Compatibility with RR8 files

  • Render config files:
    Render config files written for RR8 are supported.

  • Python scripts:
    RR9 uses Python 3.9. 
    Most plugins written for the rrServer, rrControl should work, some require small changes for python 3.

What you have to change

  • Client PS test
    While you upgrade RR, the rrClients will re-test the Processor Speed and Ghz on all machines.
    You might want to make sure that the artists are not rendering on the desktop when you update RR.
    (Otherwise you can re-test the Processor Speed any time via right-click in rrControl)

  • New folders, config moved
    • [RR]\sub_artists\
      There is a new folder [RR]\sub_artists.
      You have have to allow read AND write access for everyone for that folder.

      You might want to move the setting files from [RR]\sub\cfg_user into the new folder.

      As settings and log files for everyone have been moved to that folder, 
      you might want to remove write access for artists that should not change RR settings from [RR]/sub.

    • [RR]\sub_server\
      A new folder that contains files that are written by the rrServer only.
      (So far it is used as a destination for copies of the RR_Localdata job database)

  • Python scripts 
    If you run python scripts via RR using our rrPythonconsole, then you have to ensure that these scripts are compatible with Python 3.
    Or you have to change the Render App version in rrSubmitter to 2 before submitting the python file.

    If you have written python plugins for rrControl, rrSubmitter or rrServer, then you must test them with python 3.

  • Linux/Mac bash/zsh:
    If you prefer bash/zsh instead of csh for our render script generation, please change the Clients config.

What you might want to change

  • Folder  [RR]/render_apps/_config_inhouse 

If you have changed or added any render config or include files in [RR]render_apps\_config\, 

you might want to move them to [RR]/render_apps/_config_inhouse.
There is absolutely no difference between [RR]render_apps\_config and [RR]render_apps\_config_inhouse.
_config_inhouse overrides any file with the same name in _config.  
The only reason to move to [RR]render_apps\_config_inhouse is to tidy up your RR installation.

_config has 300 files and it is hard to see/remember which files you have changed or added.

Order Upgrade

Are you on Support&maintenace?
To be able to upgrade, you have to be on support&maintenace.
You can verify the end date of your support&maintenace in rrConfig, tab license.

More information based on your license type:

A) Subscription/Rental licenses:

Support&maintenace is always included.
Which means if you can use RR, then you have support&maintenace.
You may upgrade to RRv9 any time.
No additional costs.

B) Perpetual Licenses:

If you have verified in rrConfig that your support&maintenace has expired, then you require to extend your support&maintenace.

If your support&maintenace expired more than 6 months ago, you have to order 2 years of support&maintenace backdated.
If it expired more than 14 months ago, then you have to order an upgrade or switch to subscription licenses:

License file

RR9 requires a new license file.

Please open your rrConfig, tab "License".
Take a look at the left side, second group "Server".
Depending on your RR 8 version, there might be a row "Server Hardware ID".

  • If you do not have the row "Server hardware ID", then you require to update RR to the latest RR 8.4 version first.

  • If you have the line "Server hardware ID" and it states some number/letters like G34A_BE35_34HF, 
    then write us an email and we send you your new license file.

  • If it states "N/A" or nothing, then you need to upload a new license request file to us.
    There are two ways to create a new request file:
    • a) EITHER:
      If you can start rrConfig on your rrServer machine (must be the rrServer machine), 
      then hold the key "Alt" and click on "Server Mac (HostID)".
      Confirm that you know what you do.
      Choose "Temporaly".
      "Server hardware ID" should state an ID now.
      Upload a license request.

    • b) OR:
      Temporaly move your current license file RR/sub/rrLicense.dat to some other location.
      Re-Open rrConfig.
      "Server hardware ID" should state some ID now.

      Upload a license request.
      Move your old license back to RR/sub/rrLicense.dat to be able to continue to use RR8.

Upgrade your RR installation

You require to have RR 8.4.xx installed to be able to automatically update your farm RR8 to RR9.
If your license does not allow 8.4.xx because it expired a long time ago, then you have to order an RRv9 license first.
(Which works with RR 8.4 as well)

There are two options to use RR v9:

1) Full upgrade

2) As addon to RR8

1) Replace RR8 with RR9 (full upgrade)

Download the upgrade package and execute it.

In case you have some older machines, 

you might want to install it as addon first to test if the apps are running on your machines.
Please contact us in case the apps do not run to see if we can send you a different version.

2) RR9 as "addon" for RR8

Instead of installing/updating to RR9, you can use some of the RR9 applications with your RR8 installation.

This requires at least RR 8.4.04.

Installation steps:

  • Download the RR9 installer and extract the zip.
  • Create a folder "_RR9" into your [RR] folder
  • Copy the contents of the installer/files folder into [RR]/_RR9/

OS Requirements


Min OS version: 
       Windows 10
       (Some apps like the rrClient are running on Windows 7 as well)

The Visual Studio 2019 Redistributable package is required.
It might already be installed on your machine.
If not, then it tells you that it misses some MSVC..dll  files when you try to start an app.
In that case please install it via RR\bin\win64\VC_redist_2019.11.x64.exe


Minimum required GLIBCXX: 

3.4.15   (CentOS 7+, Ubuntu 17+).


Min MacOS version: