Salve rrKnights!

A new Royal Render version is available for download.
Please download it from our website

Please test:
1) If you use Houdini, please test the new job option "Wait for job by frame" for your .idf/.ass/.usd exports.
We might enable it by default for the next update if there are no issue reports.
If the parent job exported .usd files frame 1-10, then the waiting job can render frame 1-10 as well.

2) Please open the rrRealmReporter via the rrApps menu in rrControl.
Then load one of the examples (e.g. ClientStats.rr ) and generate it.

Total number of 50 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the Changes List.

IMPORTANT: The "Cancel" button was broken for the "existing output frames" question.
The rrSubmitter creates RR/rrJobdata/prj/jobFolder at submission now.

Rewrite of python classes
First 2 example files

New job option "Wait for job by frame"
Layer name length increased to 200 characters

New REZ options (Please see help section REZ)

Faster app startup
Umlaut/unicode fixes (log file display, C4D and .exr reader)
Client saves TCP traffic in stat files and rrControl frames table
Nuke: Write nodes in groups supported