Main features

  • Job Priority levels
    • "Divisions"
      Add any division name to jobs.
      These division names can be used to modify the different priority levels of RR (Exclusive Priority, Clients Privileged for, Render Order)
      e.g. "Turntables", "Simulation", "ProjectX_Final"

    • Render order modification
      Right before the jobs priority is taken into account, RR has a new "Render Order".
      Tell RR that Houdini sim jobs have a higher prio that Nuke comp jobs. And Nuke Comp jobs a higher than Maya.

    • Expire date for "Exclusive Priority"
      Tell RR that Project Y, User X or Houdini has Exclusive prio on some/all clients until a specific date.

  • rrControl changes
    • Job performance view
    • Client job stats and over all efficiency
    • Job filter enhancements
    • job comments
    • layout features
    • scribbles
    • ...

Just take some time to view this video:

And this tiny one for the Scribbles feature:

  • A new Houdini Submitter
    • Houdini nodes
    • PDG support
    • Distributed simulations
    • Custom Dependecies
    • Per ROP overrides
    • USD Gallery support

  • More statistic information collected

(job frame min/max/average size, per-client TCP traffic In/out, client group usage stats, .....)

  • rrConfig
    • UI redesigned
    • Editor for rrEnv files and search paths

  • PigeonLoft Website

Send out some Pigeons to receive the latest information from your realm!

An open-source python website to access your jobs from the web.
Please access the latest version from our git:
Folder RoyalPigeonLoft.

DynDNS service available soon
(a local service running on a machine in your company that tells the webserver the current IP of your rrServer).

  • New render types

The render type "3D" was separated into 

    • "3D"
    • "File Export" (e.g. .ass, .ifd,  .usd, ...)
    • "In-App Script" (e.g. execute python script inside Houdini)

It is used for stats and the rrControl app filter.

  • Client bash/zsh mode

Change the scripts of the rrClient to either Bash (Linux) or Zsh (MacOS) 
with an rrConfig option.

  • Client ProcessorSpeed and Ghz information updated
    • The ProcessorSpeed (PS) test was improved for machines with many cores 
      and closer aligned to Benchmarks of Arnold, VRay and Blender.
    • The summed Ghz of a machine uses the actual Ghz while rendering on all cores
      It is not the base Ghz of the CPU, not the "max turbo" of one core 
      and it works with mixed Efficency/Performance core CPUs.
      (Note: Not available for OSX as you are not allowed to read the info without sudo)

  • Realm Reporter

Realm Reporter creates reports with charts about your farm.
How does it work:

    1. The Realm Reporter loads all RR stat files or the historyDB
    2. You choose some charts to be drawn
    3. You write a python script to connect stat files with the charts
    4. Charts page is created.
    5. Optional: A pdf/png/jpeg can be exported.
    6. Optional: Commandline execution.
      Create a report each week/month in combination with a re-execute rrJob.


    • Over all client load (disabled/rendering/idle, .)
    • Job Efficiency per user/project/render app
    • Project/Render app comparison: memory/ time
    • Render license usage
    • TCP traffic
    • .... and way way way more...

Note: More report example files coming soon...
Please check the RealmReporter help section.

  • Security enhancements

All hashing and encryption functions have been changed

    • Improved password hashes
    • Improved TCP data encoding
    • Improved preview jpeg encoding
    • New application verification

More Features