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Total number of 52 changes
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new rrDenoise ROP: (Supports Intel, Optix, Arnold, Renderman)
rrSubmitter ROP: Override SeqDiv Min/max for Comp
rrSubmitter ROP: cook scene option
rrSubmitter ROP: Override for Wait Frame by Frame
USD Arnold: Choose between kick and husk
Python expression fixes for in/out name in rrGenericJob and rrDenoise
Wait Frame ByFrame enabled by default for Mantra/Usd jobs
Kill hserver if started by render process

Unreal Engine
Wnsure renders are full detail
Render in background if possible
Split sequence into shots at submission

GPU options: Add CPU, use Optix
Abort render if Redshift is not found
Abort render if Optix is not found
Show Blenders crash file in rrControl

Other Render apps
Katana v6 submission plugin fixes
TOPAZ Video Enhancer v3 supported

rrMessages are kept on shutdown of receiving rrClient and rrServer