main user settings not set to editable
#8877 Control defect filter for custom approval does not work
#8845 Control defect issue receiving more than 27tsd jobs at once
#8843 Control defect job list request: min info issues with more than 32000 jobs
#8878 Control defect UI approved preview/main switched
#8895 Control enhancement disabled filter: do not show disabled jobs even if they match something else like "waitFor"
#8889 Control enhancement render app filter: add icons
#8887 Control enhancement add PS*s per Frame to Performance and Frame Tables
#8876 Control enhancement client table: show at least one idle job thread
#8855 Control enhancement settings: ability to change sequence into frameset
#8854 Control enhancement settings filter as radio boxes
#8842 Control enhancement do not refresh whole job list if some jobs changed
#8885 Control missing new column: Frame time kPS*s
#8888 Help enhancement Remove RR 8.3 SDK help
#8873 Other defect rrParseOutput: ExecutionTimeSec_Invert invalid if time was less than a second
#8893 Other enhancement rez package update
#8883 Other enhancement rrFileSearcher qint64
#8872 Other enhancement rrParseOutput: add Execution Result info
#8869 Other enhancement rrParseOutput: New commandline opton -showTerminal
#8864 Other enhancement rrSyncLocalFiles: option to enable log file
#8891 Other missing SyncLocalFiles: dublicate app log file first before copying it
#8861 Other missing rrEnv conversion: NUKE_PATH=<NUKE_PATH> echos result twice into log
#8847 Other missing LazyPeasant: Use /tmp instead of /mnt/tempdrive
#8892 Plugins SceneParser missing XML: support AOVfilename
#8840 Plugins SceneParser missing Maya: new rrSubmitter commandline flag -mayaNoQuestion
#8879 Python defect pyRR39: apply approval filter mask after jobs received
#8886 Python enhancement frametime stats: replace PSsummed with frameTime_kPS
#8857 Python enhancement add _disobeyReset to job variables that are not reset
#8868 Python missing __file__ not set
#8894 Render Config missing Rez: write timestamp file if package was used
#8837 Render Config missing Blender: Eevee: New job option that GPU in appMode is required
#8896 Server defect Ubuntu: PNG files not created (lib version conflict)
#8851 Server defect Crash submitting many jobs if there are already 50tsd jobs
#8850 Server defect ipv4 address info not read
#8841 Server defect 16 byte memory leak on client connection
#8890 Server enhancement wait +10 sec before job send after restart
#8875 Server enhancement watch: rename command files
#8865 Server enhancement Close rrSyncLocalFiles on exit for updates
#8860 Server enhancement on reset job: remove any blocked frames by sync fileserver setting
#8844 Server missing crash if more jobs submitted than free job buffer while jobs.db is written
#8838 Server missing Watch: Disable UI [X] close
#8793 Setup enhancement if file cannot be copied because it is accessed, wait 10 seconds
#8884 Setup enhancement wait 2sec after file removal
#8848 Setup enhancement Allow to disable clientRestart
#8846 Setup enhancement progress for "Renaming Executables"
#8862 Submitter defect Client and Scene background color wrong
#8849 Workstation installer defect console mode does not work in SSH terminal session
#8852 Workstation installer enhancement save state of checkboxes
#8853 Workstation installer missing new checkbox for each group
#8863 __unknown missing
#8834 All defect zip: zlib 1.2.11 freeze, update to 1.2.13
#8830 All defect Rental license combination does not pass CRC check
#8817 All defect rrShared: Apple M1 recompile
#8814 All enhancement getMountList: remove mount with UNC "none"
#8822 Client defect <companyProjectRoot> has one folder too much
#8808 Client enhancement Linux/OSX: Alternate Shell enabled for new installations
#8826 Client missing save CPU_Name
#8828 Config enhancement Client Job Thread: remove dublicate settings
#8812 Config enhancement small ui layout fixes
#8809 Config missing hide download tab until web portal is ready
#8818 Other defect Rez python module included
#8813 Other defect ProcessLister: Re-create shared memory if client closed
#8815 Other missing Realmreporter Icon missing
#8833 Python defect libpyRR2.pyd documentation fix
#8820 Python defect pythonconsole 2.7
#8821 Python missing support .zip packages in python_modules
#8835 RealmReporter defect Load report fixes
#8819 Render Config defect Nuke: Do not override output image if movie is rendered
#8827 Render Config missing add python2.7 render config
#8831 Server enhancement SyncLocalFiles: verify that the jobs.db files are not written atm
#8825 Server enhancement floating RR licenses not assigned to first clients in list first
#8810 Server enhancement Linux: Use LibPNG v16
#8824 Server missing Watch: local log file not loaded
#8811 Service missing Linux: OS ID
#8816 Setup defect Crash loading info file
#8832 Submitter defect Default files: Collapse settings are not loaded
#8823 Submitter enhancement add tooltip to some job options
#7402 Server missing data change: floating client licenses
#8779 Server enhancement plugins64\server_jobs\ renamed to plugins64\server_jobstatus\
#6127 Config defect Save license request: flash missing edit fields in yellow
#8638 Config missing Order Support: Check if support already expired and notify user about backdated order
#8761 Python missing Submission: AddCmdFlags not kept
#8247 Server missing applyData: new job option: Max/Average CPU usage of Frame
#7990 Server missing applyData: Server daily stats missing Off/free/disabled clients
#7878 Server enhancement applyData: Min/max/average output file size
#8734 Config missing add new config options to UI
#8737 Server new feature option to wait for new frames for synced fileservers
#8746 Server missing sync local log and job files
#8736 Server new feature option to save memory dump/cache of job list
#8735 Server new feature option to move jobs.db to local drive
#8721 Control enhancement client render logs: sort order
#8052 All missing applyData: TCP header: verify TCP header it was send by RR application (e.g. rrConfig user change)
#8547 All missing Change user password save.
#8714 Server new feature Daily stats: add client group information
#8606 Client missing Daily stats: print TCP traffic In/out of the day
#8701 Server enhancement Global Stats: Split 3D into 3DRender and FileExport
#8686 Control missing New filter types for exportJob and ScriptJob
#5361 Client new feature set core assignment during render, not at job start
#7075 Client enhancement data change: Reduce cores for artist logged in: use physical, not threads
#8681 Control new feature Add comments to jobs
#8678 Client missing Render log, rrEnv conversion: simplify if/else statements and show applied sections only
#8677 All new feature /_config_inhouse folder
#8648 Control missing new option: Do not load recent files
#8646 Sequence Check missing openEXR: Enable Multi-threading. Processing time reduced by 50%
#8644 Sequence Check missing openEXR: Improvements for Multi-layer files: Processing time reduced by 25%
#8608 Python missing Helper scripts to find, sync and load RR C++ modules
#8601 Client missing Read network traffic
#8595 Server missing python setlogin: check for users pass even if AuthRequired is not enabled
#8519 All missing Implement _RRN_TCP_HeaderData.headerCRC create and check (security reason)
#8528 All missing Network: Replace md5 hash with SHA and Argon2
#8567 Submitter Plugins new feature Houdini scripted submitter
#8577 Server missing TCP: new header CRC test
#8575 Plugins SceneParser new feature new XML flag: <CommandPassword>
#8566 Python new feature py_datafiles: Access HistoryDB
#8563 All enhancement preview jpegs: use more secure encoder
#8541 Server new feature block incoming connections if bruteforce attack with random job IDs detected
#8522 All missing ASCII rrLicense.txt file
#8520 Client new feature Remove last rendered frame if "Broken Error" messge was found in log file
#8511 Server missing Job: add new custom counter "kWh"
#8498 All enhancement Use other monospace font than courier (different for each OS)
#8478 Control new feature New Frame Table
#3451 Control new feature custom client right-click: open application log file/ current render log
#8216 Control enhancement rename "check" button for rrViewer into "view"
#4870 Control enhancement rruiDockWidget: do not update if tab is not visible/in front
#8278 Control missing applyData: _Client_jobEfficiencyRate: Show % column and detailed info
#8474 Control new feature Add second log tab
#8451 Client missing App override mode: Shutdown service client if active
#7953 All missing Data change: remove _RenderAppBasic_MINORLENGTH in setVersionMinor() or increase to 15 for all funcs
#8241 Client missing render config: export job.colorSpace
#8409 Server new feature _Client_jobEfficiencyRate: Collect data and send to rrControl
#8308 Server missing applyData: Job: m_infoTotalReturned and m_total..._Cloud
#8369 Control new feature Includes string filter: google like search with multiple keywords and minus sign
#7281 All missing MinInfo contains progress% and renderer
#7411 Server missing MinInfo contains last change (age filter)
#8049 Service enhancement change: Windows: default service installation path to RoyalRender/service (beside the app icons)
#8076 Client enhancement data change: clients.ini: render app: remove x64; join exe and name into one line
#8344 All missing New job option: Limit render cores
#8343 All new feature New job option: Windows: Limit memory usage for render process
#8339 Client enhancement Do not seperate StdOut and StdErr pipe any more
#8337 Render Config new feature Add REZ package manager
#8336 All missing jobs: new parameter: OverrideCoreCount
#8271 Client missing Replace <Exe> with REZ commands
#8269 Render Config missing New render config parameter REZ_CONFIG_FILE
#8268 Submitter missing read REZ_USED_RESOLVE env var
#8142 Shared enhancement Process List speedup 85% and OS API call reductions
#8136 Client missing Add ETA/progress to UI
#8117 Client new feature Job option: Render Workload log info
#7890 Client missing Clear RR_Localdata plugins and exe after 10 weeks (or 6 months if old copy)
#7572 Python missing libPyRR: retieve and export client group class
#7535 Python enhancement pyRR2: new function jobSetFilter2()
#7534 Python missing rrPy2: new function getClientGroups()
#7459 Client enhancement Abort GPU job if no GPU assigned in thread
#8788 All defect rrEnv: do not convert 2>&1
#8799 Client defect local exe verification: updating RR twice with different versions complains about not being able to rename file
#8798 Client defect Linux auto mount share: Client recognizes different mount point to same share
#8802 Client enhancement log more information if connection to rrServer takes too much time
#8796 Config defect save button disabled if owner not set on save
#8797 Config defect name of empty group not visible
#8801 Config enhancement modify support expire message if customer want to order support
#8791 Control defect random crash on command "reset job"
#8789 Other enhancement rrParseOutput: automatically add .exe on windows
#8804 Other missing cpuInfo: more information
#8787 Other missing rrParseOutput: new variable [fileserver] to be used for table output
#8803 Server enhancement set more debug checkpoints during job delete
#8800 Setup enhancement Wait 4 seconds if file cannot be written and try again
#8792 Shared defect Linux: RR 8.3 does not run on CPU from 2009 (cpuNehalem) any more
#8795 Submitter defect console: DefaultClientGroup xml setting not applied if render config has set it as well
#8790 Submitter Plugins defect 3dsMax: fix submission changing current state set
#8776 All defect Windows: Escape < > in rrEnv "IF" echo line
#8784 All enhancement RR9 data compatibility
#8780 All enhancement restructure sysinfo in rrShared lib
#8785 Client defect fix crash in A85 encoder if used in KSO
#8771 Client defect user login not cleared after logout if rrClientWatch was never started
#8786 Config defect client render app: Minor version not read right
#8768 Config enhancement Submitter defaults: rename "Group" in "UIGroup"
#8777 Config missing client job Thread config: new setting '*' for all jobs
#8773 Control missing control list contains exclusiveInfo
#8782 Plugins Notify defect rrMessage: Message wrong for "preview done"
#8763 Python missing projectAllowView: respect rrConfig setting to hide jobs without fileserver access
#8762 Python missing pyLib: New function IsRemoteLocation()
#8775 Render Config missing Maya: VRay: Support Cross OS conversion for VRayProxy
#8781 Server enhancement move job status and notify executions into a seperate thread
#8767 Server enhancement Allow multiple ServerWatch instances for different users
#8765 Server missing return message if user login blocked for 3 minutes
#8772 Service enhancement wait 10 seconds if RR network folder not found
#8769 Submitter enhancement enhance rrSubmitter defaults file information
#8766 Submitter Plugins missing c4d: convert space to underscore in refshift AOV names
#8764 Submitter Plugins missing blender: avoid freezing until rrSubmitter is closed on Windows
#8749 All enhancement linux/mac: exe file size reduction
#8754 Client defect C4D: Auto version change from "R25" to "2023" not working
#8759 Client enhancement startup config receive: Do not log error if server is starting
#8583 Client missing apply framestats _frameStatFlags
#7521 Config enhancement Hide order link for perpetual licenses if subscription licenses only
#8750 Config missing License Request file as .txt
#8751 Control enhancement log jobs received
#8161 Other missing SQL data change:
#8757 Server defect Average: Abort after job was received is broken
#8753 Server defect Global Stats: "yearly" stat not updated any more
#8758 Server enhancement rename local logfile with _local
#8752 Server enhancement log rrControl pack time if higher than 700ms
#8760 Server missing _StatsRenderTime: add more information
#7119 Server missing applyData: job.m_infoFrameTrafficMin
#8748 Service enhancement Linux: copy server.lib
#8756 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: avoid truncating resolved redshift AOVs path when frame number was already removed
#8744 Client defect Linux: rrEnv: prevent usage of reserved commandline chars
#8742 Client defect Disable if Process found does not work well with multiple job threads
#8743 Client missing Frame stats: Add information if user was logged in
#8583 Client missing apply framestats _frameStatFlags
#8739 Control defect execute once job: table shows 1+1 when client just finished job
#8740 Python defect libpyRR39_datafiles: fix _frameStatJob.frame() returning invalid last frame
#8745 Render Config defect Houdini/Arnold: () cannot be used in echo line on linux
#8741 Render Config defect Houdini: Linux: rrEnv file breaks render if Redshift version not set
#8738 Submitter defect exec jobs keep "<SceneFolder>" in name which causes issues if job without folder access are hidden
#8722 Workstation installer defect Disable Windows Error Reporting service even if it is not running as WerFault.exe still starts and uses it
#8688 All enhancement user db changed
#8720 Client defect Linux: Issues converting rrEnv files if variable was not set before
#8715 Client defect user logged in time issue if cleitnwatch closed, but user still logged in
#8707 Client defect client render scripts sync issue if folder exists locally, but not on the farm
#8696 Client defect force restart on system/app freeze not working
#8689 Client defect Reserve Cores: Not applied if job thread is not disabled during Working Hours
#8729 Client enhancement Render log: State "No right version of render application"
#8699 Client enhancement C-Watch: restart window is not hidden
#8705 Client enhancement increase client stats to 400 days
#8695 Client enhancement Restart Watch if client.exe is restarted
#8637 Client missing Render log: Show GPU max memory usage
#8684 Client missing Ignore GPU test error, do not retest
#8693 Config missing auto-unlock if rrAdmin is logged in at machine
#8716 Control enhancement Client Table: keep user idle time display even if user logs out.
#8694 Control enhancement do not allow empty pass for other jobs user login
#8718 Control missing job update: add request for render type
#8712 Other defect rrStartLocal crashes if no write access to the local drive
#8713 Other enhancement rrStartLocal: Error message if executable file not found
#8697 Other missing add helper MAXON_License_reg.bat
#8690 Pre/Post Script defect NukeProres: fix failure when the executable path contains spaces
#8691 Python defect rr_python_utils sdk module uses wrong logger name
#8725 Python enhancement jobList_GetSend() should return false if job does not exist
#8717 Python enhancement rename rrsStats into rrGlobalStats
#8723 Python missing Example script to cache modules into custom folder
#8710 Render Config enhancement C4D: Submitter menu icon
#8700 Render Config missing Maya: Terminate ADSSO.exe if it is still running after maya closed
#8702 Server enhancement Do not count file export or script jobs into global stats "frames rendered"
#8708 Server missing server global stats: add fileexport and date range
#8706 Server missing stats render time: split into render type
#8692 Service defect Linux: service reports false warning if user is in more than 30 user groups
#8687 Service enhancement Wait 1 sec if process was not found in case it is restarted atm
#8727 Submitter enhancement set customScene/Shot/version/Seq via custom data as well
#8732 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: replace $pass with "unresolved" on multilayer multipass jobs
#8733 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: avoid leaving document unsaved on multitake submission
#8730 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: skip takes with no render data instead of terminating with error
#8704 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: use resolved direct path of Redshift AOVs
#8703 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: use beauty/diffuse as main pass among Redshift AOVs
#8731 Submitter Plugins missing c4d: include AOVs direct save as channels when submit multilayer multipass scenes
#8709 Workstation installer enhancement plugin install: ignore png files
#8658 Client defect Fix for #8637, available GPU memory per render thread not set
#8659 Client enhancement UI: Show available memory of all GPUs, not GPUs assigned to first job thread only
#8653 Client enhancement Ignore log message "found 0 error(s),"
#8672 Client missing force restart not applied immidiately if "frozen process termination" and KSO scene
#8668 Config missing Client Job Thread config: Add job type PrePostScripts
#8671 Control missing filter search box: Add username to variables to search in
#8661 Control missing Show GPU information of GPUs assigned for a render thread, not first GPU
#8651 Other defect rrParseOutput: deprecation begin flag
#8660 Other enhancement GPUInfo: Old Tesla card always returns 0 available memory
#8675 Python defect Shotgrid: Use IDstrFull instead of IDstr
#8673 Python enhancement SDK Example Scripts: make compatible with Python3 / RR9
#8663 Python missing Shotgun/Shotgrid: submit assets instead of shots
#8650 Render Config defect Houdini: Fix comp rendering
#8670 Render Config defect Houdini: VRay: camera parameter name changed
#8680 Render Config enhancement Houdini: Renderman: Do not set renderman env if it is not used
#8676 Render Config enhancement New Typev9 setting to replace Type. More detailed type list options
#8674 Render Config missing Maya: Python: Add new config file to run script per frame
#8667 Render Config missing Nuke: rearrange Nuke-Python config file
#8679 Server defect Unable to submit client command jobs (regression)
#8662 Server enhancement Detect file attribut sync issue on fileservers with multiple heads
#8656 Server enhancement Do not create SpeedPerUser_WithDisabled if local website is disabled
#8652 Server enhancement clear invalid m_commandPWHash on job db load
#8666 Setup enhancement do not overwrite custom changes to /plugins/project_manager
#8654 Shared enhancement new _rrFileLocker3 with more than 250 chars
#8657 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: fix submission of reg_multi jobs with multiple extensions
#8649 Submitter Plugins missing blender: fix submission error on single file with extension
#8636 Client defect Log summary: max GPU usage scaled wrong if multiple GPUs are used.
#8628 Client defect Redshit: Do not mark "Show Error" button in Redshift log as error
#8643 Control defect Settings Page: Pre-post command values are not updated on job selection
#8630 Control defect UI freeze while loading layout
#8634 Control missing Update: Increase updat time based on user activity and show jobs updated
#8647 Other missing rrParseOutput: New flag for list item, line start and csv region setting
#8645 Plugins Image enhancement openEXR: Load first AnyLayer.RGBA if RGBA not found
#8632 Plugins SceneParser defect XML: Umlauts in Utf8 submission xml are read broken
#8640 Python defect rrPythonConsole: project managers are not added to sys.path after 8.3.07 update
#8633 Render Config defect Houdini 19: Umlaut fixes
#8631 Render Config missing C4D: NoFrameLoop job option
#8642 Sequence Check defect metadata lost on exr 2.0 conversion if layers are already cropped
#8641 Sequence Check enhancement Do not abort if sequence check is slow
#8639 Server enhancement TCP: log rrVersion of sender if data size is wrong
#8629 Server missing "Abort freeze": Do not mark as "job done" status
#8635 Submitter defect rrSubmitter: display existing pathPresets in presets UI editor
#8591 All defect multiple tiny source fixes
#8589 All enhancement fix random generator issue
#8611 Client defect Status information in rrControl might show the wrong user if multiple are logged in
#8587 Client defect createFolder() missing before message that it cannot access RR_Localdata if it does not exist
#8619 Client enhancement Change GPU mem display into GB
#8594 Client enhancement auto-version change: ignore win64 for version replace test
#8590 Control missing rrControl freeze if invalid vales for process bar received
#8576 Help enhancement "Module not found (Windows)": add description how to use Dependency Walker
#8596 HistoryDB missing Ignore broken jobs of RR 8.3.05
#8553 HistoryDB missing historyDB: Add m_infoTotal_FramesReturned_disobeyReset
#8612 Other defect shotgun, ftrack plugins: fix hyphen in arguments
#8610 Other missing ParseOutput: new value [ExecutionTime]
#8609 Other missing ParseOutput: new parse option "split"
#8569 Other missing ParseOutput: Windows: right column divider for .csv DE
#8617 Other missing shotgun, ftrack plugins: python 3 compatibility
#8607 Python defect setFilter does not accept the new filterIDs.all value range
#8615 Python missing add module/script helper rr_python_utils to SDK
#8622 Render Config enhancement remove -i from nukeX renderings
#8614 Render Config enhancement Nuke: rearrange Nuke-Python config file
#8600 Render Config enhancement Maya: Disable error "ColorMng file missing" if it contains "<MAYA_RESOURCES>"
#8597 Render Config enhancement AFX: Delete SysUserPrefs\All\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\GPU in case it contains a GPU disable setting
#8627 Render Config missing Houdini: Apply "Houdini chs() bug" workaround to openGL and other ROPs
#8616 Render Config missing Houdini: Idenoise render config files
#8599 Render Config missing Maya: Handle AdskLicensingAgent error message
#8598 Render Config missing AFX: Handle error report window
#8588 Render Config missing Blender: MacOS: Add new install path
#8621 Sequence Check defect Exr: Ignore DWA errors of fiels written by latest openEXR version
#8585 Server defect HistoryDB Export broken
#8592 Server enhancement TCP: improve encryption handling
#8492 Server missing frameset with stepstep (120-130+2, 140-150 +3,)
#8584 Server missing rrJobData Website: Website creation was disabled if one htm preset was empty
#8593 Submitter enhancement Set seqStep to 1 if FrameSet used
#8620 Submitter missing New Job option: Required GPU memory
#8582 Submitter Plugins defect Nuke: fix submission when no write nodes are selected
#8623 Submitter Plugins enhancement Maya: warn if lowercase <renderLayer> used
#8625 Submitter Plugins missing Nuke: New plugin license "NukeX"
#8613 Submitter Plugins missing c4d: prompt dialog window if render path is not set
#8618 Viewer enhancement Pipe openEXR read error into rrViewer frame info
#8148 All missing data change: New Info job.infoTotal_FramesRendered +FR_disobeyReset
#8556 Client defect render comfig: do not split setting at |
#8560 Client enhancement Render Log: Remove some log if log size> 15MB
#8574 Client missing New render config variable: <OSEnv varName>
#8573 Client missing New render config variable: <WaitParent1> and <WaitChild>
#8548 Client missing Detect if process is on hold by debugger and cannot be terminated
#8559 Control enhancement flipbooks: add Houdini MPlay
#8557 Other defect baSpeedTest: csv export: wrong column seperator used for english settings
#8579 Other enhancement rrCopy: Do not execute if source and target identical
#8558 Other missing baSpeedTest: Replace fileserver name with IP to cover random round robin IP
#8549 Other missing baSpeedTest recompile
#8565 Plugins SceneParser defect .vrscenes: remove interpolation function from output name
#8550 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: Old Scene Parser: support filecache node
#8578 Render Config defect Maya: Redshift: rr8.3.05 regression: License file deleted in non-network mode
#8555 Render Config defect Houdini USD: Fix Alembic animation freeze
#8571 Render Config missing New render config option: hideFromUI
#8570 Render Config missing New render config option: disableJobCostCounter
#8572 Render Config missing Houdini: Env: add $HFS
#8561 Render Config missing Houdini Filecache: Set timedependend and output file (method)
#8564 Server defect single output file with 1 frame could be rendered twice
#8562 Server enhancement do not create global config if no hostname set on system
#8568 Server missing New rrJob Settings: IgnoreWaitFor
#8552 Submitter missing apply RR9 rrpOverrideImage
#8546 Submitter missing add render app verbose level Debug
#8542 Client defect CropExr: If multiple AOV files are created, the rrClient might copy some exr info to the next file
#8545 Server missing support rrJ::_jobStatusInfo python request
#8544 Submitter missing support to use <IDstr> in submitted filenames
#8543 Submitter missing new submitter defaults option "DisableAllScripts"
#8539 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: Use parent render overrides on nested takes
#8538 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: don't flag scene as changed if there are no takes
#8509 All enhancement Do not show warning sign for info messages dialog
#8521 All missing databuffer: add ASCII85 and Z.ASCII85 compression
#8531 Client enhancement Do net send client status if it is sjUITakeOver
#8497 Client enhancement No multi instance for single output file
#8523 Control defect Log view: render part should not be in blue color
#8514 Control defect Job Command: rrControl returned that user has no rights although he has
#8495 Control defect Hide job if no access: command jobs with no project folder are always hidden
#8515 Control enhancement Flipbooks file: Add Shotgrid RV and Nuke
#8517 HistoryDB enhancement sort projects by last change
#8510 HistoryDB enhancement rename .db61 into .db
#8536 Python defect submisison xml export: ImagePreNumberLetter is written as ASCII code
#8532 Python enhancement rrPythonconsole: catch sys.exit(): print exit code used
#8494 Python missing rrPythonconsole: catch sys.exit()
#8530 Render Config enhancement 3dsmax: Kill ADSSO after process finished
#8535 Render Config missing Maya: Redshift: Support local installation path for Maya >2020
#8533 Server enhancement add Lic usage debug log command
#8507 Server enhancement framestats: do not require to get job while saving server send info
#8506 Server enhancement add timeout and lock info to job array change lock
#8505 Server enhancement disable FOI image export
#8503 Server enhancement preview images: optimize existance check and remove "not rendered yet"
#8501 Server enhancement freeze detection: save jobs.db and app log into local folder
#8500 Server enhancement freeze detection: restart rrServer instead of waiting for service
#8529 Server missing save binaryFrameSet into job database
#8525 Server missing add m_infoRenderTimeSum_seconds to history DB
#8508 Service defect service does not terminate server if it has to use rrServerCommander
#8526 Submitter defect noScenefilePerFrame scenes: Path replaced if it contains SeqStart number
#8496 Submitter defect rrSubmitterPluginVersion not set
#8504 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini VRAY: release version missed leading zero
#8539 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: Use parent render overrides on nested takes
#8538 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: don't flag scene as changed if there are no takes
#8537 Submitter Plugins missing Maya: Redshift: Remove "Beauty" if version > 3.0.65
#8513 Submitter Plugins missing Nuke: Submit selected writes only
#8516 Workstation installer defect uninstall via client does not work as checkExitCode is removed
#8489 All enhancement rrEnv: support $ and & as variable value on Linux
#8486 Client defect 80 Kbyte memory leak
#8459 Client defect Do not verify exe version if exe is hardcoded into render config
#8479 Client enhancement Collected error messages at end of log file are lowercase only
#8469 Client enhancement Delete local Redshift Texture Cache files after 2 months
#8462 Client enhancement rename render log into crashed log fails if fileserver has a delay setup
#8470 Client missing New rrEnv variable <rrSharedExeDir_NoApp>
#8473 Control defect Settings tab: Choosing Dark Mode via Layout menu does not update value boxes
#8456 Control defect Quicktime link broken if layer contains non-filesystem character
#8481 Control enhancement log time receving job database in debug mode
#8475 Control enhancement Log tab: sort tables by column
#8485 Help enhancement Redshift: How to setup subscription login
#8460 Other enhancement baVerifyExr: -showChannel: join layer RGBA
#8482 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: USD: Single (all-frame) usd output
#8450 Client enhancement Multi-Instance jobs: Verify that client has enough available RAM to start multiple instances
#8446 Client enhancement move status.maxCoresSetForJob into each job thread
#8449 Config defect config not saved if shotgun/ftrack state changed without changing and of their settings
#8442 HistoryDB defect Error message loading 8.2 history jobs
#8438 Plugins SceneParser missing USD_StdA: Link file type .usd/.usda with USD_StdA
#8445 Python missing server stats: New variable Ghz_minutes
#8443 Render Config defect VRay Standalone: vrscene per frame overwrites output frame with different frame number
#8441 Render Config enhancement Houdini CreateUSD: Disable Local Render out to generate cross OS .usd files.
#8444 Server defect Server daily stats: Error calculating AvrgFrameTime, AvrgMemUsage, Needed
#8453 Server enhancement Do not abort job in script state on privileged clients
#8245 Server new feature New command: "Parent job: Re-render frames missing in this job"
#8448 Submitter missing Enable Shotgun/FTrack OnSubmission scripts by default
#8439 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: don't add underscore separator before dot separator
#8436 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: fix arnold driver error when submitting job
#8435 Submitter Plugins defect maya submitter: UTF-8 support
#8434 Client defect Deleting .inc file does not trigger update of main render config file
#8431 Client defect Ghz change should not trigger config resave
#8411 Client defect clientAppMemoryUsageMB display issue
#8424 Client missing New rrEnv variables <IsScriptStatus> and <JobStatus>
#8421 Config defect "Thread accepts jobs of" lower/uppercase issue.
#8419 Control defect rrControl: fix "invert include" not filtering jobs
#8426 Other missing Add 2 desktop wallpaper for rrServer machine
#8423 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: Rename Redshift_StA-Houdini into Redshift_StA-Hdni
#8418 Pre/Post Script defect loop command: handle commands containing flags
#8427 Pre/Post Script new feature new post-script: oiitool convert
#8433 Python defect jobList_SetFilter: Contains upper/lowercase issue
#8415 Render Config defect c4d: fix error with paths containing escape characters (\n \t \r...)
#8429 Render Config missing Houdini: Override ROP.camera at render time
#8416 Render Config missing 3dsmax: render config for VRay and phoenix broken
#8432 Server defect timeout if calling connectAndAuthorize()
#8425 Submitter defect submission xml for execute job without image ouput name was rejected
#8417 Submitter defect rrSubmitter: fix crash when opening default settings UI
#8422 Submitter defect Debug console should not be visible in non-debug mode
#8414 Submitter missing UI Defaults Editor crash
#8412 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: fix dots in path and $prj token, add '_' to path ending with digit
#8428 Viewer defect Unable to load image sequence without filename
#8398 Client enhancement disable failsave "direct client.ini write", always require rrServer
#8393 Client enhancement start mult-instance jobs with a delay of 1.2 s
#8382 Client enhancement Linux: Log shutdown/restart execution output
#8380 Client enhancement Linux Signal handling: Report process name that has send the signal
#8399 Control defect do not allow to send jobs if job data was not completely trasnsferred
#8410 Control enhancement rename "crashed" into "failed"
#8401 Control enhancement read setting "project view by fileserver access" from rrServer
#8385 Control enhancement Filter: Render app "Houdini" shows "Arnold"-Houdini as well
#8375 Control enhancement Demo expire warning
#8381 Python missing seqFrameSet: Python conversion missing
#8391 Render Config defect Houdini: $JOB breaks "if ( )" condition if it contains parenthesis
#8406 Render Config enhancement AFX: Delete local media cache files
#8384 Render Config enhancement Rename Arnold-Houdini into Arnold-HtoA
#8377 Render Config enhancement Add global settings file for 3D, Comp, Archive
#8372 Render Config enhancement 3dsmax: Move some commands from render config file into rrEnv file
#8383 Render Config missing katana: different directories for PRMan 24 plugin
#8373 Render Config missing 3dsmax: Disable data collection, welcome screen and Security Tools
#8370 Render Config missing Houdini: Unlock parent assets by default
#8388 Sequence Check enhancement Abort if there are no rrCache files. Otherwise the post-script takes too much time
#8402 Server defect Regression: Remaining time broken
#8389 Server defect does not delete all old rrJobData if ther are multiple non existing projects
#8400 Server enhancement double-check user access already verified by rrControl
#8403 Service defect Linux: SigInt might kill rrClient, but rrService restarts rrCient before SigInt is handled
#8408 Service enhancement Windows: Add rrService user to RR_Localdata access rights
#8374 Setup defect Some inhouse files have been overwritten
#8390 Setup enhancement slow .upd file search
#8392 Shared enhancement rrDeleteFile: do not print error message if file was already deleted
#8407 Submitter enhancement Warn if no render config for jobs render application was found
#8397 Submitter missing new var that can be used in submission xml as part of image path: <SceneFileNameBase>
#8405 Workstation installer enhancement Linux: Test if rrService user exist before installing service
#8379 Workstation installer enhancement Linux: delete old custom inhouse systemD service "royalrender"
#8368 All defect rrEnv: BSlashconvert does not work if right side is not a variable
#8348 All defect "rrJobdata" subfolder name missing if rrJobdata set to project root
#8273 All enhancement job.rrEnvline: rename rrEnvline into rrEnvlist (including rrSubmitter options)
#7998 All enhancement data change: Increase MaxNICS to 16 (in RR struct)
#8364 All enhancement improve OS conversion in rrEnvlist var
#8356 All enhancement Removed 32bit apps
#8355 All enhancement MacOS: Min Requirement 10.11
#8354 All enhancement Linux: Min Requirements GLIBC 2.17 and GLIBCXX 3.4.19 (No CentOS 6)
#7714 All enhancement move additionalCommandlineParam into custom data block to support more characters
#7719 All enhancement render config: Remove ImageType
#7648 All enhancement Job: Wait for up to 30 jobs
#7193 All enhancement Job.shotgunID: Increase to 50 chars (FTrack ID is 36 chars)
#7837 All missing Job.Stats: renderingPS and statsMaxPS must be 32bit
#7753 All missing job.submitterPluginVersion: increase submitter plugin version to 20 chars
#7801 All missing add more free pointer to _RRSDK
#7326 All missing data change: increase networkInSpeedMaxMB to 16bit int signed
#8317 All missing Job.sceneState: increase to 100 chars and support unicode
#8338 Client enhancement Escape <> in echo lines
#8331 Client enhancement Startup Splashscreen: Show in task bar
#8329 Client enhancement Linux: Ignore "unable to set file time" for large file copy
#8024 Client enhancement Data change: client_rendered.db: logFileStart should not be influenced by time zone
#7356 Client enhancement data change: remove rrExeBit from echo vars
#7804 Client enhancement data change: quint16 msgParam2 into qint64
#8366 Client missing log OS memory stats
#8367 Client missing Linux: Read OS Cached and Kernel memory info
#8168 Control enhancement Data change: Layout menu: Switch dark/light UI and save for user on local machine (Ask user on first start)
#8351 Other defect rrServerCommander: Does not work if RRRoot has not slash at the end
#8340 Other defect rrTestPlugins: Heap overflow during app start
#8347 Other missing CreateVideo: spaces in output path are deleted
#8321 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: Redshift Solaris/USD: .rs export
#8350 Pre/Post Script defect Shotgun: upload preview images: Space in RR path issue
#8345 Render Config defect config files did not account for spaces in RR path
#8349 Render Config missing Fusion: Icon missing
#8324 Render Config missing Houdini: Redshift Solaris/USD
#8320 Render Config missing Houdini: Redshift Solaris/USD reports renderer not found
#8332 Server enhancement New flag -fixDublicateIDs
#8352 Server missing "Deleting job was slow" message shown even if it was not slow
#8315 Server missing replace old jobs.db data loader with shared templates
#8360 Service enhancement Linux: Catch SigInt and SigHup
#8330 Submitter defect Fix dublicate job IDs if Scripted Job without "wait" is executed multiple times
#8335 Submitter enhancement Hide deprecated options
#8334 Submitter enhancement Customoptions/prepost-script: label up to 50 chars
#7869 Submitter missing enable (allowchange=true) rrParam OverrideImageWidth+Height
#7181 Submitter missing rename COVarianceFloat into COFloatVariance
#8318 Submitter missing Submitter UI: support -NoAutoSceneRead commandline flag
#8153 Workstation installer missing new option: rrControl option for dark/light UI
#8310 Client defect Client status not returned if job has enabled KSO and permanent error caused abort
#8302 Client defect <ImageDirComplete> returns parent directory if no output filename set "\###.exr"
#8295 Client enhancement Do not convert .exr files with Cryptomatte into Exr 2.0
#8303 Client enhancement change ::osx into ::mac and ::lx into ::lnx
#8301 Client missing New render config variable: <ImageLastFolderName>
#8293 Client missing New client command: Shutdown machine after render
#8297 Control missing job layer group text color is not black in first column
#8294 Control missing New client command: Shutdown machine after render
#8314 Help missing rrCloudManger help updates
#8312 Other defect Killwait: nokill report wrong
#8291 Plugins SceneParser enhancement VideoEnhance: improvements, fixes
#8290 Render Config defect VideoEnhance: image sequence fixes
#8292 Render Config enhancement AFX: move license creation to rrEnv file
#8298 Render Config new feature FFmpeg: Example render config to convert videos
#8311 Server defect improve averaging abort option
#8296 Server enhancement Re-Execute aborted/crashed jobs with single output and "Do Not Check For Frames"
#8309 Server missing Disable job if no frame was rendered for a long time
#8305 Submitter enhancement Show more debug mesasges with "-debug OverrideRREnvFile"
#8300 Submitter Plugins enhancement AFX: Warn about "two spaces" bug at submission
#8285 All defect macOS: This executable was not started from a RR directory if started via relative path
#8281 Client defect auto shutdown command fails
#8288 Client enhancement copy rr version into rrsdk class
#8275 Config enhancement Ignore render license named "NONE"
#8286 Other missing rrKillWait: New commandline flag -noKill
#8276 Plugins SceneParser enhancement XML: rename rrEnvline into rrEnvlist
#8280 Render Config defect Houdini: Python 3 error
#8287 Render Config enhancement AFX: log information if aerendercore is still running when starting Afx.
#8279 Render Config enhancement Disable CropEXR & Exr 2.0 conversion for Comp jobs
#8282 Render Config missing AFX: Windows: Create license file to prevent license dialog
#8277 Render Config missing Maya: Redshift: config setting to use local redshift installation
#8284 Shared enhancement macOS: Log OS error message if process list cannot be retrieved
#8289 Submitter enhancement copy rr version into rrsdk
#8283 Submitter enhancement log debug setting if loaded from preset file
#8262 All enhancement remove error message "Unable to create directory: exists"
#8256 Client missing Render config: New variable replacement <ESC_XML ... >
#8243 Client new feature New command: RestartMachineAfterRender
#8275 Config enhancement Ignore render license named "NONE"
#8267 Control missing Menu item: cRestartMachineAfterRender
#8240 HistoryDB defect .csv export: apply rrControl .csv fixes of last version
#8255 Other missing rrParseOutput: New flag -exitIfExeNotFound
#8244 Other missing ClientCommander: new RestartMachineAfterRender flag
#8242 Plugins SceneParser defect maya scene parser: fix "no exported data" error
#8253 Pre/Post Script defect Assembler: Unable to write 8bit .png
#8250 Python missing Add modules pymediainfo and pkg_resources
#8259 Render Config defect C4D: do not change regular format for Reg_Multi jobs
#8248 Render Config defect Modo: Auto-search for install path not working on windows
#8274 Render Config enhancement Houdini: Arnold: Do not count Arnold licenses for create .ass/.usd jobs
#8266 Render Config enhancement Blender: Disable AllowLocalSceneCopy by default (relative texture paths)
#8263 Render Config new feature Support application "Video Enhance AI"
#8260 Server defect Server crashes if rrSubmitter process is killed while sending data
#8257 Server defect Reset for "Do not check for frames" jobs not working
#8264 Server missing Support image sequence without filename "directory/####.exr"
#8254 Submitter defect Scripted Job: Get NVidia version: It fails with new driver that has nvidia apps in Windows/system32
#8265 Submitter enhancement Remove error message "no filename" for image sequence "directory/####.exr"
#8261 Submitter enhancement add -debug SeqDiv information
#8258 Submitter missing console: -Wait commandline flag
#8252 Submitter missing New scripted job: Fileserver speed test
#8249 Submitter Plugins enhancement Modo: Remove dublicated jobs from submission
#8239 Client defect Sequence Check issue, missing cropEXR replacement
#8238 Server defect Server does not load old database
#8237 Viewer defect image aspect ratio wrong
#8237 Viewer defect image aspect ratio wrong
#8218 All defect rrHttp: https broken
#8236 Client defect Linux: system command sudo not found (mounting drives)
#8211 Client defect Windows: Unicode log output (3dsmax) converted with spaces after each letter
#8207 Client defect Abort exrCrop if EXR file reader does not get memory for output file
#8206 Client defect Crash if client tries to close KSO scene of NULL job
#8217 Client enhancement startup: Windows: log if running server or default OS
#8215 Config defect user right changes are not saved
#8205 Other enhancement rrProcessLister: add tree output
#8227 Plugins SceneParser enhancement XML: Show error if xml has not set an image output name
#8234 Render Config defect Houdini: Subframes do not work for single alembic files
#8225 Render Config defect Houdini: Alembic Singlefile: NoPerFrameLoop not checked for all jobs
#8198 Render Config defect Maya rrEnv: phoenixfd env var paths must not end with backslash
#8232 Render Config enhancement Houdini: change execution order for GPU renderers to FrameByFrame instead of default RopByRop
#8203 Render Config enhancement Maya rrEnv: Arnold license test executable missing quotes in case kick path contains spaces
#8202 Render Config enhancement Maya rrEnv: add comments to MtoA env vars
#8201 Render Config enhancement add "echo <filename>.rrEnv" line to each .rrEnv file
#8199 Render Config enhancement Maya: Arnold license test prints error "there is no camera!" - remove from log
#8194 Render Config enhancement Arnold: Licens fail error message text updated
#8229 Render Config missing Modo: Show different error is RR_ROOT is not available
#8210 Render Config missing Nuke: enable --gpu option if rrJob option GPURequired checked
#8204 Render Config missing Nuke: Version 13
#8219 Render Config missing Arnold Stanbalone: add quality override (AntiAliasing samples)
#8235 Render Config new feature Nuke: Copycat nodes
#8220 Sequence Check defect tiled frames should not be resaved
#8209 Sequence Check defect Abort ExrCrop if data window start is negative
#8221 Sequence Check defect update cache thumbnail date+size on exr crop
#8195 Server defect validateLocalServiceFiles: False error message if rrServercommander was never installed before
#8208 Server defect server 8.2.4x uses log/_ERROR and not log/_ERROR_Server
#8196 Server enhancement _dailyStats_data: read/write file errors do not contain system error message
#8226 Submitter defect Client table footer summary crashes if no client listed
#8228 Submitter Plugins defect Modo: support output variables without <> like [output]
#8223 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: fix incorrect version number for Octane > 9.x
#8224 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: fix Redshift Object ID pass filename
#8222 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: main pass detected even in multipass only jobs
#8230 Submitter Plugins missing Modo: Python 3
#8197 Submitter Plugins missing c4d: takes can change render settings
#8237 Viewer defect Image aspect ratio wrong
#8200 Workstation installer defect UI: service user change not saved
#8179 All defect MacOS: starting Client with relative path ./ does not recognize RR root folder
#8189 All enhancement workaround for windows path length restriction (245 chars)
#8193 Client defect version .40 is not able to abort all render processes any more
#8192 Client enhancement Error message if client cannot write into folder RR_LocalData and subfolders
#8191 Client enhancement No memory nor CPU usage of a new render process started read in the first few seconds
#8182 Client enhancement Keyshot: Remove /0 from render log file
#8190 Control enhancement Render Log File: replace line return \r with new line
#8184 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: automatically set job simulation options if ROP contains "_sim_"
#8186 Setup defect upper/lowercase filename recognized as same file, but linux fileserver got both installed
#8181 Submitter Plugins missing maya 2022: python 3 compatibility
#8185 Workstation installer defect rrService folder wrong write-access
#8183 __unknown enhancement macOS: improved CPU+Memory usage detection for render processes
#8149 All defect Windows 10: CPU usage detection does not work for last few processes on customers machine
#8140 All enhancement dump debug: set path to log folder for non RR-class apps
#8122 All missing Shared: Windows 10 Release Version null terminator not cut
#8170 Client defect Windows: Render environment: USERPROFILE path wrong
#8120 Client defect deleted pre-script causes endless loop for job with this pre-script still assigned
#8116 Client defect local render out: frame placeholder not copied during rendering
#8171 Client enhancement Set GPU count to 0 if "Insufficient NVidia Cuda driver" message reported
#8133 Client enhancement remove dublicate errors about exr load issue after an abort
#8113 Client enhancement Improve frozen information (Max core usage)
#8147 Client missing Do not recognize "_Error" (underscore) as error to collect
#8135 Client missing Add project/renderapp/framecount info to client UI
#8163 Config enhancement Delete job History after x days: Increase max value to 5000 days
#8112 Config missing Multi-User: Support drive mapping without fileserer user login
#8144 Control enhancement database .csv export: use job.m_framesTotal_FrameSetOnly for framestotal
#8162 HistoryDB enhancement Footer summary: add space between each 3 numbers
#8145 Other defect CheckExitCode: change "crashed" into "error returned" for exit codes 1-10
#8169 Other defect rrEnv Editor converts ColonConvert into SlashConvert
#8175 Other enhancement rrAssembletiles: crash dump file created if .exr file is broken
#8166 Other enhancement rrEnv: Exists: replace path delim for OS
#8126 Other enhancement rrCopy: Error: "Source file does not exist" does not state filename
#8173 Other new feature rrEnv: New command [DelFolder]
#8118 Python enhancement rrPythonconsole: Set exit code 1 on python exception
#8143 Python enhancement Expose job.framesTotal_FrameSetOnly and job.framesTotal_OutsideFrameSet
#8167 Render Config enhancement Maya: Arnold: rrEnv: Detect custom inhouse "MayaArnold" renderer as "arnold"
#8174 Render Config enhancement Redshift: rrEnv: Move Texture cache to RR_Localdata and clear old one (Windows)
#8125 Render Config enhancement Houdini Mantra: Kill hserver if it was started by Mantra
#8141 Render Config missing blender: render configs for Cycles and Eevee
#8178 Render Config new feature New: Keyshot support
#8127 Render Config new feature Nuke: new config to execute Python script
#8165 Sequence Check defect image files larger than 2GB are shown with negative size by rrSequenceCheck
#8119 Sequence Check defect Crash setting image information if image cannot be loaded
#8164 Sequence Check enhancement EXR: do not try to load all layers if we do not resave deep data anyway
#8124 Server defect Server disables job with maxCrashes=1 after 2 crashes
#8156 Server enhancement Delete update files in submisison plugin folder
#8134 Server enhancement Do not overwrite render config Execute Type nor Job Type while receiving jobs
#8128 Server enhancement remove "<auto>" from Sequence-Shot-Version if it was not set
#8151 Service enhancement Terminate client and all children processes while stopping service after 20 seconds
#8137 Setup enhancement re-install should remove deprecated render config and setenv files
#8177 Setup missing Test write access for .exe files first
#8158 Submitter enhancement rename MaxLimitsReached to MaxThresholds
#8131 Submitter enhancement console: Flush console log buffer at start
#8176 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: relative render paths for reg_multi jobs
#8146 Submitter Plugins enhancement c4d: cvTokens and token plugins addressed via native functions
#8110 Submitter Plugins missing Nuke submission: python 3 compatibility
#8154 Workstation installer defect ignore .upd files
#8172 Workstation installer enhancement Console mode: Detect log out redirection (e.g. commandline flag >logfile.txt)
#8160 Workstation installer enhancement Use folder "RoyalRender" instead of "rrService"
#8155 Workstation installer enhancement do not try to save service data if there was no change
#8139 Workstation installer enhancement uninstall service: Wait time for service stop too small
#8103 Client enhancement set post-script frozen detection to 0.1 cores (rrSequencecheck very slow with large files)
#8107 Client missing Arnold Denoise: does not work if jobs sequence step =! 1
#8101 Client missing Local Cache: Timestamp file not deleted
#8108 Control defect Control: Settings Custom Variables: Remove debug message and fix issue
#8105 Other missing rrGPUInfo: Writelog not working as console mode was not set
#8102 Sequence Check missing state if file load was a RR cached thumbnail
#8109 Submitter Plugins defect Nuke submission: Python 3 fixes
#8106 rrCloud missing Azure: Add more NC VM types
#8092 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: support LOP nodes in /state
#8090 Render Config defect c4d: correct render path on reg_multi jobs
#8099 Render Config defect Houdini: usd_rop v18.5 fixes
#8091 Render Config enhancement Houdini: Improve python exception traceback
#8088 Render Config missing Houdini: Frame time log python issue if subframes are used
#8098 Server defect Crash changing multiple jobs at once (custom options)
#8097 Submitter defect console: WaitForTime and WaitForDay are not applied
#8096 Submitter missing new submitter option WaitForDay=AL~CK~VAL
#8093 Submitter Plugins defect Maya: Redshift: Cryptomatte not assembled if all other AOVs joined into main .exr
#8094 Submitter Plugins enhancement Blender: "GPU Required" not enabled automatically
#8078 All defect Linux: Qt QMutex bug if timeout>2000
#8069 Client defect Regression: Some Shared Exe sync configs do not work any more
#8066 Client defect Recognize VRay version folder naming _43000 => 4.3
#8058 Client defect Linux: If client cannot shutdown machine because it is idle, then shutdown status is not reset
#8065 Client enhancement Log more information about Shared Exe copied files into render log file
#8062 Client enhancement Write render log on error if it contains rrClient messages
#8071 Client missing Linux: config option to choose between BASH and CSH
#8059 Client missing No auto-version change for Local Exe Copy if path explicitely defined
#8072 Config missing New config option jPostscriptOSRestriction
#8085 Other missing Assembler: Remove double point within output file name
#8086 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: Ignore Arnold Texture nodes
#8068 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: Do not load more than 250 nodes
#8061 Plugins SceneParser enhancement Houdini: Do not load Alembic archive nodes
#8067 Render Config defect c4d: render script python 3 compatibility
#8064 Render Config missing Houdini: add vray python path in rrEnv
#8075 Render Config missing Maya: MtoA: Add Arnold license test
#8074 Render Config missing Maya: MtoA: use local solidangle folder if RR_MTOA_NETWORK not set
#8063 Render Config missing c4d: local output for arnold drivers
#8073 Render Config new feature Maya: support env var RR_PathConversionFile
#8070 Sequence Check defect .ass files larger than 4GB are recogniozed as broken by rrSequenceCheck
#8077 Server defect Linux: client config not saved if host name starts with lowercase and has uppercase in its name as well
#8079 Submitter Plugins defect "c4d: simple name for nested takes output + complex takes hierarchies"
#8084 Submitter Plugins missing Houdini: Linux: Python3 fixes
#8083 Submitter Plugins missing c4d: arnold diffuse pass as main output
#8082 Submitter Plugins missing c4d: anold drivers and regular output as multipass job channels
#8025 All defect rrEnv: not all syntax keywords are case-INsensitive
#8029 All enhancement openEXR: add RR/dateWrittenInt
#8026 All missing rrEnv: New command [del]
#8045 Client defect Linux: break sudo execution is password is wrong and fix error message display
#8037 Client defect Linux: Do not minimize to tray if tray icon extension not installed
#8050 Client enhancement create rrLocalPrefs folder if it does not exist
#8048 Client enhancement Linux: report error if /usr/bin/mount cannot be found
#8042 Client enhancement Auto-search render apps. Remove apps that do not have a render config
#8038 Client missing new render config parameter "overrideClientInstallName"
#8022 Config defect rrLogin: changes to group are not visible in user rights
#8053 Config defect rrLogin: Deleting a group changes group of one user
#8036 Control defect CentOS 82: RSS news feed crashes
#8051 Other enhancement rrCopy: No error that source dir does not exist if it contains "anyversion"
#8041 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: USD: v 18.5 removed node parameter "fileperframe"
#8035 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: USD: Arnold: Render single multi-frame .usd files
#8040 Render Config defect Houdini: USD: frame number variable $F missing in commandline
#8039 Render Config enhancement Houdini Mantra/Husk: Remove Render App installation path and use Houdini install path instead
#8027 Render Config missing Maya rrEnv: MtoA: Delete uninstall.exe and left.bmp as it breaks PYTHONPATH (Maya bug)
#8034 Render Config missing Houdini: USD: Arnold: Render single multi-frame .usd files
#8057 Render Config missing C4d: support for Arnold Drivers only output
#8056 Render Config missing C4d: add frame numbers to arnold driver output when missing
#8031 Render Config missing Arnold Standalone: Set AA seed for single .ass/.usd file rendering
#8033 Server defect execute job not executed if job has pre-render script
#8032 Server defect pre-render script send twice
#8023 Server defect Receive jobs: Verify if user, project and render app rrLogin is allowed to submit jobs
#8043 Server enhancement log reason for client config change during clients.ini save
#8054 Server missing Disable 32bit clients
#8055 Submitter defect output file extension is not shown if user switched form single output job
#8044 Submitter Plugins defect Maya: Renderman: remove <layer> if scene has no maya render layer
#8047 Submitter Plugins missing Cinema4D: nested takes + select same takes as in C4D in rrSubmitter
#8014 All defect Crash sorting more than 30000 jobs
#7995 All defect sharedLib: reading Date from String MT format returns month-1
#8009 Client missing set GPU count limit to 12
#8008 Config missing Change Client config: up to 12 GPUs per Thread
#8002 Control enhancement Delete Jobs: Show file type deleted
#8013 Other enhancement rrCopy: Add "error" to message "Source Dir does not exist"
#8010 Other missing rrGPUInfo: set GPU count limit to 16
#8018 Plugins SceneParser enhancement Houdini: Arnold: USD: Render .usd files with kick instead of husk
#8017 Plugins SceneParser missing xml: read <shotgunID>
#8015 Render Config defect Maya: Renderman: Env var set to wrong folder
#7994 Render Config defect C4D: R23 fixes
#8007 Render Config enhancement Renderman: Do nto mark progress in red (progress is send to StdErr by Renderman)
#7996 Render Config enhancement Houdini: Renderman: Set device to 'openexr' in case customer has accidentally set frameviewer "it"
#8020 Render Config missing Maya: Add functions for custom path replacement (e.g. symlinks)
#8012 Render Config missing Execute/Python jobs: Set CUDA devices
#8011 Render Config missing C4D: Redshift: Capture Redshift log
#7997 Render Config missing Houdini: New Job option to unlock parent assets
#8016 Server enhancement speed up regular stat collect by 20% with 40tsd jobs
#8003 Server enhancement Delete Jobs: Log information if execution was slow
#8004 Server enhancement Dayexecute: Speed up rrJobData folder check
#8000 Server enhancement Ignore LOM 1 Port NICs (if already 3 NICs in list)
#7999 Server enhancement Ignore isatap NICs
#8021 Submitter enhancement remove % from filenames as it fails on Windows
#8019 Submitter missing Windows: Resolve symlinks for folder on drive C:\
#7993 Submitter Plugins defect C4D: R23 fixes
#7992 Submitter Plugins defect C4D: Submission does not work if C4D is installed on a Case-Sensitive partition
#8006 Submitter Plugins enhancement 3dsmax: Rename menu items
#7986 Client defect AppTakeOverService mode: Check if second rrClient app is running if no service is running
#7985 Client defect Tray icon not created for rrClient app mode
#7988 Client enhancement New render config param UseExactMajorVersionOnly (enabled by default)
#7987 Server enhancement minor log message improvements
#7983 Submitter Plugins missing Houdini: Renderman: Read exact major.minor version
#7981 Client enhancement Overtakeservice: Add status info log message
#7980 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: Renderman 23.4 fixes
#7965 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: $Wegde not replaced in folder name any more
#7973 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: replace $WEDGENUM in output name
#7966 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: Wegde: Relative path to ROP "../geomentry" not supported
#7972 Render Config defect Houdini: Remove expressions from ROP start/end/step
#7975 Render Config enhancement Houdini: Use print instead of Python logger as this is printed to StdErr no matter if set to StdOut or not
#7970 Render Config enhancement 3dsmax 2021: Hidden job option to enable 3dsMax Listener Log file
#7968 Render Config enhancement Maya: implement noFrameLoop as rrSubmitter option
#7974 Server defect "Do not check for frames" broken if rrConfig setting is set to "overwrite all"
#7969 Server defect rrMessage forwarding broken if no commands are send to the rrClient
#7976 Service enhancement Windows: Add service description
#7967 Submitter defect DefaultClientGroup not applied if multiple jobs send at once (regression)
7956 All enhancement Console Window: Buy some more time to save data if user closes console window
7937 Client defect render config flag <requiresOSConversion ? > broken on Windows
7932 Client defect <previewFilenameFrames> broken
7944 Client enhancement Local Render Out copy: Ignore "Error setting file time of destination file"
7951 Control enhancement Client command: Reinstall: Send current RR_ROOT with commandline
7929 Control enhancement STRG-A "Select all" speedup 50x
7949 Control missing Allow to change login to non-existing user or existing user, but without PW
7930 HistoryDB enhancement STRG-A "Select all" speedup 50x
7934 Plugins SceneParser defect vrscene: <frame4> variable not replaced by RRs format ####
7965 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: $Wegde not replaced in fodler name any more
7966 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: Wegde: Relative path to ROP "../geomentry" not supported
7955 Plugins SceneParser missing .vrscene: set "GPU Required" if engine_type is not "cpu"
7954 Plugins SceneParser missing .vrscene: Load VRay minor, build and plugin build version
7941 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: Support OS env vars in output file names ${VarName}
7935 Pre/Post Script defect Assembler: do not exit with error code if sequence does not exist
7931 Python missing libpyRR2_datafiles: Read/Save render lics file and set license count
7938 Render Config defect Maya rrEnv: MtoA: Change default MtoA folder form C:\Solidangle to C:\Program files\Autodesk
7968 Render Config enhancement Maya: implement noFrameLoop as rrSubmitter option
7948 Render Config enhancement Maya: VRay: Do not set vray plugin vars if vray is not the current renderer
7940 Render Config enhancement C4D: add more license error messages
7939 Render Config enhancement Maya rrEnv: MtoA: new RR install: Disable MtoA network install by default
7960 Render Config missing C4D: Recognize C4D not running within macOS service as crash
7952 Render Config missing Arnold: Standalone, Houdini, C4D: Disable Autodesk Analytics Client Service
7945 Render Config missing Houdini: catch/ignore if take cannot be set in rop
7928 Render Config missing Houdini: Redshift: switch between Redshift Node-locked and Redshift floating installations
7936 Sequence Check defect Not all tiles found if renderer does not add a pre-frame char
7967 Submitter defect DefaultClientGroup not applied if multiple jobs send at once (regression)
7943 Submitter Plugins missing Nuke: Support Write node custom parameter "frame_step"
7950 Workstation installer defect reinstall services/plugins: do not use exe folder on reinstall for relinked RR folder
7942 Workstation installer missing rrUser Domain/AD settings for Linux/OSX
7961 rrCloud missing rrCloudManager: Azure feature updates, Python support
#7903 Client defect Linux: Split echo commandline into 1000 character lines
#7907 Client enhancement verify local render out filesize twice. In case system cached the information
#7904 Client enhancement LOCAL RENDER INFORMATION: state placeholder as N/A file size
#7909 Client missing New variable to check if pre-post-command is enabled for the job
#7882 Config enhancement increase UI max value for clients global setting "keep free space" to 90GB
#7901 Help defect Update required file permissions
#7902 Other enhancement rrCopy: Do not log time if no file copied
#7888 Other missing rrCopy: create .timestamp file (to use by rrEnv file, rrClient delete after days)
#7894 Plugins SceneParser defect Fix rrSceneParserMayaBinary opening Maya2018 scenes with a different Maya version
#7910 Plugins SceneParser missing clarisse: fixed submission errors due to unexpected warnings
#7911 Python missing missing functions loadFromFile and saveToFile to _AppLicenses_v8
#7898 Render Config defect 3dsmax 2021: VRay: disable VRay popups
#7897 Render Config defect 3dsmax 2021: VRay: Prepass render fix, keeping VFB res override
#7905 Render Config enhancement Maya: remove PyModPath as it is already set in mel wrapper script
#7900 Render Config enhancement Disallow Local Scene Copy for multi-frame archive scenes
#7899 Render Config enhancement 3dsmax 2021: prevent exit code 130
#7895 Render Config enhancement Houdini: set "GPU required" for openGl jobs
#7908 Render Config missing C4D: Abort process on exceptions and stack trace reports
#7896 Render Config missing Houdini: detect "aborting render script" as error message
#7912 Submitter defect user is able to unlock custom option prohibited by render app inc file
#7906 Submitter defect Client OS/Memory filter does not deassign other clients
#7885 Client defect "Do not check for frames"-jobs: Client does not return frames rendered
#7883 Client defect Client UI (non watch mode) shows checkbox "show"
#7868 Client defect auto-version change: calls NukeConfig.cmake instead of the Nuke12.1 executable
#7893 Client enhancement Windows: De-Assign cores in addition to render thread setting
#7859 Config defect Reserve cores for artist: UI element limited to 30 cores
#7882 Config enhancement increase UI max value for clients global setting "keep free space" to 40GB
#7876 Help missing rrStartlocal commandline flags description missing
#7861 Other missing rrCheckexitcode: add codes to ignore
#7877 Plugins Image missing .gz: verify it is a compressed gz file
#7873 Pre/Post Script enhancement Assembler: .exr: Print required tile region if data window does not fit
#7871 Python defect exportJobAsXml: Do not export tile frame if not enabled
#7865 Python enhancement exportJobAsXml: change required class to _JobSubmitter
#7863 Render Config defect 3dsmax 2021: python3, batch.exe and pymxs
#7884 Render Config enhancement Nuke: Switch global and job rrEnv file execution order
#7879 Render Config enhancement C4D: Recognize Plugin "collides with the same ID in file" as error
#7874 Render Config missing 3dsmax 2021: Add verbose level
#7880 Submitter defect rrEnvfile override not applied to jobs
#7875 Submitter defect Python sceneparser: Renderer dropdown list not populated
#7870 Submitter defect console: SubmitterParameter: TileFrame is applied when set, altthough is is set to disabled
#7867 Submitter defect xml option OverrideImageSize not applied to job
#7864 Submitter defect fix #7852 "Loading multiple scenes results in duplicate PreIDs in UI" for python scripts
#7866 Submitter missing ability to add jobs within on-Submission script
#7841 Client enhancement print memory increasement
#7847 Control enhancement Do not check UserInfo if selected jobs have different data
#7849 Other missing baHddSpeedTest: support [cfgFilePath] for next file setting
#7857 Plugins SceneParser enhancement Redshift: Remove default value to disable "Do not check for frames"
#7844 Python defect setWaitForPreID() in scripted job broken
#7845 Render Config missing rhino: support for VRay Next update 2
#7838 Server defect PS negative if 8000 high-end cores rendering
#7854 Submitter defect checking and unchecking a new job row does not work the first time
#7853 Submitter defect Auto client group assignment "Renderapp_Renderer" does not work for mixed scenes
#7852 Submitter defect Loading multiple scenes results in duplicate PreIDs in UI
#7843 Submitter defect Do not replace <RR.. variables in scene file name
#7842 Submitter defect some client assignements are not counted if not all clients have installed the application
#7840 Submitter defect invalid lower case rrOption is always found as match for lower-case commandline flags
#7856 Submitter enhancement Redshift: enable "Do not check for frames" if no output file was specified
#7855 Submitter enhancement Redshift: ernable auto-sequence-detection for .rs files
#7846 Submitter missing New commandline flag -LocalTexturesFile
#7848 Submitter new feature new job option "Override Image Size"
#7841 Client enhancement print memory increasement
#7838 Server defect PS negative if 8000 high-end cores rendering
#7842 Submitter defect some client assignements are not counted if not all clients have installed the application
#7840 Submitter defect invalid lower case rrOption is always found as match for lower-case commandline flags
#7824 Client defect local scene copy: rrConfig keep time is converted into hours instead of hours*minutes
#7823 Client defect Do not delete local scene copy log file during dailyexecute
#7816 Client defect rrClient UI does not kill zombie processes started via tray icon
#7834 Other enhancement baHddSpeedTest: save as KB instead of bytes
#7833 Other enhancement baHddSpeedTest: comment section
#7831 Other enhancement baHddSpeedTest: use , as column seperator for US .csv files
#7817 Other enhancement baHddSpeedTest UI: update help
#7835 Other missing baHddSpeedTest: save _init file to create files and folders required for test
#7819 Other missing baHddSpeedTest: new config setting: create /<configfile>/done_<host> after execution
#7807 Python defect Windows: RR_ROOT misses first backslash in case of UNC path
#7806 Python defect Traceback not printed in console apps
#7830 Python enhancement rename jobSetFilter => jobList_SetFilter and jobGetInfoSend => jobList_GetSend
#7829 Python enhancement return empty job instead of NULL if job does not exist
#7795 Render Config defect Maya rrEnv: Remove Warning that Phoenix path ends with a backslash
#7822 Render Config enhancement C4D: Copy prefs file from RR folder to rrClient
#7821 Render Config enhancement C4D: remove g_licenseusername from log file
#7808 Render Config enhancement maya: option for not including all lights in Render Layers
#7803 Render Config enhancement Remove ImageSize from render config and create globally for all apps
#7827 Server defect INTERNALL ERROR: failed to install GetMessage hook
#7825 Server defect Crash if Error Event happens a second time, but a different error happened meanwhile
#7812 Server defect Unable to get job details from rrServer if job currently "in progress" by rrServer
#7810 Server defect Python request without username does not return auth warning
#7796 Setup enhancement create backup if file does not exist in rr_original
#7805 Submitter defect CustomShotLength config setting ignored
#7797 Submitter defect XML: image output path misses backslahs if database does not end with backslash
#7832 Submitter enhancement new commandline flag "-debug clients" shows deassignment if job does not fit
#7802 Submitter enhancement Remove ImageType comboBox
#7800 Submitter enhancement Sequence check should not be disabled for Tile render
#7815 Submitter Plugins enhancement Katana: Do not verify the whole scene on submission (very slow Katana function)
#7799 Viewer defect Loading assembled sequence after tiled sequence thinks it missed frames
#7792 Viewer defect Tiled sequence: missing frames are not shown
#7762 All defect More than 90 post-scripts and render custom options lead to memory issues
#7744 All defect Increase render apps from 50 to 150
#7771 All enhancement rrShared:rrDirlisting: put vars into private data
#7764 All enhancement move _RROptionsnameFile into pointer array
#7752 All enhancement dirlisting class update (all apps using rrShared dirlisting recompile)
#7791 Client defect c4d R21: Auto-version change does not work because default install folder changed
#7746 Client defect Working hour setting "render app exception" broken
#7788 Client defect broken clients.ini (fileserver issue) can cause client to mount invalid UNC paths
#7778 Client defect Log buffer limit reached if C4D prints 40KB of warnings
#7772 Client enhancement Do not allow Cloud Client to change clients.ini file
#7790 Client enhancement Execute Sequence Check before all other scripts are executed
#7760 Config missing c4d, osx: added install path for R21
#7779 Control defect Changing Sequence into Frameset via rrControl does not work
#7789 Control enhancement Save job log list view with with "save layout"
#7725 Help missing Cross-OS/platform .ass files
#7769 Other defect testPlugins: rrEvent module not loaded
#7739 Other enhancement rrAssembler: Do not assemble images that already exist
#7777 Other enhancement rrAssembler: Exit with error if tile is broken
#7749 Other enhancement rrCopy: accept "*" wildcard in commands
#7728 Other enhancement 7Zip: Handle Windows memory error, add error string
#7776 Other missing rrAssembler: new optional flag --ContinueOnError
#7734 Plugins Image defect .ass.gz: reduce minimum valid file size from 350 to 300 bytes
#7726 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: Arnold: Read resolution override
#7787 Pre/Post Script enhancement CreateVideo: Limit video to jobs sequence range
#7767 Python defect traceback does not show script file name
#7738 Python defect add double spaces for info global table (reuqired for python website layout)
#7766 Python enhancement do not split python traceback into multiple message boxes
#7742 Render Config defect Katana: disable Local Scene Copy because of relative output paths
#7775 Render Config enhancement Collect all Redshift render config settings into r_Redshift.inc
#7740 Render Config enhancement Katana: Allow to overwrite renderer plugin paths
#7759 Render Config missing Blender shared exe config (optional)
#7750 Render Config missing c4d: support Redshift 3 network install
#7741 Render Config missing Katana: global__inhouse.inc link missing in render config
#7729 Render Config missing c4d: Cross OS conversion for arnold and alembic nodes
#7731 Render Config missing Maya: golaem configuration
#7730 Render Config missing c4d: fix conflicts with farm-wide renderer plugins
#7721 Render Config missing Maya: cross OS conversion of Arnold search paths
#7716 Render Config missing Arnold Denoice: <CustomFlags> for additional flags
#7715 Render Config missing Arnold Denoice: Switch between RR +/-2 frames and Arnold TemporalStability
#7713 Render Config missing VRay Standalone: Custom option for progress % verbose
#7780 Server defect License count verification function returns wrong result for Cloud Connector
#7747 Server defect Execute per Frame job does not change frames done bar
#7745 Server defect Disabled Working Hours, but allow little jobs does not allow Working Hour render app exception
#7748 Server missing Execute/NoFrame Jobs: Re-Render crashed/aborted frame chunks
#7765 Submitter defect console: OnSubmissionScripts are not executed if enabled via options
#7758 Submitter defect Linux: rrSubmitter crashes on some machines if started from desktop
#7723 Submitter defect Scripted Job: Company project set in script is reset to default
#7717 Submitter defect Output path contains additional slash if <database> part of folder
#7733 Submitter defect rrSubmitter: reset table columns width only when needed
#7720 Submitter defect Show setting if it is allowed by at least one render app, even if other apps do not support it
#7727 Submitter enhancement Tile Frame: disable if render app does not support it
#7751 Submitter Plugins missing c4d, octane: otoy 4.00 multipass formats
#7783 Viewer defect Tiled sequences: frames outside jobs frame range are loaded
#7785 Viewer defect Error loading frame is not displayed in sequence player
#7784 Viewer enhancement Tiled sequences: Frame number displayed does not split between tile and sequence number
#7782 rrCloud enhancement rrCloudManager: Split progress into seperate logfile
#7781 rrCloud enhancement Extend rrCloudmanager run time to 2 month after support ended
#7710 Client defect -AppTakeOverService fixes/log info
#7695 Client defect <FNimgPadded+1> did not take jobs Sequence Step into account
#7709 Client defect UI Mode: Do not load render app icons (crash on app close)
#7708 Client enhancement change jobs batch filename if in APP mode
#7699 Client enhancement log application user before app init
#7704 Client missing new env var at rendertime: rrClientGroups (member of)
#7697 Config defect auto mount path display requies to remove ".local" to match rrClient
#7691 Control defect fix float custom attributes spinbox
#7693 Help enhancement New RR folder permission table for Windows setup
#7698 Other defect rrEnv: "Var defined check" does not ignore commented out lines
#7705 Other enhancement rrEnv: Do not load lines with wrong syntax
#7706 Other missing rrEnv: new option "If exists file/directory"
#7694 Plugins SceneParser defect Terragen: Image output not read if output settings not marked as "master"
#7677 Plugins SceneParser defect clarisse: fix cnode warnings causing submission error
#7685 Plugins SceneParser new feature new .exr scene parser: Arnold DeNoice job
#7711 Python enhancement rrPythonConsole.exe: set RR_ROOT var to current app root
#7672 Python enhancement SDK "external" examples: sync python module and libs to local drive
#7668 Python enhancement update shotgun Python API to 3.2.1
#7703 Python missing new function clientGroup.groupsOfClient(name)
#7665 Render Config defect Maya: VRay: Setenv VRay Next env var change broke old VRay
#7673 Render Config defect Maya: fixed crash on OS conversion of empty paths
#7674 Render Config enhancement Maya: cross OS conversion of Yeti textures
#7707 Render Config enhancement 3dsmax: new render config VRay-s-GPU
#7678 Render Config enhancement clarisse: support for farm-wide plugins
#7671 Render Config enhancement Maya: OS node conversions: convert path to slashes before conversion
#7692 Render Config missing c4d environment: licensing options
#7683 Render Config missing c4d: support for R21
#7675 Render Config missing rhino: support for version 6 and VRay 3.60
#7670 Render Config missing Maya: OS conversion: support more node types
#7690 Render Config missing c4d, redshift: farm install copies required .dll files from Redshift\bin
#7676 Render Config missing rhino: added render log
#7696 Server defect scriptPreviewExecuted should be set on task send, not task finish
#7702 Server enhancement If RR 7 clients are not restarted with update, send shutdown app command to let service restart the app
#7684 Server missing WOL via Client IP
#7689 Submitter defect console only: per-job setting overrides are not applied if preset_first has same override
#7667 Submitter defect submission broken if not on support contract
#7666 Submitter Plugins defect Maya: SoftwareRenderer: File extension not read
#7688 Submitter Plugins enhancement blender: disable "Local Scene Copy" if relative paths are used
#7682 Submitter Plugins enhancement c4d, octane: diffuse pass as main output of a multipass job
#7329 Submitter Plugins missing C4D: Arnold: Add AOVs to job
#7687 Submitter Plugins missing blender: moved Submission button to the "Output" tab
#7658 All enhancement rrEnv: print Error if Env ends with backslash
#7641 Client enhancement Get Windows 10 ReleaseID, set OS version for server 2016 to 16
#7646 Config defect Cloud: Warn if domain OU does not contain full path
#7654 Plugins SceneParser enhancement extent app version to Version.minor.release.build (was: Version.minor.release)
#7651 Render Config defect Maya: Renderman v22 (KeepSceneOpen, Tile Frame, ..)
#7639 Render Config defect arnold noice: fix shared executable search on osx
#7653 Render Config enhancement katana: DEFAULT_RENDERER variable now set in RR environment
#7635 Render Config missing Maya: Arnold+Redshift+VRay: New job option "Don't Add Layer Name"
#7649 Render Config missing Houdini: allowEnvironmentToOverwriteVariable(“JOB”) not set
#7643 Render Config missing Cinema4D: farm-wide install of Arnold based on version
#7656 Server defect Sequence Divide "Off" triggers "Max Clients 1"
#7642 Server defect server process does not terminate itself on critical error
#7663 Submitter defect DefaultClientGroup set in render config not overridden by UI selection
#7657 Submitter Plugins enhancement 3dsmax: restructure submission plugin to be able to use it for custom submissions scripts
#7584 Client defect rrCloudClient logs "x Cloud VMs" instead of actual status
#7612 Client enhancement Do not show "GPU test failed" as error dialog window
#7582 Config defect error "client_presets renderApp cannot be loaded" in old compiled apps
#7628 Config defect unable to change rrAdmin pass
#7616 Config defect fix delete all clients at once
#7625 Control defect Job table: "wait for 0 jobs" is actually "wait for date"
#7591 Control defect Project stats from server log not working right
#7624 Control defect Job table: "wait for date" should be blue
#7606 Control defect Custom options with value are shown as float
#7587 Control enhancement "Show job send decision": Split information assigned/allow post-script/ right post-script OS
#7621 Other enhancement rrCopy: warn and show commandline flags if falsely escaped
#7613 Plugins SceneParser defect .vrscene: remove <frame> from filename
#7607 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: $FF not read
#7583 Plugins SceneParser enhancement Houdini: Transfer Houdini $Job into job <CustomHoudiniJob>
#7627 Pre/Post Script enhancement add all script options as disabled entries to all post-scripts
#7622 Python defect Scripted job "Create weekly stats" misses output folder flag
#7595 Python missing rrPythonconsole: allow to call __file__ in scripts, print out filename in stacktrace
#7609 Render Config defect additional/VRay_global__inhouse was missing a * in exe path
#7626 Render Config defect Nuke: Switch interactive license for Nuke pre-script as well
#7597 Render Config defect Houdini: job option "IgnoreLoadWarnings" ignores missing nodes as well
#7615 Render Config defect arnold noice: fix timerange on second, second to last frames
#7600 Render Config defect vray: fix missing frame number on single image tasks
#7623 Render Config enhancement Python jobs: new option to disable using systems PYTHONPATH
#7620 Render Config enhancement Maya: use kso render script for mayaHardware2 renderer
#7618 Render Config enhancement Blender: set framepadding at render time
#7598 Render Config enhancement Cinema4D: Deasign client if plugin version nto compatible with local install C4D version
#7631 Render Config missing Cinema4D: Farm wide install for Redshift, Octane
#7633 Render Config missing Houdini: set Houdinis $JOB variable as environment variable at render time
#7630 Render Config missing VRay Standalone: Texture OS conversion (cross platform)
#7610 Render Config missing 3dsmax: enforce 16 bit float for multilayer exr
#7605 Render Config missing Houdini: new Sub-Frame option
#7604 Render Config missing new render config Houdini - Python
#7585 Render Config missing Houdini: New job option "Ignore Scene Load Issues/Warnings"
#7603 Render Config missing 3dsmax, corona: option to show frame buffer during rendering (UI mode only)
#7608 Render Config new feature maya render option: Disable Image Planes
#7589 Server defect framesets do not work with Tile Frame
#7614 Submitter defect execute job without image directory set creates error message
#7617 Submitter enhancement remove dublicate channel/AOV filenames
#7602 Submitter missing render app client groups: assign per job on multiple submission
#7588 Submitter missing assign only to clients with same OS as the scene when MultiOS is disabled
#7619 Submitter Plugins defect Maya: mayaHardware2 reads new render setup layer name with "rs_"
#7599 Submitter Plugins defect maya submission: fix collection of referenced Cameras
#7596 Submitter Plugins defect maya submission: fix local texture submission
#7594 Submitter Plugins defect houdini: fix 'JOB' variable content
#7593 Submitter Plugins defect houdini: fix redshift version error
#7592 Submitter Plugins defect maya submission, vray: fix error when getting cryptomatte element name
#7611 Submitter Plugins missing c4d, submission: collect renderer version for Redshift and Octane
#7601 Submitter Plugins missing maya submission, vray: fix retrieved names for some elements (materialID, velocity)
#7629 rrCloud missing Azure: add Fsv2-series
#7565 Control defect Single Output Jobs show frames assigned in job table for new jobs
#7579 Other defect rrStartLocal: Windows: Unicode arguments
#7571 Other enhancement rrEnv: Widnows: warn that "if contains" does not work inside other IF block
#7581 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: Support Alembic nodes
#7558 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: Redshift resolution override
#7577 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: VRay: Read VRay ROP nodes
#7570 Render Config defect Maya: AssNRender: Arnold kick not taken from shared plugin path
#7569 Render Config defect 3dsmax: VRay Next: Show VFB window to apply color correnctions
#7574 Render Config defect VRay Standalone: Linux does not find libvray.so
#7556 Render Config enhancement katana - 3delight: default settings use system install
#7580 Render Config missing Houdini: VRay render
#7560 Render Config missing 3dsmax: unicode names for render elements
#7573 Render Config missing Prepare VRay Standalone to be used with "Shared Exe"
#7568 Render Config missing Houdini: enable "NoFrameLoop" if Sequence Divide Min is 0
#7567 Render Config missing Houdini: noFrameLoop job render option
#7564 Render Config missing 3dsmax: rrSubmitter option for multi-layer-exr files
#7563 Render Config missing NoUNC variable evaluated as blank on non Windows system
#7555 Render Config missing katana: vray rendering
#7557 Render Config missing katana: redshift rendering
#7578 Server defect "Info/Create usage stats from server log" does not work if RR is not set to client averaging
#7566 Server defect changing frame range of single output jobs crashes server
#7575 Server defect Auto-WOL: rrServer does not check secondary renderer license groups
#7576 Submitter defect Match DarkUI of Render App broken
#7559 Submitter missing rrSubmitter resizable window
#7527 Workstation installer defect linux: create /etc/pam.d/poweroff, /etc/pam.d/reboot if missing
#7532 Client defect <ExeVersion...> is not set to render app of the job for post-script execution
#7518 Client defect rrEnv: Windows: contains broken
#7538 Client defect render app auto-version change: Ignore folders/files with "installer"
#7549 Client enhancement if multiple users logged in, show user with last input
#7546 Client enhancement new variable: rrJobRendererVersionMajor
#7533 Client missing new render config/rrEnv variable <rrJobVersionMinorTwoDigits>
#4197 Client missing ability to use <exe> in post-scripts
#7537 Control defect job table color: Disabled color should have higher priority than WaitFor
#7531 Plugins Image defect EXR framebuffer memory misalignment
#7536 Plugins SceneParser defect Toonboom Harmony: support multiple write nodes
#7523 Python missing pyRR2: enable crash handler
#7516 Python missing Job status enumeration missing
#7526 Render Config defect Houdini Wedge: OpenGL ROP renders frames multiple times
#7514 Render Config defect Houdini 17.5: rrEnv: Houdini path added twice ("A type already exists with the name pythonmapper")
#7519 Render Config missing Redshift standalone: Copy node-locked license.
#7542 Render Config missing katana renderer icons
#7541 Render Config missing 3delight icon
#7530 Sequence Check defect EXR header read crash
#7548 Server missing Block DDOS + "Trial&Error What's this TCP server" attacks
#7553 Submitter defect If Houdini .ifd create job is Windows, then .ifd cannot render on linux
#7517 Submitter enhancement in debug mode, log why an output file was not able to be deleted
#7545 Submitter Plugins defect maya submission, vray: print out warning when image format is not set
#7525 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: multipass output not overridden by AOVs
#7543 Submitter Plugins enhancement katana, submission of current scene
#7544 Submitter Plugins missing blender 2.8 submission plugin
#7529 Submitter Plugins missing 3dsMax: support v-ray GPU on submission
#7472 All enhancement rrShared: rrGetFileNameExtentionDoubleAllowed
#7455 All enhancement default mount command: remove sec= and vers=
#7480 All missing _ClientCommandSend: add RR command types (client, control, server, cloud, pyrr2)
#7479 Client defect <containsFirstJobFrame> does not work for multi-frame scene files
#7504 Client defect new job is aborted if old KSO job has issue closing an render app process
#7488 Client defect rrEnv: Windows: Do not escape set line special chars
#7484 Client defect OSX: /etc/mtab error in mount drive function
#7462 Client defect Windows: "if contains" is escaped and returns true
#7489 Client enhancement optimize client list via TCP and reduce memory usage
#7468 Client enhancement execute jobs: add execute time and CPU usage to "frames rendered" table
#7483 Client missing log shared exe files found in job-debug-log mode
#7482 Client missing Client command: Enable/disable job debug log messages
#7470 Client missing new render config variable <previewFilenameFrames>
#7492 Config missing new user *rrScriptAuth*
#7486 Control defect rrMessage works, but reports "wrong status ClientMulti"
#7457 Other enhancement Client-Watch/ServerWatch: Show/hide service error log checkbox
#7501 Plugins Image defect cropExr: 2D/3D Float Vector metadata lost on conversion
#7502 Plugins Image enhancement cropExr: prepend "RR/" to RRs metadata
#7515 Plugins Image missing cropExr: Increase string metadata size
#7481 Plugins Notify missing server plugin recompile (client data)
#7456 Plugins SceneParser defect new .ass file reader crashes if there are more than 30 AOVs in a driver
#7495 Pre/Post Script missing new example finished-script "Finished99__GetJobClass.cfg"
#7512 Python enhancement rrPythonconsole: -noLogTime commandline parameter
#7511 Python enhancement rrPythonconsole: remove | PY from log function
#7477 Python enhancement Arnold Denoise: Disable preview render
#7500 Python missing new job variables "infoRenderTime...", "framesDoneAfterJobStart", ".._FramesReturned"
#7458 Python missing pyRR: Client list missing status
#7514 Render Config defect Houdini 17.5: rrEnv: Houdini path added twice ("A type already exists with the name pythonmapper")
#7467 Render Config defect Maya: Vray: Env var ..._MAIN_x64 not found
#7497 Render Config missing new Nuke-16cores for h264 encoding
#7485 Render Config missing Softimage: Arnold,Redshift: Option to set Multi-Exr files
#7506 Server defect Execute Job: changing job settings increased internal counter of assigned clients
#7461 Server defect Cloud: Some commands for CloudConnector are cleared if first VM offline
#7505 Server missing Re-assign client if ExecuteEachClient job is aborted
#7496 Server missing Log free system memory at startup
#7494 Server missing script with job.AuthStr() allowed for function jobGetInfoSend()
#7493 Server missing jobGetInfoSend() with parameter jobID updates one job only
#7499 Service defect service tries to restart app if OS in shutdown has closed app
#7475 Service enhancement Add started time to log file
#7487 Submitter defect -NoAutoSceneRead with -ImageFileName doubles image folder
#7473 Submitter enhancement Windows: Archive Render: Do not warn about Multi-OS if all assigned Clients are Linux
#7463 Submitter enhancement set Required Memory to 70% of the submitting app
#7460 Submitter enhancement show float Custom options as float spinBox
#7510 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini wedges with decimals
#7471 Submitter Plugins missing Katana: add 3delight as known renderer
#7476 Viewer defect rrViewer does not load stereo sequence if one eye misses first or last frame
#7474 rrCloud enhancement Service: Linux: Wait for azure system preparation before changeing temp drive access
#7503 testFTP defect Qt warning about invalid slot
#7410 All defect rrEnv conversion: "if contains" does not work on Debian (K-/Ubuntu)
#7452 Client defect multi instance render broken
#7416 Client defect Close KSO: jobID not set while closing if there is no new job
#7414 Client defect C-Watch: Client log loaded into wrong widget
#7432 Client enhancement modified AuthStr
#7426 Client enhancement Update local service: delete error log on update
#7425 Client enhancement Update local service: update rrClientcommander even if it did not exist before
#7433 Client missing _processPipe: add feature to remove single string
#7427 Config defect TCPRequiresAuth not saved
#7412 Control defect do not change job settings for display even if they are not allowed
#7420 Control defect job command TCP data misses class version
#7447 Control enhancement Show rrSubmitter plugin version
#7435 Control enhancement "Show job send decision": Add rendered time, times send, times crashes, number of errors
#7429 Help missing Linux UMask information
#7445 Other enhancement rrShared: add date_long format
#7439 Other enhancement setExeRights: allow macOS to set Linux and vice versa
#7399 Plugins SceneParser defect .ass: ignore comments
#7400 Plugins SceneParser defect .ass: support output description and merged layers
#7453 Python defect rrPY: minor fixes
#7430 Python defect crash if data to encode is empty
#7434 Python enhancement rrPythonConsole: do not print Shotgun/Ftrack loaded if not in debug mode
#7438 Render Config defect Maya: OS conversion for BossSpectralWave and BossWaveSolver, missing absoluteCacheName
#7449 Render Config enhancement Arnold Denoise: Rename render exe in Arnold, renderer Denoise
#7444 Render Config enhancement Extend warning message not to edit main .rrEnv files
#7424 Render Config enhancement Do not set MtoA to local folder for VRay render if RR_MTOA_BASE is set in __inhouse
#7422 Render Config enhancement Maya: VRay: OS conversion for VRayVolumeGrid
#7419 Server defect Null pointer crash after new job was submittted
#7448 Server defect "Ignore Crashes" does not ignore "Permanent Errors"
#7431 Server enhancement modified AuthStr
#7421 Server enhancement TCP: optimize struct size and version check
#7413 Server enhancement move _WOL, _Auth and _Remote log to RR/sub/log/
#7415 Service defect OSX: .exe added to client executable
#7417 Service enhancement log "sucessful start" if there was an error before
#7443 Setup enhancement Inform user if submission plugins have been updated
#7442 Submitter enhancement jobSelected python functions in rrSubmitter Scripted Jobs
#7418 Submitter missing "NoSceneExistsCheck" as per job custom option
#7450 Submitter Plugins enhancement Maya: remove decrecated RenVer_... xml flag
#7437 Submitter Plugins enhancement Katana submission update
#7407 All defect Windows: Processlist: Error if 330+ processes are running
#7224 All defect featurePreviewWaitFor, featureDelOldFiles and featureClientUserInteraction not enabled if support ends before december
#7376 Client defect OS postfix "_win" replaced although "Multi OS Scene" checked
#7361 Client defect shows wrong client status "Preview"
#7396 Client enhancement Do not print error message if client cannot get config because server restarts
#6974 Client enhancement "Executable copy: start sync" should report how many files to copy
#6975 Client enhancement Executable copy: Do not copy all versions
#7106 Client enhancement join dayexecute process into one log file
#7362 Client enhancement new status "Closing KSO" if client gets a different scene and needs to close old
#7409 Client missing Allow float values as custom variable value
#7367 Config defect auto add render app adds existing app with different version
#7341 Control defect -User <name> does not work if user name contains spaces
#7374 Control defect log file text color does not switch back to black for next post-script execution
#7404 Control missing New command job: Uninstall all
#7389 Other missing rrShared: findNextVariable2Replace
#7370 Other missing server/client-watch: show Autostartservice error log (last 7 days)
#7358 Other missing baConvertEnv: new flags -all -clientvars
#7403 Plugins Image missing .cxr support (Assembler, ExrCrop, SequenceCheck, rrViewer)
#7400 Plugins SceneParser defect .ass: support output description and merged layers
#7399 Plugins SceneParser defect .ass: ignore comments
#7378 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: scripted values read as [ParamName xxxx ]
#7390 Plugins SceneParser missing XML: read rendererVersion
#7368 Python defect rrPythonConsole: do not recognize commandline flags starting with - as python commands
#7026 Python missing New Scripted Job: Arnold Denoise
#7384 Python missing Submitter: make replaceJobVariables availabe in python
#7346 Python missing new function tcp.connectAndAuthorize()
#7355 Render Config defect Maya: Legacy layers work with all version except 2018.2
#7348 Render Config defect 3dsmax: wrong logfile specified to read
#6961 Render Config enhancement Maya: remove warning messages "Unknown object type: pgYetiGroom"
#7382 Render Config enhancement Houdini: Redshift: set Redshift_disableRaiseExceptionOnRenderError
#7381 Render Config enhancement Maya: rrEnv: Do not copy MtoA folder if renderer is not Arnold
#7359 Render Config enhancement blender included in RR install
#7351 Render Config enhancement Maya: rrEnv: Do not execute env variables for unused renderer
#7357 Render Config enhancement Houdini: use deep filename as set in file
#7350 Render Config enhancement Maya: Redshift: rrEnv: add LD_LIBRARY_PATH to /bin
#7345 Render Config enhancement Maya: remove message "This file contains legacy render layers and Maya is currently in Render Setup mode"
#7394 Render Config missing prepost: new option "AllowedForExecuteOnceJobs"
#7392 Render Config missing Execute per frame: Allow Sequence Check
#7380 Render Config missing Maya: OS conversion for BossSpectralWave and BossWaveSolver
#7375 Sequence Check enhancement openExr print should be shifted by 4 spaces + print reduced exr layer info
#7372 Server defect Frames Rendered table modified by post-scripts
#7363 Server defect Stats: server counts frame done on KSO close
#7352 Server defect manual disable triggers red-orange color
#7349 Server defect Authorization: detect distributed and non distributed PW attacks
#7377 Server defect Sending Reset Job and directly Disable afterwards does not work
#7408 Server enhancement if clients v8.1 connect, send shutdown command to let service restart them
#7406 Server enhancement Log error if check/openening output folder takes more than 14 seconds
#7369 Server enhancement Do not allow to send jobs after restart (unconnected clients might be rendering)
#7366 Server enhancement log "server OS runnnig since... "
#7353 Server enhancement no log output for not found folders at startup job check
#7344 Server enhancement reduce log output for "Abort reserved client"
#7360 Server missing Notify plugin: "disable because job send 3 times more than frames" missing
#7379 Service enhancement Server: Log start and shutdown into log file
#7365 Setup defect do not place .lib .dll .xlib .xdl64 into rr_original
#7405 Submitter defect If PrePost Script name > 25 and it is specified via commandline, then it has no type
#7347 Submitter defect rrSubmitter crashes if more than 125 render apps configs exist
#7342 Submitter defect <channel> truncated
#7395 Submitter enhancement submission small fixes/enhancement
#7393 Submitter enhancement Code cleanup. split _rrSubmitterShared::CreateJobSendArray()
#7385 Submitter enhancement support more <variables> for output name like <sceneOS> <AppRenderer> <AppVer> <ImageMulti>
#7383 Submitter enhancement use global function to resolve relative paths ../../../
#7401 Submitter missing python: rr.populatePreIDs() to set preIDs for all jobs
#7332 Submitter Plugins enhancement C4D: Arnold: Read Arnold version
#6160 Submitter Plugins missing Maya: Redshift: AOV outputs are not right if <Beautyfile> used multiple times or left empty
#7330 Submitter Plugins missing C4D: If Linear Color Space active, then set job option "Preview Gamma 2.2"
#7398 rrCloud defect rrCManager: OpenVPN tap name issue
#7397 rrCloud defect rrCManager: OpenVPN ccd folder fixed
#7354 rrCloud missing rrCManager: add IP forwarding
#7301 All defect osx: startlocal.sh misses all param flags $@
#7338 Client defect GPU usage display wrong
#7337 Client defect GPU usage not read for Tesla/TCC mode cards
#7333 Client defect Removing (pre/post) render config does not apply until client is restarted
#7324 Client defect Client stats: GPU usage not saved
#7300 Client enhancement <rrExeVersionMinReq> should be the same as rrExeVersionMin
#7316 Config enhancement Automatically add "execute" render type if missing in all cleint job threads
#7317 Config enhancement Automatically add "execute" render type if missing in all client job threads
#7339 Control enhancement Log file display: "failed" not colored
#7321 Control enhancement copy RR\UpdateInfo.txt into debug export
#7298 Help missing OSX: Add steps to setup WOL for macOS
#7328 Other defect rrCopy: rrEnv dir sync does not abort if target folder is not specified
#7311 Pre/Post Script missing additional example Post-script to delete .ifd, .ass, ... scene files.
#7340 Render Config defect Maya: Arnold: OSX: MtoA not found for non-Arnold scenes, but required
#7305 Render Config defect 3dsmax: VRay Raw Output (Multi Exr): Backslash escape not applied
#7307 Render Config defect 3dsmax: use AutoElementFilename if false as well
#7299 Render Config defect 3dsmax: 2019 render config without backburner check
#7282 Render Config enhancement c4d: printout render progress on R20
#7327 Render Config enhancement C4D: Arnold: Abort if plugin is not found
#7325 Render Config enhancement 3dsmax: 2019: use new 3dsmax batch executable
#7306 Render Config enhancement 3dsmax: re-convert numerical boolean flags into bool
#7308 Render Config enhancement 3dsmax: ignore disabled elements
#7302 Render Config enhancement GPU rendering options for blender
#7322 Render Config missing C4D R20: additional plugin to pipe render progress to log file
#7314 Render Config missing c4d: support for VrayForC4D
#7334 Server defect Cloud serverRequested value is always 0 if no VM is online => no auto start
#7320 Setup enhancement Apply RR UI style to Setup application
#7304 Submitter defect OSX Mojave: Delay file open event
#7335 Submitter defect Starting multiple rrSubmitter at the same time blocks client.ini
#7303 Submitter defect AFX version not applied if user cannot read memory usage of processes
#7310 Submitter enhancement move per-job rrSubmitterparameter into global rrSubmitterparameter if there is 1 job only
#7323 Submitter missing save client tree header widths
#7318 Submitter missing load multiple scene (.ass) files at once with rrSubmitter commandline parameter
#7309 Submitter Plugins defect 3dsmax: AutoElementFilename flag not send to submitter
#7313 Submitter Plugins missing c4d: multilayer output for TIF, B3D, PSB
#7295 Workstation installer defect rrWorkstationInstaller does not use relink config file for reinstallation
#7296 Workstation installer missing new flag -noExeRelink
#7319 rrCloud enhancement rrCloudManager: Reduce required UI height for small screens
#7269 All defect Rental license on top of expired perpetual license does not work
#7280 All enhancement shared: new _processlist version
#7253 All enhancement Qt 4.8.7, ship osx only with updated libs
#7286 All missing new job option: prepare "rroNoPerFrameLoop"
#7263 All new feature 100 client pack available with extra discount
#7268 Client defect OSX: Sysinfo CPU usage wrong
#7272 Client defect Minor version not read if app has path appName_12.5/appExe12.exe
#7254 Client defect Crash as removeLogItems is NULL for some render applications
#7240 Client defect comparison characters (<) in rrEnv files are replaced with variable "{" when rrClient generates csh script
#7267 Client defect <ESC> should escape backslashes as well
#7264 Client defect If right Houdini path was set in rrConfig, then it does not include Houdini build version
#7250 Client defect CustomOptions: Boolean options not applied to rrEnv files
#7292 Client enhancement Modify PS test to be more accurate for 64+ core machines
#7276 Client enhancement <rrBin> should always be 64bit
#7258 Client enhancement rrEnv: place quotation marks around setenv value
#7249 Client enhancement Optimize jobReplacement_FULL functions
#7288 Client missing new env var <rrClientCoresPhysical>
#7270 Config defect does not allow to add a render app path if it already exists for a different app
#7265 Config defect Include Houdini build version if new Houdini path is selected
#7252 Config missing Client Groups: Dublicate + Invert button
#7248 Control defect CustomOption checkstate not always shown
#7278 Control defect Client table: GPU memory uses degree unit instead of mb
#7251 Control defect CustomOptions: Boolean option value not shown
#7285 Control enhancement modify disabled color slightly if it was an auto-disable on error
#7274 Control enhancement debug info export: do not export subfolders of render_app_config and log
#7290 Control missing new "Age" job filter
#7289 Other defect rrParseOutput: time format min:sec.ms not converted
#7260 Other enhancement resetExitcode: Flush console buffer before printing +++Start++++
#7277 Other missing rrEP recompile
#7283 Plugins SceneParser missing Maya: recompile for new rrShared lib
#7244 Render Config defect Houdini: $OS in crypto layer not support if local render out enabled
#7293 Render Config enhancement Maya: rrEnv: Custom RR_MAYA_PREFS folder
#7275 Render Config enhancement redshift: reduce frozen minCore usage to 30% of 1 core
#7255 Render Config enhancement Afx: recognize error "This project contains references to missing effects"
#7257 Render Config missing C4D R20, OSX only: Plugins env variable does not support OSX colon seperators, convert to Windows semicolon
#7243 Render Config missing VRay + Arnold: Limit Cuda GPUs according to Job Thread settings
#7242 Render Config missing Houdini v17 - Mantra: Windows: ifd file paths need to be written with slashes
#7208 Server enhancement Global stats: Split "frames rendered" stats into its own graph
#7273 Server missing support new rrControl age filter
#7247 Submitter defect additional execute render config with <Exe> hides clients
#7261 Submitter missing allow <date> and <date xx.xxx.xx> in job output filename
#7266 Submitter Plugins defect 3dsmax, Maya VRay: Umlauts not working
#7132 Submitter Plugins enhancement 3dsmax: split plugin file into ui and shared function file
#7245 Submitter Plugins enhancement 3dsmax: use renderers.current instead of renderers.production
#7279 Submitter Plugins missing c4d: add redshift AOVs as job channels
#7284 Submitter Plugins missing 3dsmax: Vray: use VFB "seperate folders" flag
#7262 Submitter Plugins missing AFX: support filename vars [dateDay], [dateMonth], [dateMonthText], [dateYear], [timeHour], [timeMins]
#7287 Submitter Plugins missing c4d: add Octane passes as job channels
#7259 Viewer enhancement rearrange render time/file size infor for narrow images
#7256 Workstation installer defect OSX, uninstall: "Unable to remove application menu folder"
#7219 All defect OSX/Linux: Some buttons with bold font use smaller font
#7226 All defect Qt 4.8.7 PNG lib version reports: "known incorrect sRGB profile"
#7232 All enhancement move _VarVal into rrShared
#7221 All enhancement OSX/LX: remove old openEXR version from lib folder
#7213 All enhancement remove C++ SDK
#7237 Client defect rrEnv: OSX: condition larger/smaller not working
#7201 Client defect Finished scripts not executed on some machines
#7177 Client defect C4D: OSX: rrEnv "If larger version 20" broken
#7225 Client enhancement Do not show "System cannot be checked" as dialog window.
#7214 Client enhancement dayexecute log file: append to one logfile with all dates
#7231 Client missing new render config setting: log multiline remove
#7227 Control defect jobA-logfileX selected, then jobB selected, then jobA-logfileX selected => no update
#7185 Control defect exe not found when launching .com programs from rr apps
#7234 Control enhancement Wait for jobs: Show in grey if other jobs done
#7233 Control enhancement add old frame time to job table again
#7228 Control enhancement No display if rendering log file selected and client just finished
#7220 Control missing Debug export: export render apps/scripts as well
#7211 Control missing Show custom render config options on settings tab
#7218 Other defect License database does not show Country presets any more
#7173 Plugins SceneParser defect XMl parser: Channel/Element/Aov path wrong if submitter plugin uses relative paths
#7212 Plugins SceneParser missing XML: Load ImageFileNameVariables settings
#7191 Python defect Ftrack module broken
#7183 Python defect Ftrack: fix import rrFT bug
#7198 Python enhancement Jobs: Rename prepost+CustomData -"Max" into "Count"
#7194 Python enhancement support auto-conversion of unicode to QString for RR functions
#7182 Python enhancement Ship with shotgun and Ftrack API files
#7210 Python missing rrPythonconsole: replace ~q to quotation mark
#7209 Python missing rrPythonconsole: join all commandline flags into python text line
#7200 Python missing New functions exportJobAsXml... in rrControl and libpyRR2.pyd with submission options
#7196 Python missing Job class: get/set pre/preview/post/finished commands
#7195 Python missing Job class: get/set Custom Options
#7192 Python missing FTrack: Support without "Sequence"
#7179 Python missing add modules: arrow, backports, certifi, chardet, clique, dateutil, idna, requests, urllib3, websocket, six
#7180 Render Config defect Cinema4D: rrEnv: Release <19: plugin folder not set
#7186 Render Config defect 3dsmax: leading extra digits in frame padding with frame ranges greater than 9999
#7239 Render Config enhancement Cinema4D: Remove openCl error from log
#7238 Render Config enhancement Cinema4D: Remove "Loading file" for corelibs from log
#7229 Render Config enhancement Maya Redshift: Use redshiftBatchRender instead of mayaBatchRenderProcedure
#7188 Render Config enhancement c4d: ChannelName is used as prefix when "Layer Name as Suffix" is disabled
#7184 Render Config enhancement Cinema4D: Add "Could not initialize Renderer" as error message
#6701 Render Config missing Houdini Mantra: enable local render out for Cryptomatte output
#7178 Render Config missing 3dsmax VRay: Progressive render with Noise&Time settings
#7241 Setup enhancement multiline allowed in ini file
#7215 Setup enhancement Update: Append to UpdateInfo.txt
#7217 Submitter defect Defaults file UI editor: Editing submitter_last does not open settings
#7207 Submitter defect Edit by UI: Filter checkbox does not trigger refresh
#7206 Submitter defect Show <dblClick to edit> and warn if invalid WaitForID set
#7203 Submitter defect frame padding "%04d" not read right in all cases
#7199 Submitter enhancement Optimize transfering some values from UI to job (like username, seqencediv, notify)
#7235 Submitter enhancement change default job color to "random by user name"
#7205 Submitter enhancement Use slim rrSubmitter UI by default if job send via 3D/Comp app plugin
#7204 Submitter enhancement Ability to change job table width if rrSubmitter is in "Slim UI" mode
#7176 Submitter enhancement Do not show Shotgun/Ftrack scripts if connection not enabled
#7175 Submitter enhancement fix lightwave image path <database> replace issue instead of removing functionality
#7187 Submitter Plugins defect c4d: channelname duplication in path is not avoided on versions earlier than R19
#7189 Submitter Plugins missing nuke: project directory is now stored as SceneDatabaseDir of the job
#7174 Viewer defect crash if loading non-exr files multi-threaded
#7236 rrCloud defect Create OpenVPN Server broken
#7137 All enhancement Change "init cfg" output level to debug
#7169 Client defect PStest command: PS changes are not saved via rrServer to clients.ini file
#7123 Client defect Render Logfile does not contain frame number
#7139 Client defect framesRenderedListViaServer was disabled for release
#7142 Client enhancement Abort render if Windows does not have enough memory to return process list
#7141 Client enhancement use 100MB less memory until non-exr files are rendered
#7140 Client enhancement system memory getting lower: print render processes
#7134 Client enhancement print available memory at job start
#7136 Client enhancement if render log cannot be deleted after finished job: delay 10 seconds and print process list
#7135 Client enhancement if auto-version change does not find right app: print all found + print search info
#7138 Client enhancement Disable client for 30 sec if Windows reports that there is not enough page file to start .bat file
#7133 Client enhancement process list: share memory for log output of process list
#7125 Client missing KSO rendering: Terminate render app if it got quit command 90s ago
#7164 Config enhancement do not calculate "all cores" usage if preset is selected
#7166 Config missing new config option: Delete finished *COMP* jobs after x days
#7147 Control defect job table: sort by average frame time uses old frame time calculation
#7146 Control missing New client column: "Preferred for" (rrConfig setting)
#7151 Other missing rrParseOutput: convert time format h:m:s into seconds
#7156 Plugins Notify defect Notify: "incompatible message"
#7144 Python defect _singleStatDay.stats(idx) returns wrong index
#7130 Python enhancement datafiles module: rename getRRFolder_cfgStats into getRRFolder_Stats
#7129 Python enhancement rrPythonconsole: reduce init log output
#7162 Python missing New sample script to read global stat file
#7143 Python missing rrTable: new function sortRowsByString()
#7131 Python missing rrTable: change float decimal seperator
#7157 Render Config defect 3dsmax: Vray: .exr files clamped in range, new job option hdrFileBuffer
#7160 Render Config defect 3dsmax: VRay, Reserve Cores: Vray disabled option "system_numThreads"; Use Env var instead
#7150 Render Config defect Houdini: remove HOUDINI_DSO_PATH from env as Arnodl shader are not found
#7148 Render Config defect C4D: R20 uses different plugin path env variable
#7153 Render Config defect Redshift Standalone: If no GPU assigned, all are used
#7161 Render Config enhancement 3dsmax: Script cleanup and added "noFrameLoop" to script
#7158 Render Config enhancement 3dsmax: use renderer.current settings instead of renderer.production
#7155 Render Config enhancement 3dsmax: disable Bitmap Paging (faster, more memory usage)
#7170 Render Config missing Houdini Redshift: Allow skip existing frames (5 of 1000 rendered twice at combined 13F/s render speed)
#7163 Render Config missing c4d, 3dsMax, houdini: option to avoid initialization at each frame (noFrameLoop)
#7149 Render Config missing C4D: prepare shared plugin folder
#7145 Server defect server daily stats: Average values are wrong
#7128 Server missing new /autolaod commands ReloadConfig_ServerOnly and ReloadConfig_ServerAndClients
#7122 Server missing Global stats: "new frames rendered": split into 3D, Comp, Archive
#7154 Submitter Plugins defect 3dsmax: Corona Auto Element Filename not working if no element extension set
#7094 Submitter Plugins defect Maya: require extension after frame on submission
#7172 Viewer defect apply "superwhite" does not work on cached sequences nor single files
#7167 Viewer defect .exr fullres viewer crash
#7171 Viewer enhancement gray images that have been deleted, require reload or do not exist
#7124 Viewer missing LoadImagefileExr_sub crash on client name read
#7071 All defect rrEnv file conversion: Windows: if != is broken
#7100 Client defect memory exception if logfile cannot be written for a long time
#7080 Client defect <cfgLicPool_Workstation> triggered by config preset and not license group
#7078 Client defect rrClient: Auto-minimize to tray at startup
#7097 Client defect Watch: Reserve Cores stays checked outside working hours even if "Apply during WH Only" is enabled
#7095 Client enhancement Watch: allow to run one instance of rrClientWatch per user
#7112 Client enhancement Windows: Processlist: new get owner/user name function for process list
#7109 Client enhancement PS test: log information about test result
#7105 Client enhancement Reset PS value if CPUs changed
#7085 Config defect Client Cost/Hour override not saved
#7111 Control enhancement Do not show "process already running" if different user started it
#7118 Control missing Preview image dockwindow: Disable Maximize Window if docked in UI
#7117 Control missing Preview image dockwindow: "Fit" scale if docked
#7070 Other defect rrKillWait does not support -rrRoot commandline flag
#7107 Other enhancement remove old .bat/.sh setenv files from installer
#7099 Python defect serverClientInfo.loadFromFile returns True when trying to load non existing file
#7098 Python defect serverstats.loadFromFile exiting with no error message when header is invalid
#7115 Render Config enhancement Maya: Do not initialize renderer for each frame if frame time less than 90s
#7079 Render Config enhancement Maya: remove log lines with .ai_translator' attribute and yeti dlls
#7076 Render Config enhancement Maya: Do not abort on error message "Unknown Maya file version" any more
#7092 Render Config missing 3dsmax: New render config for arnold and corona
#7082 Render Config missing Maya 2018 Udpate 3+: Allow to render Render Legacy Layers without pref change
#7081 Render Config missing Maya: Redshift: YETI plugin folder not set in maya.rrEnv
#7074 Render Config missing Maya: Arnold: Override Render Quality as job setting
#7113 Server defect Reassign clients on reset/Clear error broken
#7101 Server defect Global stats: "new frames rendered" not updated
#7088 Server defect Auto delete jobs: more jobs deleted than required if job count limit reached
#7073 Server missing Frames Rendered Table: no client access to the file; Server collects all info from clients via TCP
#7108 Submitter defect 3dsmax: [Camera] replacement broken
#7103 Submitter defect OSX: file "-rrRoot" on hdd root tricks rrSubmitter into thinking it is a scene file
#7086 Submitter defect Wait for Jobs: Jobs of other users are not loaded
#7083 Submitter defect Maya: Arnold: <Layer> in Imagedir should be moved to ImageName
#7096 Submitter enhancement Overrride editor: Filter by overridden settings only
#7093 Submitter Plugins defect Maya: RenderSetup StartFrame override fix results in wrong LegacyLayer Override value
#7084 Submitter Plugins defect Maya: MtoA v3: use .jpg instead of .jpeg
#7094 Submitter Plugins defect Maya: require extension after frame on submission
#7102 Submitter Plugins enhancement remote \r from RR_ROOT
#7091 Submitter Plugins missing 3dsmax: new menu item to keep user element filenames
#7089 rrCloud missing Handle/Forward TCP-ClientCfg and TCP-Framelist
#7050 Client defect Watch: Memory and Core range not labeled right
#7053 Client enhancement move default dayexecute batch script location
#7048 Client enhancement Render log: Show domain of user that startet rrClient
#7041 Client enhancement Shared exe: print files to be copied into render log before copy starts
#7040 Client enhancement Shared exe: copy only one version, not whole folder
#7034 Client enhancement increase render log file write delay from 1kB to 5kB (or 60sec)
#7036 Client missing Example dailyExecute: Windows: Clear users temp, Adobe caches and Redshift cache files
#7045 Client missing new render config variable <rrOS> (win, lx or osx)
#7039 Client missing Shared exe: RR does not use exact minor version for Redshift
#7061 Client new feature Enable after idle: Combine CPU usage with user interaction (mouse/keyboard)
#7035 Config defect Render Lic count not saved
#7054 Config enhancement Shotgun: New button "test login"
#7062 Config missing Show information if WorkiungHours are never applied (start hour== end hour)
#7033 Config missing Order: New rental and subscription button
#7049 Control defect Collect Debug Info: Wait until server created file has written bytes
#7030 Control defect text filter prevents hidden jobs to be updated
#7060 Help defect rrConfig, per Client config: UI re-arrangement not reflected in help
#7051 Other new feature New tool rrDeleteOldFiles
#6983 Pre/Post Script defect rrCreateVideo: Allow ; as slate tile charater as well
#7057 Python defect Scripted Job: Copy File: Error message about invalid output dir
#7058 Python defect _pythonGenericUI: Browse button should return backslash path on Windows
#7059 Render Config defect 3dsmax: Unable to get current frame in render pre-script
#7047 Render Config defect 3dsmax crassh if folder AppData\Roaming is missing
#7067 Render Config enhancement Maya: Create empty Yeti folder to remove MtoA warning message
#7037 Render Config enhancement Instead of creating new render app "Redshift Tiled", only change renderer to "tiled"
#7038 Server defect Authorization error log does not contain date+time
#7065 Server enhancement Send Job decision: Take complete Required Memory settings of other job threads into account
#7044 Server enhancement Do not rename 0byte files into _broken_
#7064 Submitter defect Parent app (Maya) memory usage not send with job settings "Required Memory"
#7056 Submitter defect Resolved file name preview: Single Output should not contain frame number ###
#7052 Submitter defect C4D: relative path starting with ../ broken
#4546 Submitter defect Submitter defaults UI editor: creating a new file does not show save button
#7063 Submitter enhancement Do not load scene parser plugins if started via plugin (Speed up, reduce DLL load by 2-5MB)
#7046 Submitter enhancement Do not assign GPU jobs to clients without any GPU set in its config
#7020 Submitter enhancement Submitter defaults UI editor: filter by name
#7055 Submitter Plugins defect Cinema4D: multipass name always added, even if already set in filename
#7031 Submitter Plugins defect Maya: Redshift: Missing slash in front of file name prefix
#7029 Viewer enhancement EXR info text: join seperate rgba channels into layers and count layers
#7066 rrCloud missing Azure: Scale Sets
#7018 Client defect ExecutePerChannel Post-script changes image sequence for non-ExecutePerChannel
#6997 Client defect Post-scripts are executed twice for stereo rendering even if ExecutePerChannel is false
#7028 Client defect rrEnv conversion: Qt adds another \r to the lineend
#7022 Client enhancement Arnold Denoise: render config setting sceneIsMultiFrame_copyBordering need to support +/- 2 frames
#7012 Client enhancement Show appMode/serviceMode in render log
#7011 Client enhancement rrClient/Watch usage memory reduction
#5961 Client enhancement Read/Write client config via rrServer
#6981 Client enhancement rrEnv rrCopy lines: replace \" with "
#6989 Client missing new render config setting <XWidth> and <YWidth> for tiled rendering
#7023 Client missing Arnold Denoise: new render config condition <containsSecondJobFrame> <containsSecondLastJobFrame>
#7010 Config defect Softimage "R2-SP2" recognized as version 2.
#7015 Config defect Client names: right case not used
#7014 Control defect Crash updating log page while receiving new job list from rrServer with deleted jobs
#7021 Control enhancement Auto-update render log files loaded in rrControl
#7013 Control enhancement "--all--" not first entry in render app dropdown box
#6972 Other enhancement RedShift Benchmark: update with new rrParseOuput features
#6992 Other missing rrParseOutput: replace system variables in commandline
#6979 Other missing rrEnv: baConvertEnvFile: cmd flag to export .sh as bash instead of csh
#6907 Other missing rrParseOutput: Execute multiple times: Verify new columns match old columns in file
#7003 Plugins SceneParser defect XML: Do not convert from utf8 if string contains unicode already
#7007 Plugins SceneParser enhancement Houdini: Take scene job creation should sort jobs in rrSubmitter by take
#7002 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: read nodes from /img, support "_geo_", "/geo", "/comp", "/rop_comp" and "/rs_"
#6994 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: Read Camera and Resolution
#6973 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: StereoCamRig support
#7004 Python enhancement dataFiles Module: load render lic config
#6991 Python missing New Scripted Job: Collect installed Houdini versions
#7025 Render Config defect Arnold Standalone: -l option misses slash in front of bin folder
#6995 Render Config defect Maya: Yeti Cross-OS does not work for absolute paths of pregenerated caches
#7017 Render Config enhancement Maya: remove "UUID already in use" from render log
#7005 Render Config enhancement Houdini: OpenGl: Abort on NVidia error message
#7001 Render Config enhancement Maya: remove unkown yeti node messages
#6987 Render Config enhancement Maya: Disable "save on crash"
#6993 Render Config missing Maya: remove Color Management file error for Cross OS (RR reports it as well)
#6990 Render Config missing Redshift: new config to render tiled images (without automatic assemble)
#6982 Render Config missing Blender: Execute scene python script to be able to load modules
#6980 Render Config missing Blender: rrEnv: Copy user preferences
#6971 Render Config missing houdini: rrEnv: add dsolib to LD_Library_Path
#7024 Render Config new feature Arnold Denoise: new render config
#7008 Server defect Allow to disable DistributeStartToEnd for per-frame scene jobs
#7006 Server defect Command send from rrControl to client shows rrServer instead of senders machine name
#6985 Server enhancement Delete RR7 client.stdb stat files
#6984 Server enhancement delete .upd files in render_apps/config
#7019 Server missing Execute pre and post-render script up to 3 times if crashed
#7009 Server missing Wait For: Already start preview frames if parent jobs have preview frames finished
#6999 Submitter Plugins defect Maya: Frame overrides not read right if scene FPS is not default 24
#6998 Submitter Plugins defect C4D: Remove old QTVR output IDs (Arnold dummy error)
#7000 Submitter Plugins enhancement Maya: remove unkown yeti node messages
#7027 Submitter Plugins missing Maya: Redshift: read AOVs
#7016 Workstation installer defect RR_ROOT install not influenced by relink config
#6943 All defect rrEnv conversion: add "" around echo command.
#6944 All new feature New job settings <SceneState> (similar to Layer or Channel)
#6942 Client defect Abort on high user CPU and enable after idle not working in all cases
#6919 Client defect client thread settings are not loaded if old version of client saved client.ini
#6952 Client defect Linux: network mapping: option "auto path" taken from osx
#6932 Config defect Cloud connector settings are shifted by one on save
#6951 Config defect UNC mapping Linux/OSX: auto path label has not removed ".local" as client does
#4676 Control enhancement Replace menu debug/Debug info zip with 7zip
#6937 Control enhancement Open Folder button when debuginfo is exported
#6966 Control missing job table: sort by max memory and cost missing
#6946 Control missing "No render license left" displayed at startup
#6949 Other defect rrParseOutput: Not working on Linux
#6950 Other enhancement rrParseOutput: app output: replace \r with \n
#6969 Other missing rrEnv: Linux: if contains does not work
#4675 Other new feature Zip/7zip/bzip class
#6940 Plugins Image new feature bGeo: new plugin for this file type to verify it is complete
#6938 Plugins SceneParser enhancement Houdini: Do not set take to "Main" if there are no other takes
#6935 Plugins SceneParser new feature Houdini: OpenGl nodes
#6939 Plugins SceneParser new feature Houdini: support geometry node
#5707 Plugins SceneParser new feature Houdini: Wedge support
#6968 Python defect CrossBatch: Linux: if contains does not work
#6926 Render Config defect Maya 2018 update3: Legacy Render layer not rendering any more
#6941 Render Config defect Maya: Cross-OS conversion for OCIO not working
#6928 Render Config enhancement Houdini rrEnv: add &; to all houdini variables
#6920 Render Config enhancement Houdini, Redshift: Do not set REDSHIFT_HOUDINI_ROOT if already set in __inhouse
#6933 Render Config missing Redshift: Abort process if it exports crash dump file
#6927 Server defect rrServer crashes sometimes if it tries to find new config for CloudConnector
#6948 Server defect Export Debug Info does not work if rrServer time is +3 minutes.
#6958 Server enhancement do not join frames into client segment if send difference higher than 3
#6957 Server new feature Disable frame if send more than 25 times
#6964 Submitter defect channel path conversion to relative path broken in some cases
#6956 Submitter defect python generricUI: Browse button: WRN QLayout: Attempting to add QLayout "" to _pythonGenericUI "", which already has a layout
#6965 Submitter enhancement UI: tooltips for rrSubmitter and rrControl
#6955 Submitter missing Scripted Jobs: Directly Execute from within script editor
#6934 Submitter Plugins defect Maya: submission does not work if Legacy Layers set and no render layers in scene file
#6967 Submitter Plugins enhancement add .strip("\r") to RR_ROOT env return value
#6963 Submitter Plugins enhancement Maya: Show message if RR network folder cannot be accessed
#6947 Submitter Plugins enhancement add rrSubmitterVersion to job data and all submission plugins
#6959 Submitter Plugins missing Nuke: Add nogui (rrSubmitterconsole) flag to python submit command
#6962 Viewer defect full res view: .exr files with big file size not loaded
#6954 Viewer defect Sort by size crashes if sequence misses frames
#6953 Viewer defect Sort by date/time not working
#6960 Viewer enhancement Change default display to RGB+Alpha
#6929 rrCloud enhancement Change connector tab label color if online
#6923 rrCloud enhancement client time stat changes
#6917 rrCloud enhancement rrCloudService: Linux: do not send restart command if exec changed from nothing
#6904 All defect JF multiconfig disable RR_DataTypes_RR_loadsave.cpp
#6912 Client defect Cloud Client reports "Server name does not match license" although running fine
#6903 Client defect Windows: Sleep mode resume does not reset "shutdown if idle" time
#6901 Client defect Windows: Auto-version change not working with UNC paths with digits in the share name
#6900 Client defect Nuke auto-version change not working on OSX
#6902 Client missing render config: support <rrJobVersion> and other variables instead of using <Exe> in render config
#6908 Other defect rrParserOutput: commandline flags with escaped " are not working
#6870 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: only enable jobs with takes that are set in the mantra node
#6905 Plugins SceneParser missing XML: keep release version of render application
#6916 Pre/Post Script enhancement rrAssembler: Exit if sum of all tiles is smaller than resulting image
#6914 Pre/Post Script missing Win/OSX 32bit: Remove rrCreateVideo
#6915 Pre/Post Script missing Win/OSX 32bit: Remove rrExrCrop
#6909 Python enhancement CrossBatch: addFlag(): Escape "
#6913 Python missing Win/OSX 32bit: Remove pyRR library
#6910 Python missing New scripted job: Collect installed Maya version
#6906 Render Config enhancement C4D: Cross OS conversion for texture paths
#6911 Submitter enhancement render app version should trucate release version (E.g.: Major.Minor.Release)
#6899 Submitter Plugins enhancement Blender: film output format and padding in film name
#6865 All defect ini reader: rrServer does not copy temp global config file
#6859 All defect bug in unicode version of string=string.toUni()
#6885 All missing ini reader/writer: create lock file if files are about to be changed
#6882 Client defect Windows: VRay/Arnold: core affinity is reset by renderer
#6866 Client enhancement upper/lowercase: client should use name as saved in config and not overwrite it by the OS name
#6860 Client missing do not modify client name case if there are lowercase letters in the name
#6895 Config missing +button: Allow to specify renderer as job thread setting
#6886 Control enhancement Client table: Show GPU usage as percentage bar
#6681 Control missing job table: add max memory used
#6896 Other defect EnvFileEditor: new IF line commented out
#6877 Other defect rrParseOutput: start log lines with [ or ]
#6890 Other defect 3dsmax: render element frame number with frame greater than 10000
#6871 Other enhancement rrParseOutput: Windows: get right csv seperator from OS
#6878 Other missing Startlocal Windows 64bit uses folder rrbin and not rrbin64
#6892 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: Redshift AOV without AOV prefix setting wrong
#6891 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: Redshift AOV filename read with ""
#6893 Plugins SceneParser enhancement Houdini: auto-check takes set in output node
#6873 Pre/Post Script defect rrAssembler: Linux: Exits without processing the file
#6881 Pre/Post Script enhancement cropExr: remove RR class
#6876 Python defect Scripted jobs: OSX. rrParseoutput executable not right
#6872 Python defect rrTable: save cell contents with "" if they contain cell seperators
#6889 Python missing Renderman denoise: new scripted job UI
#6862 Python missing Redshift Benchmark: Add information if GPU equal or does not exist
#6884 Render Config defect Maya: Apply OS conversion to Color Management files fix
#6880 Render Config defect Nuke: cross OS rendering: convert pahts only if they start with path
#6897 Render Config enhancement Redshift Standalone: Abort on License fail
#6879 Render Config missing Maya: Cross OS conversion not case insensitive
#6888 Server defect average frame time calculation issue after restart
#6894 Server missing Allow to specify renderer as job thread setting
#6861 Submitter missing Python SceneParser and Scripted jobs: auto-find sequence of multi-frame scene sequence
#6868 rrCloud defect p_notConfiguredYet should not trigger configure if autoConf Checkbox is disabled
#6887 rrCloud enhancement service: do not wait 90 seconds for system config if already restarted once
#6867 rrCloud enhancement hide CreateVMs UI elements for Batch
#6857 All defect Linux: Window Icons not loaded
#6813 All defect ini file creation broken
#6797 All defect ini reader: Spaces in group names are loaded as %20
#6858 All defect ini reader: Empty values are recognized as invalid
#6806 All defect rrEnv: Escape environment value if it ends with backslash
#6790 All defect ini reader: EURO currency sign not loaded if differrent ansi code page used
#6827 All enhancement client array: reduce memory usage by 5MB
#6795 All enhancement DarkUI: slightly modifications to reduce contrast
#6852 All missing rrEnv: modify if and copy syntax to be better editable without rrEnveditor
#6851 All missing rrEnv: new if node "contains"
#6826 All missing reduce clients.ini size up to 15%
#6787 All missing rrEnv Linux: do not use eval if variable in value, only if second variable in variable name
#6844 Client enhancement reduce time between app startup and first idle report
#6843 Client enhancement Decrease time until next client status report if enable/disable command was send
#6809 Client enhancement While startup: Send different status while mounting drives
#6802 Client enhancement Collect system processes once and not for each job thread seperately
#6838 Client missing Escape VBar | in commandline
#6832 Client missing new env var GPUInstalledList
#6818 Client missing new commandline variables <SeqFrameList> <SeqFrameList+-1>
#6819 Client missing new commandline variables <hasFirstJobFrame> <hasLastJobFrame>
#6803 Config enhancement Join Yeti plugin licenses into one global Yeti license count
#6807 Config missing Linux: add vers=2.0 to default SMB mount options
#6791 Config missing Warn if RR drive space is less than 10MB
#6846 Control defect Client names become uppercase once online
#6855 HistoryDB enhancement Reduce Column size to fit content
#6848 Other defect rrParseOutput: unique name is not searched for with case insensitivity
#6854 Other missing rrResetexitcode: add silent mode
#6853 Other missing rrParseOutput: output app output while it is running
#6835 Plugins Image defect Fixed memory leak inside OpenEXR library
#6834 Plugins Image enhancement recompile imageArchive
#6829 Plugins Image missing Windows: recompile png image reader
#6368 Plugins Image missing compile openExr with pdb files
#6798 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: $F00, but not ${F00 supported as frame number
#6850 Python missing New scripted job Redshift Benchmark
#6849 Python missing CrossBatch class: add function setEnvVar()
#6831 Python missing CrossBatch class: add function addCondition()
#6830 Python missing CrossBatch class: add function addCommentLine()
#6847 Render Config defect Softimage: VRay: Frame number added to file name twice
#6840 Render Config defect Maya: YETI env copy does not create local folder if yet does not exist, but is required
#6794 Render Config defect Maya: remove rrClient texture replacement .ma files for cross rendering
#6792 Render Config defect Maya/Houdini rrEnv: Redshift: Linux uses a different plugin path
#6821 Render Config missing Nuke: Apply OS conversion: convert Read/Write-Geo nodes
#6822 Render Config missing Nuke: Apply OS conversion: Always convert paths from all other OS in case a OSX scene was submitted from Windows
#6828 Render Config missing Nuke: Apply OS conversion: convert geo LUT nodes
#6841 Render Config missing Maya: All: New job option to disable the parallel Evaluation Manager
#6805 Render Config missing Katana: Icon missing
#6804 Render Config missing Maya: Apply OS conversion to YETI cache files
#6801 Render Config missing Maya: Apply OS conversion to arnold VDB volumes
#6800 Render Config missing Maya: Apply OS conversion to Redshift proxies
#6796 Render Config missing Nuke: change render license based on client config setting "Workstation" license
#6823 Render Config new feature Renderman denoise: new render config
#6825 Server defect Reducing Sequence length calculates invalid m_framesLeft
#6788 Server defect crash unloading notification plugins at server close
#6824 Server enhancement rrServerWatch: change message "not started" + "on this machine"
#6789 Server enhancement remove HandlControlList log message again
#6624 Setup enhancement rename exe files before delete
#2406 Setup enhancement updater should compare installed and update version and report if error
#6810 Setup enhancement Do not add __inhouse files to the list of "Not Updated Files Information"
#6842 Setup missing Delete IE NTFS Zone.Identifier file attribute ("Do you want to run this file?")
#6856 Submitter missing Python scene parser do not update job table in rrSubmitter (e.g. Toonboom)
#6837 Submitter Plugins missing Maya: Support override collections inside collections
#6836 Submitter Plugins missing Maya: Support cameras with exact same node name as transform node
#6845 Viewer defect Log file background color wrong
#6808 rrCloud missing Send VM cfg init status back to rrCloudmanager
#5723 rrCloud missing Manager: handle TCP connect for client and global config
#6787 All missing rrEnv Linux: do not use eval if variable in value, only if second variable in variable name
#6770 All defect ftp/sftp: new libcurl version fixes proxy server
#6782 Client defect Crash if server sendds new client config while app closes
#6776 Client defect KeepSceneOpen: Does not work if client cannot save/copy render log into RR/rrJobData
#6761 Client defect Configuration menu item not working
#6747 Client defect 3dsmax: render config 2019 taken for 2017 jobs
#6772 Client enhancement Add installed and used GPU info to render log header
#6771 Client enhancement OSX: remove GPU test error
#6786 Client missing Watch: add rrHistoryDB to tray icon
#6755 Client missing Post-script config: support for RemoveLines/ReltimeAbort/Errorlines settings
#6741 Config defect UI does not update client preset if clicked once
#6742 Config defect fileserver tab not locked by admin pass
#6745 Config defect rrConfig duplicates .exe in "Disable if process is found" setting
#6785 Control defect changing render app to "3D", then changing user to "all" does not work
#6784 Control defect wrong log color for render of 2. archive
#6754 Control defect render log file list scrolls to top on update
#6752 Control defect first click on preview images opens window, but does not show image itself
#6750 Control defect "No render license left" should show Maya-Vray instead of just Maya
#6773 Help missing render config: update variable table for commandlines
#6783 Other defect EnvFileEditor: Crash on line type change
#6775 Other defect CheckExitCode: wrong frame number send if frame >32000
#6756 Plugins SceneParser enhancement Houdini: do not add AOVs with empty filename
#6781 Plugins SceneParser missing Rhino V-Ray 3 - animation and render elements support
#6769 Python enhancement new functions job.IDmain() and job.IDpre()
#6739 Python enhancement rrTable: seperate saveAsCsvComma() and saveAsCsvSemicolon functions
#6780 Python missing Event Plugins: Send job/client commands
#6779 Python missing Event Plugins: Get client list
#6778 Python missing Event Plugins: Get job list
#6768 Python missing jobGetInfoSend(): Jobs list out of sync if last job deleted
#6740 Python missing new commandline flag: -pythonModList %PYTHONPATH%
#6757 Render Config defect Redshift: set environment variables for local exe copy
#6763 Render Config enhancement Maya: VRay: Enable bitmap caching between frames
#6764 Render Config enhancement Clarisse: rrEnv preset to set license server
#6753 Render Config enhancement Houdini: Redshift: disable skip existing for .rs export
#6743 Render Config enhancement 3dsmax: move plugin folder settings file
#6767 Render Config missing OSX/Linux: Python execution: Set Pythonpath if not already set
#6647 Render Config missing Nuke: cross OS rendering: not working with local render out change
#6298 Render Config missing 3dsmax: State sets
#6746 Render Config missing Cinema4D: Error if required plugin is missing
#6777 Sequence Check enhancement re-layout error messages
#6774 Server defect Limit job to max 100 000 frames (old limit: 32 000)
#6760 Server defect per app thread settings logic removed by c++ compiler
#6744 Server defect preview approval job does not render
#6749 Submitter Plugins defect Maya: VRay: Elements are not assembled if tiled render is used
#6748 Viewer defect larger image info lines distort UI
#6762 __unknown missing Submit Copy of Scene
#5525 rrCloud check/verify InvalidTemplateDeployment Message
#6730 rrCloud defect max job pool quota is 20, starting 40 nodes does not work
#6759 rrCloud defect rrConfig: Invalid password message if new Cloud Connector created
#6722 rrCloud defect cloud connector with name "windows" not allowed as storage name with tradmark name not allowed
#6758 rrCloud defect rrConfig: No warning message on new connector if cloud connector name already exists
#6694 rrCloud defect Disable cloud connector if no cloud provider set
#6728 rrCloud defect python button crashes
#6725 rrCloud defect Batch client IP does not match node number
#6751 rrCloud defect rrLazyPeasant: Do not create env file if license var is not set
#6741 Client defect UI does not update client preset if clicked once
#6742 Config defect fileserver tab not locked by admin pass
#6739 Python enhancement rrTable: seperate saveAsCsvComma() and saveAsCsvSemicolon functions
#6740 Python missing new commandline flag: -pythonModList %PYTHONPATH%
#6743 Render Config enhancement 3dsmax: move plugin folder settings file
#6744 Server defect preview approval job does not render
#6677 Client defect Linux: mount does not change owner for parent folder of mount point
#6700 Client defect auto-version change not working if render app uninstalled, but same as submission version
#6680 Client defect remove limitation of 127 render config files (now max 32000)
#6719 Client enhancement uncrease log pipe buffer to 20kb
#6708 Client enhancement speed up log output capture pipe
#6690 Client enhancement Mark "Job Aborted" lines with Warning or Error flags to color them in rrControl
#6704 Client enhancement change client stats interval to every 30s instead of 20s (-20MB mem usage)
#6697 Client enhancement C-Watch: reduce memory usage
#6696 Client enhancement memory reduction _RenderAppList -7MB
#6688 Client enhancement rename rrErr: into common used name StdErr:
#6679 Client enhancement C-Watch remove job class
#6718 Client missing support for second separate render log and split render log
#6711 Client missing Linux/OSX: mount NFS at client startup
#6738 Config defect Cloud renderer license not unchecked for new CloudConnector
#6714 Config defect more job threads shown if multiple clients selected
#6712 Config missing NFS mount option
#6655 Control defect Job option "Re-execute in 168 hours" does not seem to set job start date to 7 days later (rrConfig dropdowb missing 7)
#6693 Control enhancement Adjust log file colors
#6703 HistoryDB defect re-submit jobs broken as rrSubmitter does not show jobs
#6692 Other enhancement rrCopy: log lines start with uppercase CP
#6731 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: Arnold/Redshift version not applied to Archive jobs
#6727 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: AOV/Channels are added to the archive generation job, not the archive render job
#6721 Plugins SceneParser defect Lightwave 2018: read new buffer list render output
#6733 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: Redshift: Missing point before AOV filename suffix
#6713 Python defect Python requires right login pass for all actions that change jobs
#6732 Render Config defect Houdini HtoA: not loaded from local cache folder
#6715 Render Config defect 3dsmax 2018: Arnold and Fluid plugin folder missing
#6682 Render Config defect Houdini HtoA: htoa.searchpath not found
#6720 Render Config enhancement add <AvFrameTimeSec> to all render configs as perparation to speed up GPU rendering
#6686 Render Config enhancement 3dsmax: remove warning message if folder %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming does already exist
#6698 Render Config missing Rhino V-Ray 3
#6716 Render Config missing 3dsmax 2019: use batch executable
#6717 Render Config missing 3dsmax: copy full max log into rrJobData folder (rrControl log list)
#6691 Render Config missing New render config option "RemoveFromLog="
#6689 Render Config missing New render config option "MarkStandardErrorOutput"
#6684 Server defect User list: Last job rendered not set if user is project
#6699 Server defect close plugins: isLoaded not set to false
#6706 Server enhancement new threads for job checks
#6705 Server enhancement new thread to convert preview jpeg
#6707 Server missing new thread for python events
#4490 Server new feature Server: Event python scripts
#6702 Setup defect 8.2 license requirement warning is not shown in alll cases
#6734 Submitter defect jobs not shown if scene format has no scene parser
#6709 Submitter defect changing renderer from redshift to redshift_wmark does not keep redshift version
#6695 Submitter defect <SceneFolder>\..\ does not work
#6710 Submitter new feature change MultipleInstances into a job setting
#6724 Submitter Plugins defect Maya RenderSetup: override collection filters like *cam* are not taken into account for render settings
#6723 Submitter Plugins enhancement Blender: addon author information missing
#6737 rrCloud missing added hint for potentially unavailable VM sizes
#6736 rrCloud missing added location check
#6735 rrCloud missing Cloud Provider: NFS setting for RR path
#6685 rrCloud missing Azure: Adding Vmtype E
#6664 All enhancement Print licenseInfo into log
#6666 Client defect Windows: Log explorer.exe owners on user login change
#6669 Client enhancement C-Watch remove render app paths list
#6667 Client missing new render config parameter <RenderAppPath:Nuke>
#6657 Client missing log available memory on startup
#6658 Config enhancement Fileserver map/mount: Warn if the same path/drive is used twice
#6660 Control missing free/block render license: split by license region
#6663 HistoryDB missing old 8.1 jobs have shifted lettter in names in job variables
#6671 Other defect rrEnv file: Ubuntu does not like variables with more than 30 letters
#6670 Other missing rrEnv file: ## is not recognized as commented out
#6665 Plugins SceneParser missing XML: remove # from wrong formatted frame padding "%04d#"
#6676 Python missing New Scripted Job: Create Weekly Stats
#6659 Render Config defect HOUDINI_SOHO_PATH missing the houdini install path
#6650 Render Config defect Cinema 4D: dollar sign tokens ($pass) fail on OsX
#6673 Render Config missing 3dsmax: support file number base (frame offset) for default output
#6661 Render Config missing Maya: Redshift: New job option to disable the parralell Evaluation Manager
#6649 Server defect Abort on privileged clients does not work with render app type
#6646 Server defect limit number of preview frames to 20
#6678 Service enhancement Windows: Do not change rights of RR_Locladata
#6662 Setup defect startlocal.sh does not have executable rights
#6645 Setup enhancement rename exe files if they are about to be deleted
#6654 Submitter defect remove colon from submitter option "Re-ExecuteJobAfterHours"
#6653 Submitter defect job.rrParam does not return value
#6652 Submitter defect new Scripted Jobs are not displayed in the job table
#6651 Submitter Plugins defect Cinema 4D: directory name in channel causes path duplication
#6674 Submitter Plugins missing 3dsmax: warn in file number base (frame offset) is used with VRay Framebuffer
#6596 rrCloud check/verify Batch account without "Bring Your Own Subscription" (update help as well)
#6672 rrCloud defect service: first umask wrong, second right
#6045 rrCloud new feature Python command buttons in UI to control other cloud instances (e.g. start fileserver)
#6641 All missing new commandline flag: -render_apps_folder [folder]
#6634 Client defect "Ignore working hours if user X logged in" broken
#6630 Client defect Thread A GPU settings not read
#6632 Client enhancement Change render log information about max mem/CPU/GPU usage
#6631 Client missing config opion to use deprecated way to reduce cores
#6640 Control defect Job Info UI: Channel 5 file name not in the right location
#6371 Other defect License DB calculation issues
#6639 Render Config enhancement VRay/Windows 10: Prevent Vray crash by setting VRAY_VFB_GUI = 0
#6638 Render Config enhancement set frozen limits to 30min/0.3Cores for execute/python jobs
#6642 Render Config missing houdini.rrEnv: Arnold and Redhsift missing HOUDINI_SOHO_PATH
#6643 Service defect Windows: Do not set admin rights for folder RR_Localdata
#6644 Submitter defect Houdini: renderIFD output folder contains "database" instead of <Database>
#6614 rrCloud enhancement Refresh UI more often than the internal rrCloudConnector loop timer
#6600 rrCloud missing get time stats of VM (via Right-click?)
#6620 All defect rrEnv: disabled multi-line expressions not commented out
#6543 All defect Linux: filesize of rrShared.lib?
#6610 Client defect KSO scene not closed on restart if client is not rendering
#6621 Client enhancement reduce crop EXr file limit to 300MB file/2000 GB memory
#6612 Client missing new render config flag <AvFrameTimeSec>
#6604 Config defect client thread count not saved
#6602 Config defect compressed file saver does not warn if user has no write access
#6609 Control defect UI (Client assignment) not updated if user confirmed "reassign" on reset or clear error
#6518 Control missing Job table: Show Client need
#6601 Pre/Post Script enhancement rrAssembler: increase memory limit to 12GB
#6608 Render Config defect Workaround for 3dsmax 2018 update 2 crash
#6622 Render Config enhancement C4D: Octane: render multiple frames at once
#6605 Render Config enhancement 3dsmax: add "unknown exception" as error message
#6611 Server defect watch thread needs to check other threads for execution in time
#6619 Server enhancement Log all TCP connections that require authorizazions into log file (not failed ones only)
#6613 Server enhancement Distribute Start to End should not skip crashed frames
#6579 Setup missing set executable rights for 3rdparty apps
#6607 Submitter missing <SubmitterParameter> can contain rrSubmitter flags like -NESC
#6603 Submitter Plugins enhancement 3dsmax: add service pack version to job
#6581 rrCloud defect configure called for created clients every minute although the max start value was never that high
#6617 rrCloud defect rrCloudmanager missing client app paths precompiler switch
#6616 rrCloud defect rrCloudService: Windows: log file line end not Windows
#5626 rrCloud defect powerstate of all machines requested, although only 2 started
#6573 rrCloud defect handle error mesage if image was not found for initial copy
#6623 rrCloud enhancement Config: Add Core, Ghz, GPU information to selection dropdown
#6606 rrCloud enhancement Change message "Unable to connect to Azure Client..." that it includes the info the machine could be booting
#6615 rrCloud missing add client name to remote desktop file so the RDP title bar shows it
#6498 rrCloud missing config: service UMask setting for linux
#6317 rrCloud missing config: verify entered settings
#6599 rrCloud missing Config: Option to disable all rrCloudManager features that show passwords
#6570 rrCloud missing Log Start/Stop of CloudConnector
#6562 All defect Find process ID by name broken
#6549 All defect .csv export: SeqFrameSet not exported
#6585 Client defect Linux/OSX: Last log lines can be missing in jobs render log
#6561 Client defect <rrLocalbin> is missing a slash
#6555 Client defect crash on local render out job type with no frames
#6547 Client defect Linux: status header has wrong size in TCP thread only
#6531 Client defect rrMessage Notification crashes rrClientWatch
#6588 Client enhancement Increase job threads to 8
#6574 Client enhancement Increase EXR crop file size limit to 375 MB
#6548 Client enhancement Cloud: Do not trigger a hardware change if system memory differs by 128 MB
#6529 Client missing render config: new variable <SeqFrameSet>
#6540 Client new feature Windows: Instant (up to 15s) change of "Reserve CPU" setting
#6591 Config defect selecting client with config preset markes config require save
#6431 Config enhancement GPU settings and threads should not be part of the config preset.
#6590 Config enhancement client config: remove setting for multi-instance jobs
#6589 Config enhancement Reduce min window height for x900 displays
#6587 Config enhancement Cloud Config Preset: set "do nto accept any post-scripts" as default value for new RR installation
#6569 Control defect New client python script is saved in job plugin folder
#6556 Control defect client frame segment process bar slightly wrong
#6535 Control defect Update Wait Time days if rrControl stays open over night
#6527 Control missing new column clientneed (info for cloud)
#6550 Other defect rrEnv: Linux: variables as part of variable names are not supported yet
#6546 Other defect waitNRestart: restart server has not enough time to disconnect drives
#6572 Other enhancement Linux: Decrease rrShared file size
#6538 Other missing rrEnv: Windows: add "call" command if user has set a .cmd batch file
#6558 Plugins SceneParser defect Maya 2017: Use new submission plugin
#6594 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: support ${Var} in addition to $Var
#6575 Pre/Post Script enhancement rrAssembler: output list of filenames found if tiles have not been found
#6567 Python new feature pyRR2_datafiles: add serverClientInfo class
#6586 Render Config defect 3dsmax: render elements to subfolder does not work if VRay "Split RGBA" is enabled and no main outpout set
#6551 Render Config defect Maya: Linux: VRay Shared install: rrEnv file missing LD_LIBRARY_PATH
#6592 Render Config enhancement add <CustomFlags> to execute any python configs
#6583 Render Config missing Maya: Abort on message "Failed batch render"
#6582 Render Config missing Maya: rrEnv: write pgYetiMaya.mod
#6330 Render Config new feature Maya: Submit scene with pick python script
#6578 Sequence Check missing Frameset support
#6595 Server defect Linux: rrServer uses systems libcurl instead of RRs lib
#6577 Server defect Accept all post-script setting not working for all jobs
#6528 Server defect calculate client need if job is enabled (check job)
#6576 Server defect "take all post-scripts" setting does not get job if job hasn't assiged a single client
#6593 Server enhancement Message "rrServer-Watch process already running, pleasae check tray icon"
#2787 Server new feature "real" frameset support
#6557 Service defect Linux: Create HOME folder if it does not exist
#6580 Setup missing set executable rights for 3rdparty apps
#6536 Submitter defect last image channel extension can get corrupted at submission
#6530 Submitter defect NotifyFinish type not set if dropdown box not touched
#6539 Submitter enhancement increase max value of client memory filter
#6534 Submitter enhancement Warn if "Start after" time is already over
#6532 Submitter Plugins defect Blender: .tiff read, but blender uses .tif
#6533 Workstation installer defect CentOS: rrWorkstationInstaller does not start
#5545 rrCloud defect Really Configured? Although it got an error
#6447 rrCloud defect VM creation failed status read as "running"
#5526 rrCloud defect "Unable to connect to Azure Client" after stopped
#6568 rrCloud defect Do not auto-shutdown "broken" clients if auto configure is disabled
#6584 rrCloud enhancement Name resource groups with prefix rrC_
#6386 rrCloud enhancement config: Cloud Manager IP default value should be "<auto>"
#6365 rrCloud enhancement "deallocated" should have a slightly dark gray color
#6544 rrCloud missing [ResponseParserArm::convertToBatchState] Unknown status 'rebooting'
#6542 rrCloud missing CloudConnector::update still called after CloudConnector was destroyed
#6566 rrCloud missing Right-click File Browser Connection: Windows to Linux
#6553 rrCloud missing Azure Arnold and Maya licensing fixes
#6195 rrCloud missing Handle "no client status x minutes"
#6397 rrCloud missing option to shutdown clients now or after job if "start VMs" reduced
#5625 rrCloud missing If Client stats received and != off, then set vm to running
#6563 rrCloud new feature Putty SSH connection via right-click
#6519 All defect DataChange: job: Add seperate client need value for cloud
#6503 All defect DataChange: License file: support multiple rental licenses
#6451 All defect DataChange: stats statsMaxAvMem limited to 64GB
#6522 All enhancement Discontinue 32bit UI applications
#6352 All enhancement DataChange: job: client list reduction
#6300 All enhancement DataChange: job: Increase size of CustomSequence, Shot and Version
#6456 All enhancement DataChange: job TCP min info list limited to 15 000 jobs, increase to 52000
#6346 All missing DataChange: job log needs slot for thread ID
#6514 All missing DataChange: client status class support up to 8 job threads
#6478 All missing DataChange: CloudConnector status: costs
#6512 All missing DataChange: job: Add seperate count for cloud costs
#6500 Client defect do not convert .deep.exr files
#6521 Client defect Linux: ignore user name "unknown" as user logged in
#6525 Client enhancement on rrMessage receive, bring window to front and wait 1.5s to not catch keyboard input
#6497 Config defect Cloud: Vm OS not saved
#6517 Control enhancement Reset Job enables job
#6180 HistoryDB enhancement DataChange historyDB: remove channels and multi-image strings
#6501 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: Local Scene Copy not disabled if Redshift AOV uses $HIP
#6502 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: Add AOVs to job channel list
#6524 Server defect thumbnail preview: do not use file to to assume the client has created the file
#6454 Server defect DataChange: job: support more than 32000 frames per job
#6510 Server enhancement TCP header: support to handle old headers
#6473 Server missing DataChange: Client DeassignError count (for cloud connectors)
#6523 Server missing Linux/osx: set thumbnail preview file rights to 666
#6434 Server missing DataChange: rrControl Server should send option "do not show jobs is user cannot access them" with job list
#6496 Setup enhancement packager: Name "Royal Render" missing in file name
#6509 Submitter Plugins defect Maya 2018: version not read right
#6526 Workstation installer defect deinstall does not remove service folder if service not active
#6119 rrCloud defect source image: private storage blob did not work
#6480 rrCloud missing Service: create/link global temp folder
#6463 All defect Windows file properties missing version
#6439 All defect Windows 10: UI scale setting
#6435 All enhancement remove Qt network lib from rrSubmitter and rrControl
#6494 Client defect Cloud: disabling "allow shutdown" has no effect
#6493 Client defect Linux: auto-mount tries to re-mount again if UNC contains backslashes
#6443 Client enhancement move render log pipe reader into seperate thread
#6491 Client missing Linux: Set RR_LocalData to be accessed by admins (wheel)
#6452 Control defect Job status is set to "preview" on refresh
#6370 Control enhancement on "select job of client", scroll to location
#6441 Control enhancement Job table: Keep scroll position if a job was deleted
#6440 Control enhancement Faster job selection as hidden/background tabs are not updated any more
#6438 Control enhancement speedup second job list request receive (1/3 times faster)
#6495 Control missing dockwindows top row, change to slim height if width is sufficient
#6468 Other defect Linux: Houdini.rrEnv file conversion reports missing "}"
#6436 Pre/Post Script defect Assembler does not work if renderer crops tile to 1x1 pixel
#6453 Pre/Post Script defect Video: remove illegal filename letters from layer name
#6460 Render Config defect Cinema 4D: render fails on resolutions with non rounded decimals
#6446 Render Config defect C4d: Octane: GPU thread settings not taken into account.
#6466 Render Config defect Maya function to remove layer overrides not working with render setup, find workaround
#6449 Render Config defect Redshfit: Use local Redshift license
#6492 Render Config enhancement Maya: OS conversion enabled
#6444 Render Config enhancement maya: disable cycle check
#6481 Render Config missing MtoA: Linux: add \scripts\mtoa\mel to MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH
#6475 Render Config missing MayaIO support
#6442 Server defect WOL before working hours broken
#6465 Server enhancement CloudConnector: Send only one job to one thread at a time
#6490 Service defect Linux: change function that apply all user groups to process (including domain)
#6488 Service defect Linux: Use user@domain.local instead of domain\user
#6448 Service defect Password not decoded
#3645 Service missing set umask (via rrWorkstationInstaller)
#6467 Submitter defect Channel folder name removed
#6462 Submitter Plugins defect Maya: VRay: layer _rs removal wrongly checked for Vray 3.52, but change was in 3.52.03
#6464 Workstation installer defect Linux: shell script to set MayaPluginPath missing line ends
#6461 Workstation installer enhancement new service settings config file format
#6469 rrCloud defect VM to create larger than VM to start > "Shutdown Idle Clients"
#6396 rrCloud defect Increase "start vms" does not work any more after manual shutdown command
#6483 rrCloud defect service: get rrCloudManger IP at TCP connection to set it in hostfile
#6476 rrCloud defect VMs manual shut-downed do not auto-start any more without app restart
#6471 rrCloud defect Service: logfile should be written in binary mode
#6192 rrCloud enhancement remote desktop connection: use config file with more settings
#6458 rrCloud enhancement Reducing "VMs to Start" value deallocates VMs after 3 minuts of idle time
#6459 rrCloud enhancement Log if client gets online
#6455 rrCloud enhancement use <auto> for RR Root and manager IP
#6146 rrCloud enhancement Split write connectorconfig by CloudManager and rrConfig
#6482 rrCloud missing use storage prefix based on CRC8hex(cloud connector and company) as storage has to be unique
#6474 rrCloud missing Service: Linux: Allow OS shutdown for all users
#6472 rrCloud missing Service should wait for driver installation before joining domain (restart)
#6433 All defect startlocal: disable debug mode
#6429 All enhancement RR_ROOT should be set to exeRoot, not configRoot
#6422 Client enhancement Render log: Show total machine GPU usage in addition to thread config assigned GPUs only
#6428 Config defect Client UNC map preset not saved
#6427 Config defect enable/disable signals from checkboxes are not working any more
#6430 Config defect default presets for new clients not applied
#6426 Config defect Disabling 2nd User does not clear config setting
#6421 Control enhancement speedup first job list request receive (7 times faster)
#6424 Pre/Post Script defect AllowedForSingleOutput should be true for some scripts
#6425 Pre/Post Script enhancement pre/post script config: Allow "true" instead of 1 as bool value
#6417 Server defect More frames send than allowed via sequence divide max
#6418 Service missing Linux: Create RR_Localdata folder if it does not exist
#6419 rrCloud defect match Linux timezone with Windows timezone: Daylight saving not applied
#6416 rrCloud enhancement Azure Batch: Add VRay license and fix license deployment template
#6420 rrCloud missing Start/close splashscreen
#6403 All defect OSX: unknown tablet event error
#6399 Client defect Linux: echo of rrEnv set lines not not resolve variable
#6394 Client defect local sync: crash if no memory left
#6369 Client enhancement Verify all render processes are closed at client restart if no memory left
#6382 Client new feature Linux: Mount drives
#6411 Config defect "Delete finished jobs if there are more than X": UI element was limited to 9000 jobs
#6383 Config defect clients.ini: corrupt render app config of one client does not influence other clients any more
#6357 Config defect Login tab: User selection does not work after multiple deletes
#6414 Config missing 32bit rrConfig removed
#6364 HistoryDB missing csv export: Add column JobID
#6404 Other defect OSX startlocal: app icon grayed out
#6376 Other defect OSX startlocal: afx version not read
#6375 Other defect NodeJs: Memory release Bug in custom Int64 Class
#6374 Other missing Shared.dll: add LineReplaceWithBool
#6388 Plugins SceneParser defect Mental Ray: 3dsmax: absolute output path recognized as relative
#6389 Plugins SceneParser missing Mental Ray: support incremental .mi files
#6363 Python enhancement pyRR: compress TCP commands send
#6402 Render Config defect osx: Cinema4D: render script not copied
#6407 Render Config missing Arnold: commandline parameter for static .ass files
#6372 Render Config missing Katana: catch license error messages of renderman and yeti
#6405 Server defect RuntimeWarning: to-Python converter for class *** already registered
#6406 Server defect Python plugin: message that python objects are already created
#6400 Server defect fix crash on client sort with special job
#6410 Service defect service does not autostart after installation ("proces already running")
#6379 Service defect Linux: stopping the service does not stop the client on Centos 7.3
#6387 Service defect server restart does not work in domain environment
#6384 Service defect Windows Event Log: The description for Event ID 0 cannot be found.
#6358 Service defect service checks wrong thread check file
#5847 Service enhancement reduce wait time if client app not found or cannot be started
#6378 Service enhancement change service config
#6408 Setup defect Do not overwrite files in renderapps/render_plugins folder
#6413 Submitter defect -WID -WWID commandline flags switched
#6392 Submitter defect OSX: AFX version not read
#6390 Submitter enhancement Always raise window to be the front window after loading the UI
#6373 Submitter Plugins defect vray 3.52: remove rs_ from layer name
#6412 Workstation installer defect 64bit OS: rrWorkstationInstaller does not deinstall 32bit, but tries to install 64bit
#6391 Workstation installer enhancement OSX: Raise window to be the front window
#6401 Workstation installer missing copy rrServercommander to service folder
#6381 Workstation installer missing add RR service user to wheel (admin) group
#6385 rrCloud defect Azure: Multiple Regions
#6188 rrCloud defect rrConfig: Hide OpenVPN settings
#5744 rrCloud defect Compiler error, Clouddata.h, line 96, comparing different enums
#5747 rrCloud defect compiler warning: VirtualNetworkDialog:OnStorageState does not handle all enum states
#5746 rrCloud defect compiler warning: ResourceCreator::updateStorages does not handle all enum states
#5745 rrCloud defect compiler warning: Cloudconnector::changeState does not handle all enum states
#5530 rrCloud enhancement CloudSystem.cpp: set time zone
#6377 rrCloud missing New Azure Batch render licenses
#6279 rrCloud missing compiler warning: CloudCLient::statecolor does not handle all enum states
#6278 rrCloud missing Compiler error, Cloudconnector.cpp, line 1898, comparing different enums
#5433 rrCloud missing Azure RM: missing status "Failed", "Updating", "Creating"
#6193 rrCloud missing CloudInstaller: enable admin shares
#6196 rrCloud new feature rrCloudLicense request: PHP website
#6055 rrCloud new feature Azure Batch
#6333 Client defect Argument missing: {4MEe} Almost no drive space left
#6349 Client defect If aborted because of license failure, then error is aborted and not license failure
#6326 Client defect dirty fix: replace houdini_dso_error with houdini_dso_err that it is not shown as error
#6340 Client enhancement do not start GPU thread if there is no GPU
#6314 Client enhancement New Job Log status "Render Successful (NO FRAMES?)"
#6306 Client missing Local Render Out: Warn at end of a log file if no frame was rendered
#6341 Client missing replace <ImageStereoL>, M> and R> in file name
#6318 Config defect ini parser: counter for CommonData increases with each save
#6327 Config defect Shotgun Installation: C++ code executed in wrong order after compile
#6336 Config enhancement +10 client groups
#6292 Config enhancement Save OS Conversion into seperate .ini file
#6335 Control defect Group by layer: Group even if submission tiem differs by less a than a second
#6080 Control defect Quicktime button broken for 3 letter {JID}
#6315 Control enhancement modify Job Log colors
#6311 Control enhancement cleint framer progress bar: show started frames as 50% of frame
#6347 Help defect Frozen settings for render config missing
#6328 Other defect CheckExitCode: Shared memory has wrong data size!
#6337 Plugins Image enhancement .ifd: Mark files as broken is there is no houdini header
#6309 Plugins SceneParser defect .mi, Mantra, Messiah, combution: Plugin returns "data error" instead of "no file name" if there is no image output
#6286 Plugins SceneParser defect XML: CustomSeQName node value misses spacing
#6348 Render Config defect Maya: Redshift: region render
#6343 Render Config defect layerstates render for Rhino
#6325 Render Config defect HOUDINI_PATH: error if variable does not exist before
#6295 Render Config defect 3dsmax: replace : in layer name with underscore
#6296 Render Config defect 3dsmax: replace [Layer] in elements filename
#6291 Render Config defect Maya: Linux: Setenv needs to create mtoa folder, otherwise the render aborts
#6284 Render Config defect VRay: Maya 2016.5 network install sets variable name 2016.5 instead of 2016_5
#6285 Render Config enhancement Maya Redshift: Recognize "Frame Aborted" as Error message
#6312 Render Config missing Katana: rrEnv for shared Renderman installation
#6350 Render Config new feature VRed support
#6339 Sequence Check defect Recompile sequencecheck. Negative sizes
#6329 Server defect Crash while collecting statistical information
#6310 Server defect "Fileserver Difference" error: Error triggered if no frame rendered for a long time
#6287 Server defect Memory Access error while receiving job
#6354 Server defect new 8.1.01 average frame time breaks on server restart
#6307 Service enhancement threadCheckfile can be in service folder or tc subfolder
#6313 Setup missing delete should delete from /rr_original as well
#6332 Submitter defect OnSubmit Scripts are not applied if group collapsed
#6308 Submitter defect AFX: job app version not set
#6301 Submitter defect Commandline: Execute job type should not require a file name
#6299 Submitter enhancement Match naming "-DataBase" flag with render config "<DataBase>"
#6344 Submitter enhancement fasten "click and hold" checking of jobs
#6342 Submitter enhancement Button all/no job selection
#6331 Submitter Plugins defect Maya: 3Delight fixes
#6324 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini: Popen not using an array
#6351 rrCloud enhancement Multiple Azure regions
#6323 rrCloud missing Cloud service: set time zone
#6316 rrCloud new feature CloudService/Slave: Linux: Join domain, add user, firewall rules,
#6243 All defect RR installation folder "bin" does not work as it results in a \bin\bin\ folder
#6257 Client defect <Gpu1> flag not working
#6240 Client defect new client: After copy of old config and set preset to renderfarm, apply renderfarm
#6251 Client defect rrEnv: ! should not be escaped
#6247 Client defect ClientWatch should not add client if it did not exist
#6238 Client defect log GPU names at startup
#6248 Client enhancement GPU test: do not print error on message "cudaErrorNoDevice"
#6234 Client enhancement support up to 9 removed render apps in in client.ini CommonData
#6265 Client missing send "frames done" of current segment with status
#6272 Client missing Show max GPU usage and GPU usage at abort in render log
#6266 Client missing _rrClientStats_day_data: add GPU usage
#6239 Client new feature UI: GPU usage, memory, temperature
#6235 Config defect Toonboom Harmony: App version not detected
#6267 Control enhancement Client status: Show progress of render segment as background color
#6241 Control missing debug file missing render lics and users v8
#6262 Control new feature Menu link to rrNews feed
#6276 Other defect limitCPU: support more than 64 cores
#6249 Other defect rrEnv: Linux: "echo *" needs to be escaped
#6211 Other defect rrCopy: single file sync mode does not delete file
#6230 Other defect WRN Last byte was empty. Waiting 5s, then start copy again. File: rrCheckexitcode.exe
#6212 Other enhancement nodeJS update 6.10.2
#6277 Other missing GPU info: return GPU names
#6199 Other missing Website: World Map: GPS for Indonesia is wrong
#6271 Plugins SceneParser enhancement XML: support CustomSeQName, CustomSHotName and CustomVersionName as xml node
#6245 Plugins SceneParser missing update .xml file parser for Maya 2017
#6228 Python defect job class c++/python mismatch
#6219 Python defect _dailyStats_data: loading a file adds stat values instead of replacing all
#6213 Python defect rrPythonconsole: -rrRoot flag not recognized
#6222 Python missing Example scripts to export stat data into excel
#6221 Python new feature rrTable class
#6255 Render Config defect 3dsmax: disabling autoelemtfilename does not work
#6233 Render Config defect Cinema4D: re-using image buffer for new frame creates second image file _1, _2,..
#6260 Render Config defect Nuke: Proxymode settings as commandline flag
#6270 Render Config defect Fusion 8: Render config missing an <
#6225 Render Config defect Redshift Standalone: output folder flag + exefolder wrong
#6236 Render Config enhancement 3dsmax: Add error message if backburner Dlls are not installed
#6246 Render Config missing Houdini: new option: set deep filename to the same as main output +".deep"
#6214 Render Config missing Maya: Add realtime abort on message "Fatal Error. Attempting to save in"
#6215 Server defect Argument missing: "': Incoming data has wrong format/version ( rrnData_ControlListRequest(11) (server)340 x 1 <>
#6259 Server defect Shutdown RR6 clients on connection
#6258 Server defect client sort file: remove case sensitivity
#6237 Server defect same command added for different thread ignored
#6218 Server defect Little job flag does not work
#6209 Server defect Email auth type "None" was not applied.
#6217 Server defect FTP: Abort if an connection issue occurs
#6280 Server enhancement base average frame time on finished segments only
#6268 Server enhancement stat image: show max memory (instead average)
#6263 Server missing Job data change: new maxMemoryUsage
#6252 Submitter Plugins defect Houdini, Linux: Popen takes multiple arguments
#6244 Submitter Plugins missing New Maya 2017 submitter
#6232 Submitter Plugins missing Cineam4D: support option "custom layer name"
#6231 Submitter Plugins missing Cineam4D: support different frame ranges per take
#6256 Submitter Plugins new feature New Rhino submission
#6273 rrCloud defect Multiple Fixes
#6143 rrCloud enhancement rrConfig: Read Azure Vm type+region list from external text file
#6275 rrCloud missing Service: Open firewall ports
#6274 rrCloud missing Azure Batch
#6253 rrCloud missing Azure: AddVM error message "quota limits reached" not shown
#6084 All enhancement data change: more more chars for imageFileName, imagedir, scene path
#5937 All enhancement data change: increase from max 20 to max 30 tiles
#6122 All enhancement Data change: more render channels (max 10000 chars, up to 100)
#6173 All enhancement Full job ID string (rrJobData Folder) should be different every 7 ms.
#6172 All enhancement Job human readable {ID}: replace zero with '+' as mistaken for letter O
#6150 All enhancement clients.ini format changed
#6144 All enhancement improve .ini config file reader
#6124 All enhancement libCurl (FTP) update
#6156 All new feature Re-Execute jobs (e.g. collect information every day/week)
#6203 Client defect preview image created by client, overwritten by server again
#6186 Client defect Client hardware info clipped at 255 cores
#6162 Client defect osx: .rrEnv file syntax aborts render if variable does not exist
#6154 Client defect Startup Wait time config not applied
#6148 Client defect Multi-user login: remap required after config change
#6168 Client defect invalid ListID 10000
#6202 Client enhancement Client names: Use lowercase for better human readability
#6185 Client enhancement Do *not* close client if there are not enough RR licenses
#6149 Client enhancement Local Scene Copy: Write stats into render logfile
#6147 Client enhancement Do not start client if OS is still installing (computer name "WDSNEW-..")
#6184 Client missing new config setting for max days for local scene copy (was: 2 days)
#6183 Client missing logfile for local scene copy+delete
#6155 Config enhancement Shotgun: Increase max entity ID selection from 20 to 60
#6207 Control defect update changed jobs only
#6130 Control defect debug info: sub/log folder not copied
#6206 Control enhancement filter by renderer
#6159 Control enhancement Send Decision: Do not show "client rendering"/"defer mode" as "not able to send"
#6142 Control enhancement Job info background should be darker with the dark UI
#6135 Control enhancement update job filter
#6121 Other defect rrWait: Add version
#6131 Other enhancement rrShared: indexOf const
#6201 Other new feature nodeJS: All classes and functions as Python module
#6170 Plugins Image defect valid .ass file recognised as broken
#6151 Plugins SceneParser enhancement larger image and channel path variables for C++ sceneparser
#6153 Pre/Post Script defect rrAssembler: resolve ../ paths
#6182 Pre/Post Script new feature AllExecuteFirst.cfg for pre-post-scripts
#6152 Python defect Shotgun connection: Windows: probably incompatible ssl lib from any local application used
#6136 Python enhancement update job filter
#6132 Python enhancement rename renderTime_PS and renderTimeSum_Ghz_h into renderTimeSum_...
#6133 Python missing add variable job.renderTimeSum_seconds
#6171 Render Config defect Arnold Standalone: region tile coordinates in wrong order
#6123 Render Config defect Renderman: RR fix for Rendermans "echo bug" limits .rib files size to 512GB
#6177 Render Config enhancement Maya: add rsmaya.xgen module path to PYTHONPATH
#6117 Render Config enhancement Cinema4D: kso mode support
#6140 Render Config enhancement Houdini: Disable local texture replacement
#6167 Render Config missing Cinema4D: Use RR tiling with one scene file
#6166 Render Config missing Cinema4D: image res overrride support
#6165 Render Config new feature Cinema4D: new render script
#6145 Server defect replace rrCloudConnector status report data class
#6176 Server defect change rrJobData folder in case jobID is equal
#6025 Server defect Server sends preview frames out of preview range, but inside job frame range
#6205 Server enhancement less jobs send to rrControl (jobs that are not changed)
#6204 Server enhancement faster job loop (client job send)
#6134 Server enhancement update job filter
#6208 Server missing set preview date to frame date
#6200 Service defect OSX: service sends wrong -rrRoot to client
#6139 Submitter defect Max frame time does not stay 0 if defaults file changed it
#6161 Submitter Plugins defect Cinema4D: export with utf8 encoding (Umlaute)
#6164 Submitter Plugins defect Maya: Redshift v2.0.88+: remove rs_ from layer name
#6169 Viewer enhancement Place "double-click for fullres" into menu
#6163 Workstation installer defect OSX: /etc/sudoers should have rights 440 after save
#6118 rrCloud defect falsely reports "you have still VMs running" after hitting stop and waiting
#6191 rrCloud missing BatchSlave: add user to local machine
#6190 rrCloud missing Cloud Service watch thread: add client name flag
#6189 rrCloud missing BatchSlave: commandline parser + tocmdline
#6067 All defect Linux/OSX: copy file: "write other" not set although set by systems umask
#6110 Client defect rrEnvFile Linux: if var=="" does not work if var does not exist
#6103 Client defect job status not set explicitely after job rendered
#6099 Client defect "search for render apps" adds new version of existing apps, although not required
#6093 Client defect thread watcher recognoized 7min freeze if many large files require to be copied
#6081 Client defect Config change: do not try to re-map multi-user drives if currently rendering
#6064 Client defect Frames rendered table: some valid frames report "aborted" instead of render time
#6052 Client defect Linux/OSX: Restarting client within Working Hours disables the client
#6044 Client defect new render config flag <GpuListC>
#6041 Client defect Client uses Maya 2016 for Maya 2017 execute jobs
#6098 Client defect No job<>exe version checks if exe has no version set
#6116 Client enhancement Show effective Ghz and RAM at render log start
#6100 Client enhancement "search for render apps" should remove already existing dublicate entries
#6088 Client enhancement rrMessage: default focus should not be the ok(close) button
#6057 Client enhancement Rename python enum member "eachClient" to "onceEachClient"
#6109 Client missing Redshift: Windows: Copy Node locked Redshift license to RR Redshift folder
#6061 Client research app execution with rendertime<5 and no local render out shown as "aborted" in frame table
#6056 Config enhancement Disable client setting if "Change" checkbox is not checked
#6059 Control defect scene and output button broken if "&" in filename
#6050 Control defect Flipbook text editor should not use dark blue if RR set to dark UI
#6049 Control defect Admin pass dialog can crash app on wrong PW
#6080 Control defect Quicktime button broken for 3 letter {JID}
#6091 Control enhancement Log file: mark "not found" with warning color
#6078 Control enhancement Enable "lock dockwindow" by default
#6074 Control enhancement Flipbook: Softimage option to keep images in memory
#6027 Control missing Move "select clients rendering" to commands menu
#6085 Plugins SceneParser defect xml, houdini: output path cut to 250 chars
#6054 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: ignore nodes with script "chn("
#6115 Python defect get job list: memory leak
#6083 Render Config defect Maya: Redshift 2.0.84+: Path environment has to be changed
#6079 Render Config defect 3dsmax: add Plugins/Nvidia folder to the plugin search path
#6112 Render Config enhancement Maya: Set layer to renderable as some renderer do not start to render (redshift)
#6092 Render Config enhancement Maya: Print error if no renderable camera is set
#6062 Render Config enhancement Archive render: set min/max Sequence Divide to 1/10
#5449 Render Config enhancement Houdini: show render % only if av frame time of job > 10 min
#6102 Render Config missing Blender support via (external open source git rrOpenExtensions)
#6094 Render Config missing Fusion: OSX commandline missing
#6075 Render Config missing Modo: Disable Foundry Crash Handler
#6008 Render Config missing AFX, Nuke: use CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES
#5504 Server check/verify client list sort: wrong frame assignments in job frame list
#6096 Server defect server: preview script send before all frames rendered if there are too many free clients
#6001 Server defect Sending 800 Jobs: rrServer jpeg conversion> 7 min => false freeze
#6051 Server defect Do not send complete RR config to client if only the client.ini was changed
#6104 Server enhancement Reset Job command: reset job data before deleting frames
#6086 Server enhancement Average frame time after preview with 3 frames
#5030 Server enhancement license info should contain license file date
#5245 Server enhancement delete .upd files: Error message if delete fails.
#5273 Server enhancement load clientsort if found at startup
#5506 Server enhancement day execute: delete all file in RR/sub/log that are older than 60 days
#6060 Setup defect OSX: rrSetup does not start
#6108 Submitter defect do not replace to <PNL> in rrEnv file name
#3640 Submitter defect ifd submission: "do you want to delete existing frames" asks for 1 frame only
#6047 Submitter defect scripted job example broken
#6048 Submitter defect _rrPython_CrossBatch: missing spaces between parameters
#6068 Submitter enhancement Arnold version not applied if name in render config Arnold_something
#6087 Submitter enhancement replace ../ in output filename
#4552 Submitter enhancement Button auto seq min/max: reduce settings for KSO scenes
#5402 Submitter missing rrSubmitterconsole: Print job IDs send
#6058 Submitter missing console: new flags -SendRendererOnly and -SendChannelOnly
#6111 Submitter Plugins defect Cinema4D: multipass tile rendering not assembles as tile number padding missing
#6105 Submitter Plugins defect Maya: Unable to recognise absolute path if <Layer> is not set in filename
#6069 Submitter Plugins defect C4D: multi-pass RGBA with alpha enabled named rgb instead of rgba
#6063 Submitter Plugins defect Nuke: Indentation error
#6053 Submitter Plugins defect Nuke Shotgun local convert fixes
#6089 Submitter Plugins defect Cinema4D: ignore "post effects" pass
#6070 Submitter Plugins enhancement C4D: do not ask to save if there are no changes
#6097 Workstation installer missing support plugin installation paths with version number after app folder (Blender)
#6040 All defect changing gamma 2.2 does not change main image display
#4911 Client check/verify new render config variable for filename after assembling (e.g. createvideo)
#4950 Client check/verify job freeze detection: min CPU usage has to be lower than total CPU-artist reserved CPU
#5339 Client defect Escape & in echo lines
#6030 Client defect 3dsmax: old submission, tiled elements are not renamed
#5995 Client defect log files of thread 3 are marked red in rrControl
#5994 Client defect 3dsmax: old submission, tiled elements are not renamed
#5681 Client enhancement Scene copy: add copy stats MB/s (with delay info)
#5441 Client enhancement Executable copy: add copy stats MB/s (with delay info)
#5451 Client missing delete wrong file/folders
#6023 Client missing 3dsmax: Catch error message text of dialog window
#6031 Config defect Shotgun connection: ssl python module incompatible
#4916 Config defect client footer not updated on selection
#5957 Config defect OS conversion: Do not remove (back-)slash at end
#4951 Config missing buttons to insert project name into exclusive prio (like the + in client threads)
#5499 Control check/verify multi-selection of jobs: post-scripts are not tristate
#6002 Control defect Display which render license is used up
#5996 Control defect Do not allow commands for jobs that are not loaded in rrControl
#5992 Control defect Thread C render log files are shown as crashed in rrControl
#5895 Control defect deassing all jobs& abort updates client table wrong
#5816 Control defect sequence end 1104018 is displayed as float e+ (table and tab)
#5257 Control enhancement debug export: add setenv file
#4522 Control enhancement Reset/ Clear error: reassign question for clients that have been deassigned
#5032 Control enhancement file list: add date and time
#5968 Control enhancement job log, tree view with client names should be increased in width
#6042 Other defect Linux: xml lib not renamed to .so.1
#6032 Other defect rrEnvFile Editor crash
#5991 Other defect rrCopy verbose bug: "files kept (-1465181 Mb) "
#5833 Other defect envfile: p_lines destructor complains that line struct has no virtual destructor
#6039 Plugins Image defect exr library keeps file open if file not completed
#5901 Plugins Image missing rrImageArchive: read .ass and .ass.gz files
#5445 Plugins Image missing rrImageArchive: .ifd.sc: Check for complete files, last bytes "1fcs"
#6020 Plugins SceneParser defect Toon Boom Harmony: support absolute output paths
#6012 Plugins SceneParser defect xml: modo <channel> folder not placed into "filenameVariables"
#6010 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: get nodes in /obj (e.g. ropnets) named "mantra*" or "arnold*"
#5993 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: Redshift: support $AOV
#5923 Pre/Post Script defect rrAssembler: do not crash if an .exr file is broken
#6043 Python defect Pythonconsole: Windows: _sll module cannot be loaded as it does not find sll required libs
#6035 Python defect Shotgun connection: wrong pyhon variable name job.renderer
#6018 Python defect pyRR2 module: unable to access job threads
#6026 Python defect Recompile Windows sll module: RAND_egd function disabled in py 2.7.10 by default
#6015 Render Config defect Toon Boom Harmony: ignore error code
#6009 Render Config defect Maya rrEnv windows: vray network plugin folder not set because of batch evaluation
#6000 Render Config defect remove support for Modo 5 -
#5908 Render Config defect Maya 2017 upd2: render to "layerName" and not "rs_layername"
#6013 Render Config defect Modo: support <pass> in main filename
#6021 Render Config enhancement 3dsmax: increase default vray mem percentage value to 65
#6029 Render Config missing 3dsmax: new job option for auto element naming
#6011 Render Config missing Maya Redshift: abort on license fail + verbose level
#6036 Sequence Check defect Broken frame not renamed (main output)
#6028 Server defect config option to prohibit serer from creating job jpegs broken
#6003 Server defect renderers license not taken into account right
#6004 Server defect break jpeg creation if it takes too much time
#6019 Server enhancement debug export folder named by every minute instead of every 10th minute
#5507 Setup defect CreateSetup: version created/current version is not updated right
#5956 Submitter defect console: TileFrame option is not applied
#6024 Submitter Plugins defect Fusion 8: wrong file extension and wrong execute command
#6038 Viewer defect SequenceCheck diff level not displayed
#5999 Viewer missing pipe image filename to image reader plugin
#5932 Client defect rrGPUBench: GPU test fails if speed test takes more than 30 seconds
#5934 Client defect rrGPUBench: Error message if driver version to low or no Nvidia card installed
#5926 Client defect render log file thread >A does not contain letter if started first
#5941 Client enhancement GPU test: change message if no GPU found.
#5909 Client enhancement Set job threads >3 to GPU only
#5940 Config enhancement client config: enable all GPUs for all threads by default
#5936 Config missing Allow GPS changes
#5498 Control defect compiler warning: rrTreeViewItemdelegate::drawdecoration does not match parent class function (Qicon=>Qpixmap)
#5946 Control defect check button does not load tiled images any more
#5944 Control defect job settings: show assemble tiles post-script
#5925 Control defect log folder exporeted twice instead of render configs
#5906 Control defect integer overflow summed offline clients
#5933 Help missing 3dsMax: Vray: "Stereoscopic helper" help file section
#5367 Other defect client console copy: last byte empty
#5883 Other defect m13 support end wrong
#5915 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: custom frame range not loaded if channel was removed from SeqEnd only instead of both
#5913 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: Redshift: extension read twice in filename and dropdown
#5923 Pre/Post Script defect rrAssembler: do not crash if an .exr file is broken
#5922 Render Config defect Houdini: Redshift: Disable "render to Mplay"
#5943 Render Config defect 3dsmax: Keep region render settings
#5931 Render Config defect Backburner is not required for 3dsmax any more, remove error message
#5927 Render Config defect Modo: Disable alpha layer if final color should be rendered only (cross OS issue)
#5914 Render Config defect Houdini: Redshift: frame number not applied to file name
#5912 Render Config defect OSX: Modo is started with UI license
#5908 Render Config defect Maya 2017 upd2: render to "layerName" and not "rs_layername"
#5885 Render Config enhancement rename _inhouse to __inhouse
#5918 Render Config enhancement Houdini: Redshift: Set min core usage to 0.5
#5921 Render Config missing Handle error window: Houdini DSO Error
#5919 Render Config missing Houdini: Redshift: GPU selection
#5939 Render Config missing Houdini: Redshift/Arnold: abort on license fail
#5930 Render Config new feature Toon Boom Harmony: new app supported
#5928 Render Config new feature Nokia OZO: new app supported
#5917 Render Config new feature Redshift Standalone
#5924 Sequence Check defect Re-enabled check if .exr is completed (disabled becasue of an older renderman version)
#5905 Sequence Check enhancement send check command if file is missing
#5929 Setup missing original folder not created for render app\script files
#5910 Submitter Plugins defect Modo 10.2v1 should be 10.21 and not 1021.
#5942 Submitter Plugins missing 3dsmax: support relative output file name
#5938 Submitter Plugins missing Houdini: Redshift: Add redshift version to executable path (RS 2.0.77+ )
#5892 Client defect Arnold - Houdini kick .ass: wrong <BaseAppPath>
#5891 Control defect client table: windows 10 shown as win7
#5896 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: Invalid Arnold version used for .ass render
#5898 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: support for full version string major.minor.revision instead of major.minorrevision
#5899 Plugins SceneParser missing Arnold: support for full version string major.minor.revision instead of major.minorrevision
#5893 Render Config missing Maya: kill senddmp as it can cause Maya to crash when started next time
#5888 Render Config missing 3dsmax PhoenixFD
#5854 All defect Win API: FindFirstFileEx does not work on win storage server, use old FindFirstFile
#5848 All defect Change trial license end time (+30h)
#5873 Client defect MtoA .mod file not set
#5872 Client defect Maya 2016.5 not taken for 2016.53 scenes
#5870 Client defect Crash sending debug command via rrClientWatch
#5868 Client defect renderquality flag prevents kso flag
#5861 Client defect App mode UI does not refresh
#5857 Client defect Windows: rrEnv file conversion contains double lineends
#5852 Client defect _inhouse rrEnv variable not taken into account if system overrides it
#5884 Client defect GPU speed not saved
#5871 Client enhancement add underscore to vray/mtoa folder
#5844 Client enhancement local copy of setenv script files and cross os setenv files
#5863 Config defect "disable process" is missing "change" checkbox
#5874 Config defect Crash if no client started first
#5856 Config defect CheckStartupCache not saved
#5875 Config enhancement remove menubar, add help button
#5878 Control defect Export as .csv: last column written into second last column
#5859 Control defect sequence start/end font color black in darkUI at job selection
#5849 Control enhancement Replace command job "Reinstall plugins" into " Reinstall Artist Workstation"
#5882 Other defect OSX: startlocal broken if no RR environment installed
#5864 Other defect C++ SDK file updates
#5881 Other missing rrEnv Editor: color disabled lines
#5880 Other missing rrEnv Editor: add/remove lines
#5845 Other missing rrCopy flag: Do not create target folder if source folder does not exist
#5851 Other missing rrEnv files: support commandlines and create directory
#5855 Plugins Notify defect rrNotifymessage: Linux Crash
#5879 Render Config defect Maya: Renderman environment variable fixes
#5843 Render Config defect Maya: vray local copy does not work on Windows (Windows batch interpretor bug)
#5876 Render Config defect Maya: Camera name cut if too many reference levels
#5850 Render Config defect MtoA module path not set
#5887 Render Config enhancement Arnold - Houdini kick .ass: new render config to use default HtoA path
#5886 Render Config enhancement add double underscore to VRay/MtoA installation folders
#5877 Render Config enhancement Maya: cache plugin folder locally
#5858 Render Config enhancement add version info the setenv/all/rrenv files
#5869 Render Config missing Houdini: Different arnold folders for HtoA .ass files
#5842 Sequence Check defect cache file time is wrong if exr was converted, therefore rrViewer will not read cache
#5853 Server enhancement job check times are printed too often
#5804 All defect win10 recognition broken
#5794 All defect Message "Unable to load clientgroups.ini"
#5771 All enhancement Code editor: Disable Line Wrap
#5779 All missing Apply new icons
#5758 All missing Add in-house help page
#5835 Client defect GPU test: MapSMtoCores undefined
#5809 Client defect old setenv script file are not updated on job receive
#5800 Client defect Job has low CPU usage since 0 minutes
#5803 Client defect Windows: Cores from second processor group are not counted (>=64 cores)
#5807 Client defect Windows: Disconnect remembered drives if required by rrConfig
#5805 Client defect remove space from <ID_S>
#5808 Client enhancement rename _inhouse with __inhouse
#5787 Client enhancement write logfile to temp if app could nto be initialized
#5778 Client enhancement UI mode: new client: add client before UI is started
#5806 Client missing Local sync copy of [RR]\render_apps\scripts\
#5604 Client missing show copy stats for handleocalframes
#5762 Client new feature setenv: use new all-OS rrEnv files instead of per-OS batch/shell scripts
#5780 Config defect login: last usage now shown
#5775 Config defect Ftrack UI does not get enabled on checkbox change
#4947 Config defect client group name does not support backslash, remote it
#5495 Config defect unable to delete render lic
#4050 Config enhancement option to make this machine the new rrServer
#5802 Config missing config option to enable/disable folder user access right change
#5795 Config missing License Request: direct upload and save only button
#5784 Config missing config option to disable new all-OS env files
#5774 Config missing shotgun seq-shot variant info
#5750 Control defect unable to load jpegs if image is coded
#5788 Control enhancement dark UI color change
#5796 Control missing client command: Start/kill C4D team render client
#5764 Help new feature Innobright Altus support
#5749 HistoryDB defect unable to load beta jobs
#5823 Other defect rrGPUInfo: Create shared memory in local instead of global system space
#5753 Other missing rrFileReplace: Insert string between start and end string
#5761 Other new feature new all-OS batch file tool
#5815 Plugins Notify defect notifyrrMessage crash
#5831 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: Arnold Disable local scene copy if $HIP found in seperate AOV file
#5789 Plugins SceneParser defect maya 8.5 plugin used
#5785 Plugins SceneParser defect Maya: MAYA_APP_DIR not set
#5752 Plugins SceneParser enhancement Renderman: Disallow LocalSceneCopy if include rib used
#5834 Python enhancement Linux: Python use unicode mode ucs4
#5770 Python missing Scripted Job example: copy files/folder
#5755 Render Config enhancement Renderman: If Local Scene copy: Support output filename change and add default shader/plugin path
#5837 Render Config missing Houdini: Redshift
#5836 Render Config missing Redshift icon missing
#5791 Render Config missing C4D: Arnold: export .ass files
#5783 Render Config new feature Maya Vray: Bake texture
#5751 Render Config new feature Support for Autopano Video
#5832 Sequence Check enhancement EXR: use isComplete() function to check if file was rendered successfully
#5814 Server defect post-script not executed on job reset if preview-script enabled
#5811 Server defect v7 only: preview scripts are executed more then once
#5801 Server defect allow only one new job for client thread send at once
#5810 Server enhancement changed timer resposible for job frame checking
#5821 Service defect service sync copy: "Last byte was empty. Waiting 5s"
#5781 Service defect linux: installer fails
#5798 Submitter defect no local drive warning if option "No UNC conversion" set
#5773 Submitter defect bug in shotgun sequence-shot based variant
#5756 Submitter enhancement Information that RR creates Cross OS scene
#5754 Submitter enhancement Warn that scene/output is not on a network drive once
#5797 Submitter missing edit waitfor/preIDs within UI
#5772 Submitter missing Menu: Edit Scene Parser
#5768 Submitter missing DefaultClientGroup: "Windows", "Linux", "OSX"
#5820 Submitter new feature edit custom vars dialog
#5838 Submitter Plugins defect Maya Vray: Warn that separate RGBA is not supported
#5829 Submitter Plugins defect AFX: rrSubmitter checks process list to get app path => afx CC version
#5786 Submitter Plugins defect Modo: driven channel pattern value
#5776 Submitter Plugins defect Softimage: start 64bit Submitter instead of 32bit
#5830 Submitter Plugins missing OSX: Submission scripts use local rrSubmitter copy now
#5777 Workstation installer enhancement auto-check client service only after first service was installed
#5813 Workstation installer new feature add fileserver to local intranet zone
#5583 All defect shared: startsWithCaseSen() bug
#5800 Client defect Job has low CPU usage since 0 minutes
#5730 Sequence Check defect Sequene check does not delete main file if channel file not found
#5801 Server defect allow only one new job for client thread send at once
#5773 Submitter defect bug in shotgun sequence-shot based variant
#5786 Submitter Plugins defect Modo: driven channel pattern value
#5742 Submitter Plugins defect Cinema4D: Arnold: dummy format for exr driver
#5583 All defect shared: startsWithCaseSen() bug
#4614 All enhancement make Visual studio compilation faster
#5715 Control enhancement remove analyse dockwindow as it is not used yet
#5683 Control enhancement python plugin: delete .ifd: abort if job is not an IFD job
#5664 Plugins Notify enhancement Email: warn if no email for user set
#5690 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: $HIPNAME is converted as ${HIP}NAME
#5704 Pre/Post Script missing rrCreatevideo: -interlaced flag
#5669 Render Config defect maya 2016.5 workaround: new layer and legacy layer fix
#5705 Render Config missing Cinema4D: handle "Application error" popup
#5663 Server defect Email SMTP: increase text buffer to 500k
#5706 Submitter defect collapsed submitter setting increased width
#5701 Submitter Plugins defect Cinema4D: $camera token
#5678 Submitter Plugins defect Cinema4D R17: do not render regular pass
#5613 Submitter Plugins defect Cinema4D: $userpass> is not kept in filename
#5654 Submitter Plugins defect Cinema4D: scene with multi-exr not submitted
#5672 Viewer defect TIF: multi-threaded load crashes
#3779 All defect OSX: start local scripts
#5583 All defect shared: startsWithCaseSen() bug
#5214 All defect win10 schriftgröße 150%
#5670 All defect Client sort: Stack overflow
#5649 All defect openExr lib: memory leak if file is not completely written
#5615 All defect osx: some libs have wrong folder set
#5737 All enhancement data change: more chars for job minor version
#5359 All enhancement data change: increase MaxPrePostCommand to 40
#5726 All enhancement rrShared: change char * into const char *
#5720 All enhancement compress saved user database file
#4614 All enhancement make Visual studio compilation faster
#5311 All enhancement Library recompile (QT +openssh, lx python, curl sftp, breakpad)
#4892 All missing rename _classes and m_members
#5741 Client defect Copy error if drive space is full
#5038 Client defect OSX: shutdown/restart/sleep
#5710 Client defect Win: Unable to get CPU usage if more than 200 processes are running
#5639 Client defect do not enable client on global config load
#5633 Client defect Do not try to save client config if gpu test failed again
#5616 Client defect osx/lx: missing commandline parameter starting client
#5614 Client defect new client is added at start of config list, not end
#5743 Client defect do not copy rendered .aec files
#5634 Client enhancement Restart C-Watch on critical error
#5610 Client enhancement default job thread setting: No 3D and no execute for all threads beside the first one
#5740 Client missing Do not accept a job if output folder has less than 150 MB free space
#5739 Client missing Local Render Out: print copy speed into render log
#5624 Config defect Connect to rrServer by name overwritten at config load
#5620 Config defect Changing defer mode does not trigger config modification
#5721 Config enhancement Do not tell clients to reload config if not required
#5703 Config missing User "last time used"
#5645 Control defect client order different between server and control after client added
#5712 Control defect Filter: waitfor flag does not include wait for time
#5715 Control enhancement remove analyse dockwindow as it is not used yet
#5683 Control enhancement python plugin: delete .ifd: abort if job is not an IFD job
#5702 Control missing new client command to restart machines that run for more than 6 hours
#5738 Control missing show cache server stats
#4918 Other defect startlocal osx: app should not be an app bundle
#5619 Other defect rrCopy: Stat display crash if time was 0 msec
#5716 Other new feature new CPU info application
#5689 Other new feature rrParseOutput: New application to parse output of executables
#5659 Other new feature Network speed test application
#5652 Plugins Image enhancement linux: include libpng v12
#5664 Plugins Notify enhancement Email: warn if no email for user set
#5690 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: $HIPNAME is converted as ${HIP}NAME
#5665 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: Arnold: Do not use vm_picture on arnold nodes
#5732 Plugins SceneParser new feature Python scene parser
#5695 Pre/Post Script defect EXR crop: Not cropped if normals.Z channel used
#5673 Pre/Post Script defect rrCreateVideo: format not set
#5704 Pre/Post Script missing rrCreatevideo: -interlaced flag
#5653 Pre/Post Script missing optional post-script: Auto-delete mantra ifd/Arnold.ass files after job finished
#5628 Python defect filter jobs does not take "contains" into account
#5697 Python missing Scripted Job example: collect Nvidia version and add to client group
#5291 Python missing job/client classes update
#4858 Python missing pyRR2_datafiles: Change client groups
#5696 Python new feature pyRR2_datafiles: read frames rendered table
#4506 Python new feature pyRR2_datafiles: read server, client and global stat file
#5677 Render Config defect Houdini: Take .ass/.ifd file export
#5669 Render Config defect maya 2016.5 workaround: new layer and legacy layer fix
#5648 Render Config defect Maya Export Ass N Render: frame number wrong
#5621 Render Config defect Nuke localrenderout: Ignore write nodes with an invalid path
#5674 Render Config enhancement hide multi instance option
#5705 Render Config missing Cinema4D: handle "Application error" popup
#5694 Render Config missing Nuke: option to render proxy format
#5647 Render Config missing Cinema4D: handle plugin error message box
#5730 Sequence Check defect Sequene check does not delete main file if channel file not found
#5713 Server defect Delete all frames does not delete stereo right files
#5680 Server defect Other license types not counted
#5650 Server defect preview script executed twice
#5638 Server defect preview script executed as main render
#5623 Server defect Defer mode: wrong client assignment used
#5622 Server defect Defer mode: unlimited license count not taken into account
#5663 Server defect Email SMTP: increase text buffer to 500k
#5611 Server defect app settings per job thread for 4-6 use settings of thread 1
#5724 Server enhancement On rrConfig change: rrServer sends new config to clients instead of each client loading the files
#5736 Server new feature Create project/layer render time stats
#5706 Submitter defect collapsed submitter setting increased width
#5671 Submitter enhancement hide/collapse submitter settings by default for new RR installations
#5727 Submitter missing "Not a Multi OS Scene" warning
#5691 Submitter missing new job data: override icon for rrControl
#5629 Submitter missing new commandine flag -ImageChannel <value> -IC
#5731 Submitter new feature console: python support
#4572 Submitter new feature new scripted python jobs via menu
#5742 Submitter Plugins defect Cinema4D: Arnold: dummy format for exr driver
#5701 Submitter Plugins defect Cinema4D: $camera token
#5700 Submitter Plugins defect Cinema4D: file naming format with . is not applied
#5678 Submitter Plugins defect Cinema4D R17: do not render regular pass
#5613 Submitter Plugins defect Cinema4D: $userpass> is not kept in filename
#5654 Submitter Plugins defect Cinema4D: scene with multi-exr not submitted
#5640 Submitter Plugins missing Cinema4D: enable current take only in rrSubmitter
#5651 Submitter Plugins new feature Katana: Alpha submitter
#5672 Viewer defect TIF: multi-threaded load crashes
#5728 Workstation installer missing OSX: apps link in /Application
#5583 All defect shared: startsWithCaseSen() bug
#4614 All enhancement make Visual studio compilation faster
#5715 Control enhancement remove analyse dockwindow as it is not used yet
#5683 Control enhancement python plugin: delete .ifd: abort if job is not an IFD job
#5664 Plugins Notify enhancement Email: warn if no email for user set
#5690 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: $HIPNAME is converted as ${HIP}NAME
#5704 Pre/Post Script missing rrCreatevideo: -interlaced flag
#5669 Render Config defect maya 2016.5 workaround: new layer and legacy layer fix
#5705 Render Config missing Cinema4D: handle "Application error" popup
#5663 Server defect Email SMTP: increase text buffer to 500k
#5706 Submitter defect collapsed submitter setting increased width
#5701 Submitter Plugins defect Cinema4D: $camera token
#5678 Submitter Plugins defect Cinema4D R17: do not render regular pass
#5613 Submitter Plugins defect Cinema4D: $userpass> is not kept in filename
#5654 Submitter Plugins defect Cinema4D: scene with multi-exr not submitted
#5672 Viewer defect TIF: multi-threaded load crashes
#5649 All defect openExr lib: memory leak if file is not completely written
#5615 All defect osx: some libs have wrong folder set
#5311 All enhancement Library recompile (QT +openssh, lx python, curl sftp, breakpad)
#5639 Client defect do not enable client on global config load
#5633 Client defect Do not try to save client config if gpu test failed again
#5616 Client defect osx/lx: missing commandline parameter starting client
#5614 Client defect new client is added at start of config list, not end
#5634 Client enhancement Restart C-Watch on critical error
#5610 Client enhancement default job thread setting: No 3D and no execute for all threads beside the first one
#5624 Config defect Connect to rrServer by name overwritten at config load
#5620 Config defect Changing defer mode does not trigger config modification
#5645 Control defect client order different between server and control after client added
#5619 Other defect rrCopy: Stat display crash if time was 0 msec
#5659 Other new feature Network speed test application
#5652 Plugins Image enhancement linux: include libpng v12
#5653 Pre/Post Script missing optional post-script: Auto-delete mantra ifd/Arnold.ass files after job finished
#5628 Python defect filter jobs does not take "contains" into account
#5648 Render Config defect Maya Export Ass N Render: frame number wrong
#5621 Render Config defect Nuke localrenderout: Ignore write nodes with an invalid path
#5647 Render Config missing Cinema4D: handle plugin error message box
#5650 Server defect preview script executed twice
#5638 Server defect preview script executed as main render
#5623 Server defect Defer mode: wrong client assignment used
#5622 Server defect Defer mode: unlimited license count not taken into account
#5611 Server defect app settings per job thread for 4-6 use settings of thread 1
#5629 Submitter missing new commandine flag -ImageChannel <value> -IC
#5613 Submitter Plugins defect Cinema4D: $userpass> is not kept in filename
#5654 Submitter Plugins defect Cinema4D: scene with multi-exr not submitted
#5640 Submitter Plugins missing Cinema4D: enable current take only in rrSubmitter
#5651 Submitter Plugins new feature Katana: Alpha submitter
#5649 All defect openExr lib: memory leak if file is not completely written
#5583 All defect startsWithCaseSen() bug
#5639 Client defect do not enable client on global config load
#5584 Control defect selecting more than 30 jobs with customer jobs creates CO overflow instead of CO join
#5613 Plugins SceneParser defect Cinema4D: $userpass> is not kept in filename
#5606 Plugins SceneParser defect Linux: xml scene parser crashes submitter on xml delete
#5590 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: vm_picture still in output name
#5588 Pre/Post Script defect rrAssembltiles: doesnot work if exr data is smaller than stripe height
#5648 Render Config defect Maya Export Ass N Render: frame number wrong
#5587 Render Config defect 3dsmax Vray: Map filenames add framenumber again and again
#5647 Render Config missing Cinema4D: handle plugin error message box
#5605 Server missing memory leak WOlClients. 0.002 mb / day
#5594 Server missing do not assume quicktimes with less than 50 bytes as not finished
#5607 Service defect OSX: Service: unable to copy executable locally
#5629 Submitter missing new commandine flag -ImageChannel <value> -IC
#5640 Submitter Plugins missing Cinema4D: enable current take only in rrSubmitter
#5583 All defect startsWithCaseSen() bug
#5311 All enhancement Library recompile (QT +openssh, lx python, curl sftp, breakpad)
#5584 Control defect selecting more than 30 jobs with customer jobs creates CO overflow instead of CO join
#5606 Plugins SceneParser defect Linux: xml scene parser crashes submitter on xml delete
#5590 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: vm_picture still in output name
#5588 Pre/Post Script defect rrAssembltiles: doesnot work if exr data is smaller than stripe height
#5587 Render Config defect 3dsmax Vray: Map filenames add framenumber again and again
#5605 Server missing memory leak WOlClients. 0.002 mb / day
#5594 Server missing do not assume quicktimes with less than 50 bytes as not finished
#5607 Service defect OSX: Service: unable to copy executable locally
#5591 All defect getFolderName broken
#5513 All defect increase string length for camera, layer and channel
#5388 All enhancement Use Letter Month instead of number
#5299 All enhancement SettingsArrayCreate() takes 4 minutes to compile for 64bit
#5000 All enhancement data change: replace imagefilename "execute.file" for execute with ->soft. setting
#5259 All enhancement Support for more than 3 job threads
#5125 All enhancement data change: change image width/height into unsigned
#4874 All enhancement data change: client name as non-unicode => 50 chars?
#5400 All missing Dark UI: Make darker
#5253 All missing data change job: approval is a per-job setting
#5104 All missing data change: settingsonly and rrjobSubmitter share a settings struct
#5151 All missing windows: jpeg as lib
#5271 All new feature new renderapp list with all apps, use for clients as well
#4934 All new feature data change: client info floor and room number
#4498 All new feature data change: increase max number of clients
#4558 Client check/verify Windows 8/10: rrClient displays win7
#5018 Client check/verify is rrClientThreadIDstr always set?
#5416 Client defect cloud: config add name
#5417 Client defect cloud: appmode?
#5603 Client enhancement Linux: use ionice -c2 -n7 instead of ionice -c3
#5580 Client enhancement log capture is slowing down Maya if messages are too many
#5571 Client enhancement Windows: always use utf8 environment
#5602 Client missing config setting for CPU and I/O priority
#5294 Client missing clientStatusAsStringAll: update for more threads
#4482 Client missing data change: Increase number of client job threads to 6
#5593 Client new feature client override cost/h
#4555 Client new feature Working hours applies to job thread X
#4368 Client new feature GPU speed test
#4074 Client new feature GPU settings per render thread.
#5081 Client new feature new config setting: user X does not count as artist, therefore no working hours
#4946 Config defect client group creation: sort by client ram uses string instead of number comparison
#4875 Config defect Split client config into CPU/GPU tab
#5173 Config defect UI visibility settings level Important/Common/all
#5510 Config enhancement more precision for cost/Ghz*h config setting
#5501 Config enhancement replace "change" checkboxes with own icon/button
#5443 Config enhancement save client groups as StringList, not as BoolList
#4604 Config enhancement display automatic group: Workstation
#5601 Config missing Defer Mode: config setting for number of clients
#4540 Config missing Global render license count "Arnold"
#4856 Config missing Get project name by path: Seperate settings per OS
#5592 Config new feature cost/h per render license
#5521 Config new feature multiple UNC map sets
#5505 Config new feature differenet windows drive mapping groups
#4606 Config new feature client config preset (was: load/save preset)
#3888 Config new feature add option to choose "jobdata" folder name
#5511 Control defect memory of client group shows GB of first client in global list
#5335 Control defect rrControl UI: top splitter missing
#5336 Control enhancement UI: job table: right-click: only job commands
#4254 Control enhancement Default rrControl Layout: Group by submission, expanded
#5453 Other enhancement GPU tools: local copy
#4939 Other missing add support for QtCreator (Win) to project modifier
#5540 Pre/Post Script defect ffmpeg lib not loaded
#5372 Pre/Post Script enhancement createvideo: new FFmpeg version
#4492 Python missing jobclass function to export job class into job settings class
#5562 Render Config defect Vray: directly set number of render threads addtional to changing the apps core assignment
#5485 Render Config defect 3dsamx: local copy of all rr exe used in render config
#5608 Render Config enhancement local MtoA/Vray sync copy
#5576 Render Config enhancement maya: Do not use 2016.5 for 2016 jobs
#4557 Render Config enhancement join KSO and non-KSO commandlines
#5254 Render Config enhancement remove 32/64bit switch
#3438 Render Config new feature icons for each render config
#5234 Render Config new feature render config: new error message type for KSO realtime log check + abort
#5276 Server check/verify verify that "do not check for frames" cannot be changed afterwards
#5596 Server defect auto-WOL: wrong machine started with WOL
#5595 Server defect client IP stats not saved
#5585 Server defect config change does not tell clients to reload config
#5500 Server defect fix client sort config change and improve speed
#3051 Server defect deferMode: autoDisable slow clients if there are enough free clients
#5475 Server enhancement Windows: use faster and larger buffer for file in directory search
#5460 Server enhancement Better preview frame count + Align preview frames and mid frame step
#5263 Server enhancement Reset job will re-establish "wait for" conditions
#5374 Server enhancement change preview interval 20 to 25, reduce edge distance
#5280 Server enhancement Auto-WOL: log WOL successes and fails
#5281 Server enhancement Auto-WOL: WOL fastest clients first
#5600 Server missing Delete old log and dump files after 3 months
#5589 Server missing config option to decice which UNC drive set should be connected by the rrServer
#4548 Server missing save user setting: last time used
#5346 Server missing FTP-upload: support FTPS (FTP ssl)
#5075 Server missing split website and preview jpeg creation
#4883 Server missing Cache last clients IP
#3491 Server missing job clientNeed calc: set to 0 if clients>= max client job setting
#4272 Server new feature preview or frame job dependency (start preview of job x if preview of job y is done)
#5452 Service defect Last byte was empty. Waiting 5s, then start copy again. File: rrClientconsole.exe
#4023 Service defect linux: get multiple group IDs.
#5369 Service missing windows: get windows command before system shutdown is initialized to shutdown the server
#5502 Setup enhancement reinstall should overwrite render configs and setenv files
#4984 Submitter defect data change: min file size KB is limited to 60MB, increase
#4549 Submitter enhancement rrSubmitter UI: set min width for text before spin boxes
#4234 Submitter enhancement data change: <submitteroptions> length only 500 letters
#4500 Submitter missing <Stereo> job setting (submission scripts, submitter channels <S-L>)
#4752 Submitter new feature Auto set required mem from parent app
#5418 Submitter Plugins enhancement maya: check if yeti is used in scene file
#4791 Submitter Plugins missing data change plugin: more than 250 letters for scene filename
#4562 Viewer defect data change: _SingleImageData: change filesize into 64bit, set size to -1 in clearBase()
#4862 Viewer missing data change: image cache file contains region information
#5524 rrCloud defect [ResponseParserArm::convertToPowerState] Unknown status 'stopping
#5435 rrCloud defect config reload: VM adds itself to config with VM name
#5528 rrCloud enhancement use RR logging for UI (cut log text window length)
#5432 rrCloud enhancement Move domain settings from connector to global, but keep checkbox local
#5421 rrCloud missing Right-click on machine name open menu with "start remote desktop"
#5437 rrCloud missing pipe commands to client (updateCommandThread)
#5434 rrCloud missing VM number has to match ID in rrControl
#5436 rrCloud missing VM should not check if settings are different as each VM is different
#5420 rrCloudManager missing new config VMsubnet, Storage, domain added
#5568 Client defect CustomOption not applied
#5533 Client defect frame stats not saved for single frame
#5087 Config defect "Authorization required for all connections" not saved
#3735 Config defect adding a new clients removes last client group
#5522 Control defect XML_export: invalif RRO_ name
#5570 Plugins SceneParser defect 3dsmax: utf8 files are not read correctly
#5519 Pre/Post Script defect LX/OSX: rrAssembleTiles do not exit with 'Done' and do not produce final image
#5512 Pre/Post Script defect Deletejob: authStr instead of authstr
#5565 Python defect getJobMinInfo crashes
#5561 Python defect authstr should not use - as first letter
#5516 Render Config defect FusionConsoleNode.exe not found
#5581 Render Config enhancement maya 2016.5 workaround: new layer and legacy layer coexistance
#5407 Render Config enhancement AFX: Kill ADOBEIPCBROKER after render
#5567 Render Config missing 3dsmax: new script setting: No not change element path
#5539 Server defect clear error and enable does not clear limits reached
#5538 Server defect @cfgeDomainEmail instead of RR.cfgGetS(cfgeDomainEmail)
#5574 Server enhancement allow pre/post scripts of GPU jobs to be executed on non-GPU machines
#5566 Service defect Always reports "Not elevating token" no matter the status
#5535 Submitter defect menu does not show number of loaded commandline params
#5520 Submitter defect Seq set wrong if no leading seq letter
#5569 Submitter Plugins defect AFX: Write utf8 submission xml files
#5537 Submitter Plugins defect Windows: Lightwave submitter has issues if content path ends with backslash
#5533 Client defect frame stats not saved for single frame
#5087 Config defect "Authorization required for all connections" not saved
#3735 Config defect adding a new clients removes last client group
#5522 Control defect XML_export: invalif RRO_ name
#5519 Pre/Post Script defect LX/OSX: rrAssembleTiles do not exit with 'Done' and do not produce final image
#5512 Pre/Post Script defect Deletejob: authStr instead of authstr
#5516 Render Config defect FusionConsoleNode.exe not found
#5535 Submitter defect menu does not show number of loaded commandline params
#5520 Submitter defect Seq set wrong if no leading seq letter
#5537 Submitter Plugins defect Windows: Lightwave submitter has issues if content path ends with backslash
#5442 Client enhancement Log process tree with CPU/mem on abort
#5483 Config defect Auth required checkbox is not saved
#5422 Control defect coffee.jpg
#5476 Control enhancement Client status: show (al) if allow little jobs enabled
#5477 Control missing ability to choose client for server debug messages
#5482 Plugins SceneParser defect maya 2016 scene parser crashes on some machines
#5484 Render Config defect Maya Software renderer creates _depth files if RR uses placeholder files
#5472 Render Config defect maya: Image size override is not applied in render script
#5481 Server enhancement do not wait after post-script
#5473 Submitter Plugins defect 3dsmax: Alembic cams not read
#5412 Client defect Client log: exr read not flagged as successful read
#5456 Control defect wrong post-script setting send from rrControl if multiple with same name or reordered
#5450 Submitter Plugins defect 3dsamx: remove , from old submission function definition
#5408 Client defect Softimage path R2-SP2
#5398 Client defect post-script aborted if multiple executed with low cpu usage
#5387 Client defect version detection does not work for Softimage R2 version
#4580 Client new feature client flag "workstation" (used for license switch)
#5404 Plugins Notify defect rrNotifyRRMessage: recompile
#5409 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: Mantra node framerange fix
#5405 Plugins SceneParser defect Fusion: Saver frame range overwrite setting
#5410 Plugins SceneParser missing Houdini: Wedge take support
#5407 Render Config enhancement AFX: Kill ADOBEIPCBROKER after render
#5395 Render Config enhancement Maya: Add env variable to disable crash dump files
#5397 Render Config missing Cinema4D: take support
#5406 Server enhancement AbortLowPrio: Enable after frames rendered: do not abort more than frames left
#5394 Submitter Plugins defect Cinema4D: filename fixes
#5287 All defect OSX. QT Framework: remove Gestalt() function
#5373 Client defect If image res higher than limit, then client saves preview of old job
#5353 Client defect <SetEnv_JobRenderApp> breaks script if there is no batch file
#5376 Config defect GPUUser not saved
#5386 Control missing New command to start/stop Vray slave service on client (python script)
#5352 Pre/Post Script enhancement Shotgun: upoad 5 preview images
#5349 Pre/Post Script enhancement Shotgun: rename and auto-enable post-scripts
#5350 Pre/Post Script missing Shotgun: add number of frames to job entity
#5348 Pre/Post Script missing shotgun: pre-render script to reset status in shotgun
#5275 Server defect ServerWatch: Unable to find root path
#4023 Service defect linux: get multiple group IDs.
#5383 Submitter missing new <NameVar ? > submission variable
#5375 Submitter Plugins defect Modo: Change modo version from 9.x to 901.x / 902.x ...
#5363 Submitter Plugins defect 3dsmax: failsafe if RR_ROOT cannot be written to file
#5364 Submitter Plugins missing cinema4D: Add Object Channel pass to list of channels in RR
#5382 Submitter Plugins missing Cinema4D: support renamed passes
#5381 Submitter Plugins missing Cinema4D: Multipass output without regular output
#5378 Submitter Plugins missing Cinema4D: R17 render tokens $prj,$pass,$userpass,$take
#5315 Client defect Closing KSO takes too much time, kso close error is assigned to new job which is wrong
#5327 Client defect "C:\Program Files (x86)\Rhinoceros 5\System\Rhino4.exe" recognized as Rhino 4
#5334 Client defect Client commandline param naming ShutGun >ShotGun
#5345 Client enhancement localtexture: set file date to the date last used
#5344 Client enhancement Kill SENDDMP.EXE
#5333 Control defect Do not show project without access: ignore if project folder is emtpy
#5332 Pre/Post Script defect Shotgun commandline scripts should not have import rr
#5024 Render Config defect frame rendered: new kso script log syntax not added
#5325 Render Config defect Softimage: RedShift: Select Cuda Device broken
#5341 Server defect after preview script is not executed if wait for approval enabled
#5329 Server enhancement reset execute check timer if job loop takes too long
#5317 Submitter Plugins defect Maya: trim whitespace from output filename string
#5331 Submitter Plugins missing Nuke: New script command to submit a single node
#5328 Submitter Plugins missing Nuke: Support Gizmos with included write nodes
#5296 Client defect <previewFilenameThumbnail0> returns wrong file name
#5308 Client enhancement re-factor high user CPU usage function
#5302 Control new feature Hide job info in rrControl if OS user cannot list any file in projects root folder
#5293 Other defect OSX: crash: copy and filereplace use wrong library folder
#5292 Render Config missing Maya: add yeti env vars to setenv file
#5307 Submitter defect Maya Mray: <channel> is not moved from iamgeDir to filename
#5285 All enhancement Win: use new code sign certificate SHA-256 instead of SHA-1
#5231 Client defect Local Texture Fail should not print error into texture file
#5284 Client defect do not clear local render temp on daily execute
#5266 Client defect Local texture copy: Log into line executed by Windows as command
#5256 Client defect local temp clear uses wrong time if thread has never started a job
#5065 Client defect changing client config enables client
#5247 Client defect Mantra Windows: render does not continue if frame padding is 1 for ifd files
#5272 Config enhancement add info if start error because of error message (cleint.ini lock, Clientsort,..)
#5264 Control defect "Start after" time setting shows wrong time (but applies right)
#5198 Control defect different settings are not pink any more
#4170 Control defect open scene directory: does not work if directory has <FN> in its name
#4837 Control defect rrControl: job settings: Tile frame number is not updated
#5268 Other defect rrDebugJobExport should not use rrShared.dll
#5255 Plugins Image defect .TIF: warning if channels are not interleaved
#5262 Plugins SceneParser defect Houdini: [ vm_picture in file name if expression used
#5261 Pre/Post Script enhancement Assembler: New exr multi-channel assembler does not print which file it writes
#5250 Python defect clientcommandsend: error executing command
#5278 Render Config enhancement reduce Maya shutdown time by up to 30s if no internet connection available (Set MAYA_DISABLE_CIP=1)
#5252 Render Config enhancement Workaround for "ERROR | [mtoa] [xgenTranslator] Could not find xgen_procedural in search path $ARNOLD_PLUGIN_PATH"
#5275 Server defect ServerWatch: Unable to find root path
#5283 Server defect auto-get required mem: increase value if client aborted
#5267 Submitter defect UI: tile frame is not checked if commandline parameter is used
#5260 Workstation installer defect de.BinaryAlchemy.rrAutostartservice.plist has wrong permissions
#5238 All defect OSX: EXR libs not found by image plugin
#5151 All missing windows: jpeg as lib
#5229 Client defect Linux: meminfo file structure changed
#5232 Client enhancement Local texture copy: If file not found, then try again in x seconds
#5227 Client enhancement Linux: add cached memory to available
#5213 Client missing Linux/osx: enable exr multilayer stichting
#5219 Control defect Python editor: new job script is saved in client folder
#5220 Control defect Python editor: new script render name wrong
#5222 Control defect Python: Does show Mantra script even if Mantra job not selected
#5221 Control defect Python editor: open/save does not open plugin folder
#5240 Pre/Post Script defect Shotgun: Fix OnSubmit script
#5208 Pre/Post Script defect exr sticher crashes deleting map float array
#5241 Pre/Post Script missing Shotgun: Offer Shot and Seq/Shot as module for submission
#5237 Render Config defect Nuke Shotgun Toolkit: Add module import folder for sgtk
#5236 Server enhancement auto delete job: different message for delete by date or by number
#5235 Server enhancement "dir not found" error report: add timer
#5233 Service enhancement service: reduce startup delay if machine is running since x minutes
#5239 Submitter Plugins enhancement Modo: Error message if no image extension was set
#5226 Submitter Plugins enhancement Maya: OSX: install the plugin file locally instead of env variable, more reliable
#5216 Submitter Plugins enhancement Cinema4D: ask for scene save on submit
#5217 Viewer defect rendertime not displayed if cache file does not contain the time
#5207 Workstation installer enhancement remove register .rrc files